Lily Alone Lily isn t home ALONE but she sort of wishes she was Looking after six year old twins Bliss and Baxter and three year old Pixie is a lot of responsibility When Mum goes off on holiday with her new boy

  • Title: Lily Alone
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780385618649
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lily isn t home ALONE but she sort of wishes she was Looking after six year old twins Bliss and Baxter and three year old Pixie is a lot of responsibility.When Mum goes off on holiday with her new boyfriend and her stepdad fails to show up, Lily is determined to keep calm and show she can cope without any grown ups But being in charge soon feels overwhelming, and LilyLily isn t home ALONE but she sort of wishes she was Looking after six year old twins Bliss and Baxter and three year old Pixie is a lot of responsibility.When Mum goes off on holiday with her new boyfriend and her stepdad fails to show up, Lily is determined to keep calm and show she can cope without any grown ups But being in charge soon feels overwhelming, and Lily is worried that school or social services might discover their situation and break up the family What could be better than to take all the little ones for a camping adventure in the park Plenty of space to run about, no carpet to vacuum, and surely no chance anyone will guess they re there .

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    1. When Lily's mum goes off to Spain with a man she has just met, and their intended babysitter on a coach to Glasgow, eleven-year-old Lily is left home alone and in charge of her younger siblings, Baxter, Bliss and Pixie.Whilst the premise of Lily Alone was intriguing, the ending of ruined it for me. It finished so abruptly that it was as though a whole chapter or something was missing. There was no resolution and, although a reader could perhaps guess what could happen, I wanted to know. This is [...]

    2. Lily Alone book reviewBy Jacqueline Wilson“Lily Alone” by Jacqueline Wilson is a great book about a young girl trying to take the place of her mother for a few daysThis story is told by Lily, a 11 year old girl who lives in a small apartment with her young single mother Kate and her 3 younger siblings: Baxter, Bliss and Pixie. Her mean step-father Paul recently died, who is Pixie’s father. Trying to cope with the children and money, Kate is depressed so Lily tries to cheer her mum up by fo [...]

    3. I was a huge Jacqueline Wilson fan when I was younger, I had most of her books and read tehm many times. As I got older I steered away from them, I stopped reading her work, but I did keep watching Tracy Beaker on TV (still do, I'm loving the new series 'Tracy Beaker Returns')Anyway, when I first heard about this book I thought it was the story of one of the girls from Tracy Beaker Returns (there is a girl called Lily who has got used to raising her two little sisters) I soon found out this book [...]

    4. Poor Lily, she's only 11 years old and has to be in charge to take care her twins sibling Baxter and Bliss (6years old) and her little sister Pixie that just 3 years old.Her mom met a new boyfriend and decided to go to Spain for holiday. When her Mom, Kate trying to reach Lily's stepfather, Mikey unfortunately He was in abroad for a job. Mikey is Baxter and Bliss father. Pixie's father had already passed away, while Lily's father is no where to be known.How Lily managed to take care the little c [...]

    5. Okay, i am (or was when i was one or two years younger) a huge jacquline wilson fan. To the point where when i moved to scandanavia, i went back to England just to meet her for a book signing as my birthday and christmas present. But this, is not jacqueline Wilson. Jacqueline Wilson was the author that brought tears to me eyes more than anything else, she made me stop reading "vicky angel" for a year after the first chapter, because it was so sad and I was attached to the characters already. Thi [...]

    6. It was a very good book but it was boring in some places when you would know what would happen but it was a good read

    7. Lily is 11 years old with 3 siblings, Bliss and Baxer (the twins) and Pixie, when mum goes to spain without Lily and her Brother and Sisters Lily looks after them but for how long.

    8. "Lily Alone," by Jacqueline Wilson is definitely a very a captivating book. Lily wasn't home ALONE yet. She always had a hope for being home alone and independent. But when reality hit Lily, her world began to collapse. 11-year-old Lily's mom fled off on a holiday with a man she just met, her new boyfriend. Unfortunately, Lily's stepfather failed to show up to take care of Lily and her three siblings. All of a sudden a huge burden of responsibilities fell upon poor Lily. Not only does she has to [...]

    9. Lily loves her beautiful, vivacious young mother, but when Mum meets a new, younger man and goes off with him "for just a bit", eleven-year-old Lily finds herself in charge of her six-year-old twin brother and sister and her younger sister Pixie. At first, it's rather fun, because they can eat what they want and play in the park, but after a while the situation becomes more complicated. A nosy neighbor lady, as well as Lily's well meaning teacher, investigate too closely, and Lily decides the be [...]

    10. I liked this book but, I hate main character's mother. The main character is Lily who is the eldest daughter and bliss and baxter who are twin and they are six years old and pixie who is three. Lily's mother gave a birth to Lily when she was 15 and Lily, bliss(baxter) and pixie have all different father so, it means Lily's mother married 3 times.However, the sad news was Lily's father dead. Lily's mother was very sad so, one day Lily said "mom go out and meet your and friends" That night her mot [...]

    11. So I finished this book yesterday. I liked it. It was good.Lily is 11. When her mum goes off on holiday with a guy she met two days earlier, she is left to look after her 6-year-old twin siblings Baxter and Bliss, and 3 y/o sister Pixie. After her favourite teacher is left suspicious of her mum's dissapearance, Lily and her brother and sisters are forced to camp out at the park.I liked the book. I did. The only thing I didn't like is how throughout the book, the little'ens always call their mum [...]

    12. I first read this book when I was eleven the same age as lily is and I really felt like I bonded with her in a few ways. she is more responsible than most people her age and so was I also she had a good relationship with her mum and that is something I too share with her. I really enjoy reading this book I have read it a few times it is my favourite Jacqueline Wilson book. I have recommended it to my friends and would recommend to most peoplee only problems I have with the story are Mikey ( the [...]

    13. Lily alone"Lily Alone" is a really good and interesting book.It's about a girl who has to look after her little siblings because her mother mets a man and goes with him on holiday.So the mom speaks her ex man on the mailbox and say he should come to look after the kids but he has no time so the kids are home alone.Now Lily has to look after them which became really difficult. So she went with the kids in the park to hide and life's there until one of the siblings fall down of the tree and brake [...]

    14. 4.5/5 stars!I loved this book even though it is for younger YA readers and was a little immature for me, I thought it was great and a really good bit. I thought that the storyline was good but there wasnt much plot but to be honest it was just really cute to read and the Lily and her little siblings were so cute together. I read it to my little sister at night time and it took about 3 days of reading at night and we both really enjoyed it! I definitely recommend it but would say maybe if you are [...]

    15. This was my first Jacqueline Wilson book. It was a 4-5 star right up until the end. I enjoyed JW writing style. Each of the children had distinct personalities and were portrayed really well. Lily's conflict of feeling towards her mother was quite also well done and I actually enjoyed relating to Lily. The ending, though, completely dragged my rating down. I don't need to have a HEA when I read a child's book (in fact I quite like "realistic" type scenarios, but I at least like to have some sort [...]

    16. Lily alone is a book about 4 kids who's mom found a true love and was going on a trip to spain with him. She thought his x-husband was coming to take care of the kids but he was out of town, but she left before he could say anything, so the kids are all alone. They find themselves on their own, low on food and living in a tree. The book goes on how they are living their lives in hardships and fun. In the end of the book one of the girls falls out of a tree and has to go to the hospital. Read the [...]

    17. I believe this should definitely be classed as a read for 11+ (older) children as though they may be above the reading level, the subject matter (concerning abandonment and elements of young parenthood) is quite adult (be it a child's perspective). In comparison to her other books, I read this one several years after I've been through my "Wilson craze" and would consider this darker than other topics. Nevertheless I did enjoy reading it and felt great empathy towards Lily particularly (view spo [...]

    18. There seems to be this thing lately with Jacqueline Wilson's books that the endings seem very unfinished. I get that it's probably to allow the reader to imagine the outcome but sometimes you don't want to imagine you just want to read and finish a full story. Maybe at 23 I'm a little (OK a lot) over the target age but Jacqueline's books feel like home and I want to continue reading them and see her exploring deeper topics, maybe going deeper into teenage sexuality from the other end - a teenage [...]

    19. One of my family members recomended this book. I decided to read it because i like books by Jaqueline Wilson and because one of my family members recomended it. One thing i liked about this book is that lily had to help her family not get caught because she was taking care of them and someone else should have been taking care of them. One thing i didnt like about this book nothing i loved the book. I would recomend this book to anyone that wants adventure because it has a lot of adventures.

    20. I really liked this because it shows how some children live their life, i don't really believe that what happens in the story is true or that it could be true but but I think the basic things and places could be true. The other thing I really enjoyed was how Lily took care of her siblings and how she acted older than she really was and how she found people to take care of her. I really enjoyed reading about a child stepping into a parent's shoes and would love to read more books like it.

    21. What can I say. I continue to read Jacqueline Wilson's books when the plots are all the same. Divorce and depression's quite depressing to read!I understand it's her "style" but really, she should take a break from all the doom and gloom for once. On the brighter side, this book is about eleven year old Lily whose mother goes on an unexpected holiday with new boyfriend, Gordon, leaving Lily to look after twins Baxter and Bliss and baby Pixie.

    22. I enjoyed the beginning, and the middle of the book but found the ending a bit of a disappointment. I read this when I was 10, so I found it incredibly hard to read as it was so sad. I was a big Jacqueline Wilson fan at that age, but the ending to this book happened so fast that I felt it was too rushed. It wasn't one of her best, but I still enjoyed reading it.

    23. I think this book is a really good book for people in the same situation Lily Is in now. I really like this book because it's adventurous and it really pulls you into the book you feel like you are in the park with Lily and her siblings, naming the deers. ~I haven't read it all yet but i am certainly on my way !~

    24. Lowest I've ever rated a book and it was a Jacqueline Wilson book!! I really thought it sounded like a good plot and I liked the beginning but I couldn't stand their mum being so irresponsible!! Horrible. You should NEVER leave your children without making sure someone is looking after them. Ridiculous! And this is a childrens book. So disappointed in this book Jacqueline.

    25. In this book, I hugely admire Lily's lack of responsibility. She is a character who simply loves her brother and sisters, and wants the best for them. A very inspiring book, especially for children aged 9-11.

    26. ending just endooned me but liked the bookmit was really irseinting and imagetive this made closey to crying this book pulls the heartstrings to hard.

    27. Lily Alone is about an 11 year old girl called Lily who lives with her Mum, brother and two sisters.The book follows Lily as her Mum goes off on holiday leaving the children on their own.I've always loved Jacqueline Wilson's books and this one was also quite good.It is well written and the characters felt so real. I liked Lily and how resilient she is - she just gets on with things no matter how difficult they may first appear.However, my problem with this book is its ending. It just felt so inc [...]

    28. I really like this book because it's about this girl who has three other sibling and a mom who gets in trouble a lot for buying credit cards illegally and other problems , and Lily doesn't like her mums ex husband who is supposed to babysit her while her mum is on holiday. This is a good book for people who like fiction and adventure.

    29. I think that this book was really good and that I really recommend it to anyone who wants to read it.

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