• Title: Маската на Локи
  • Author: Roger Zelazny Роджър Зелазни
  • ISBN: 9548826127
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
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      247 Roger Zelazny Роджър Зелазни
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    One Reply to “Маската на Локи”

    1. November 06, 2004This is a book from the nadir of Zelazny's life and career as a writer. It's a much better book, though still heavily flawed, if the chapters with the flash backs are skipped. The flashbacks are written out of chracter for Zelazny's usual style of writing so I can only guess that they are Thomas T. Thomas's contribution to this book. The story itself isn't much different than the second half of the Amber series, namely that of Merle and his semi-sentient computer. Zelazny usuall [...]

    2. You can tell a book is really good when you start skimming the moment you reach the denouement.Unfortunately, that pretty much describes all of The Mask of Loki for me: it was downhill from page 1.In the beginning, things were interesting. Then they dragged on. And dragged on some more. And dragged on some mooooooore.(On the plus side, I got very accurate scientific descriptions of things I didn't actually care about. So that was a nice way to spend several pages in a row, on numerous occasions. [...]

    3. I'm a big Zelazny fan from way back - reading him when at school - but this book puzzled me. It's co written with another author and so that can make a difference but this was quite disjointed throughout and ended rather lamely. The quality of the writing is great but it was like a series of vignettes showing you how to write well rather than a coherent whole book. That's why only 3 stars when most of his books would get a 4 or 5 from me.

    4. This is the second Zelazny collaboration that I have read recently that had GoodReads only list one author. Interestingly, the other one was listed as a Saberhagan work. I wonder if that indicates who is the primary author. When Roger knew he was dying, he collaborated a lot, hoping to provide for his family after he died.

    5. Thus far my least favorite Zelazny book, but not a bad book in its own right. The pacing is much slower than Zelazny's usually writes. The scenes set during the Crusades following Thomas Amnet (about 1/2 of the book) are the best while the near-future events tend to plod for awhile before ramping up to a pretty good conclusion.

    6. This was my least favorite Zelazny book, I attribute that to the collaboration with Thomas. While parts of the story were really well done (which I attribute to Zelazny), it dragged in a lot of spots, I don't think I'll be reading anything by Thomas in future. I think this is a case where the movie would most definitely be better than the book.

    7. A Zelazny book, but not nearly on the same scale as Lord of Light. The characters seemed to fall flat, and the story's pay off was not satisfying, and abrupt.

    8. Pointless action/adventure novel in which gods and sorcerers walk the present day earthokssboch/?p=1534

    9. Average. I amused myself trying to figure out which bits were from Zelazny, but my best guess is that they are fairly sparse.

    10. дивна річ: непередбачувана і не надто динамічна.має бути якийсь багатошаровий зміст, але ліньки його досліджувати

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