The Hand That Rocks the Ladle The PennDutch inn has seen its fair share of murder But when triplets turn out to be twins innkeeper Magdalena Yoder must sift out a cradle robber

  • Title: The Hand That Rocks the Ladle
  • Author: Tamar Myers
  • ISBN: 9780451197559
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • The PennDutch inn has seen its fair share of murder But when triplets turn out to be twins, innkeeper Magdalena Yoder must sift out a cradle robber.

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      182 Tamar Myers
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    1. When Barbara Hosteler gives birth to twins instead of triplets, the family assumes the doctor made a mistake. But innkeeper and Mennonite Magdalena Yoda's cook and cousin insists that there is another baby and she asks Magdalena to investigate. I really enjoy the "Pennsylvania Dutch" cozy mystery series. Magdalena and the supporting cast of characters are hilarious and the mysteries are always good. I will definitely check out the next book in the series!

    2. This series is full of bad jokes, puns, Amish and Mennonite humor, and a few recipes. Each story has the same main characters, just a slight variation in the mystery in every novel. It's an escape, not great literature.

    3. Tamar Myers, The Hand That Rocks the Ladle (Signet, 2000)I'll get this out of the way first and foremost: I like the Den of Antiquity novels better than I like the Pennsylvania Dutch novels. But it's hard to turn down any book that has recipes as a part of its plotline, isn't it?Myers brings back indefatigable Mennonite heroine Magdalena Yoder, owner of the Penn Dutch Inn and the most unreliable narrator outside the autobiographies of some of those she reports have stayed at her inn. In this epi [...]

    4. Ever since the fire destroyed the PennDutch Inn, and Magdalena Yoder had it rebuild exactly how it was, she has lost her famous clients. They have gone on to newer pastures. So she has to lower her standards quite a lot, accepting people into her house who would never have been able to pay her fees before. A Doctor (not a medical one!) who totally rubs her the wrong way, a nice Mennonite couple and two sisters from England. But then Barbara Hostetler goes into labor, and Freni has to be there. W [...]

    5. Magdalena Yoder is the proprietress of the Penn-Dutch Inn in Hernia,Pennsylvania. Her cook Freni's daughter in law going to have triplets any day now. To everyone's surprise there are twin boys born, with no sign of a third baby. Freni ask Magdalena to find out what happened to the third baby. When one of the characters is murdered, Magdalena asks too many questions and almost becomes a victim herself. I like all the books in the Penn- Dutch series and this is one of the better ones. The humor i [...]

    6. They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. After having read so many of the Tamar Myers novels, I was beginning to wonder if I was insane. In this book, however, the author has made the series more enjoyable for me. Yes, there were some of the same old jokes repeated, but in this book they were pretty much all at the beginning. It reminded me of a family member (my paternal grandmother) on whom I could count on telling the same few storie [...]

    7. I really like Tamar Myers mysteries. This one is a Pnnsylvania Dutch Mystery so is about Magdelina Yoder. Freni Hostetler is Magdelina's right hand person at the Inn. Freni's daughter-in-law is expecting triplets. When the babies are born, there are twins, not triplets. How can this be? Freni forces Magdenlina into figuring out what happened. No one except Freni is sure than any crime has been committed. I enjoy the tongue in cheek sense of humor that Tamar uses. In this story there is a mystery [...]

    8. How I Got It:- One of two books I grabbed on impulse from a bargain bookshop. Cost: 65 pesosWhat It's About:A young woman gives birth to twins, contrary to the triplets the entire family had been anticipating, based on the prenatal examinations. And so an elderly woman had been tasked to find the missing baby, if there really was a third one.How It Made Me Feel:Kinda disappointed. The synopsis held so much promise. Maybe that's what dark comedies are all about.

    9. Mennonite Magdalena Yoder is an Innkeeper in Amish country andvows to help her elderly Amish cook/friend Freni find Freni's missing3rd baby who went missing when only twins were claimed to be born to her son and daughter in law. Magdalena is pretty amusingas she investigates against resistance from the medical communityand eventually unravels a kidnapping operation. Colorful charactersmakes this a fun read.

    10. Fun, fun, fun. A quirky read, with characters who keep things exciting. I love the main character, who is unique in her own way. The story line is ok, kind of predictable, but the characters bring this story to life.

    11. Magdalena investigates when her cousin/friend/cook Freni's daughter-in-law Barbara has twins instead of triplets. Freni is convinced that the original doctor's assertion of triplets was correct and that someone has hijacked little Freni (her namesake). And the fun begins!!

    12. This is another great Penn Dutch cozy mystery with lots of drama and suspense and good intrigue and delightful recipes.

    13. Freni's daughter in law having triplets.Then when the day comes she has twins.Was there a third? If so, where is she?Cute.

    14. A book that starts with, "Amish men rarely get pregnant.", must be good - right? Bleck. Not amusing, unless maybe you're 80.

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