Custard s Last Stand When colonel George Custard decides to build a glitzy new hotel in Hernia outraged residents protest the project Soon after the colonel is found shot to death at the PennDutch Inn Now Magdalena Yode

  • Title: Custard's Last Stand
  • Author: Tamar Myers
  • ISBN: 9780451208484
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • When colonel George Custard decides to build a glitzy new hotel in Hernia, outraged residents protest the project Soon after, the colonel is found shot to death at the PennDutch Inn Now Magdalena Yoder must find out who caused Custard s last stand and save her beloved town

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    1. I read two books last weekend. One of them was one of my most favorite book of the year (Buster Midnight's Cafe by Sandra Dallas) but this one was one of my least favorite books of the year --maybe of a lifetime! I was embarassed for the author. The main character of this cozy series is usually self-deprecating, but this time, the author made her into a perfect twit. And for some reason, the author must have thought that if she used a lot of alliteration, it would improve the storyline. It didn' [...]

    2. One of the reasons Mennonite innkeeper Magdalena Yoder loves her town is that it's not too touristy, but she finds out that Colonel George Custard has plans to develop a 5 star hotel there. Residents of Hernia are not too happy about it and someone really shows his or her displeasure by shooting Colonel Custard. Hernia's bumbling police chief asks Magdalena to help with the investigation. I really enjoy the "Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery" series. Always funny and a great romance between Magdalena a [...]

    3. Tamar Myers, Custard's Last Stand (Signet, 2002)It's nice to know Ms. Myers listens to her reviews. There's a line buried in this book that sums up every review of every other Magdalena Yoder novel: "It came out as a whine, but my whining is one of my more endearing qualities, don't you think?"Thankfully, Magdalena whines a lot less in this novel (though the repeated-word thing does show up here with a few other terms), and that certainly makes the eleventh novel in the Pennsylvania Dutch (with [...]

    4. This is the first book of Tamar Myers that I have read and it will be my last. I've been intrigued for a while with her clever titles and this one title had that feel of the game "Clue," but alas, it was not what I expected. I didn't like the characters — too far-fetched, too unrealistic, too silly — and the situations were bizarre.A small village with a bed and breakfast run by a mennonite woman. Ok, interesting premise, but after that it quickly goes wacky and before you know it, this coul [...]

    5. This series has become my guilty pleasure - definitely fluff. Magdalena, although I haven't liked her all that much, nonetheless seems to be an addicting character for me. Once again, though, the author takes us off on a wild tangent. This time it came at the end of the book, instead of at the beginning of the next one. Here I am on #11 in the series and I still feel like the author doesn't quite know what to do with her main character. But then again, I guess Magdalena defies definition.I did v [...]

    6. I only read two series of books (and they are the only series I'll ever read, so as a note to my well-intentioned book-lending friends, please don't be offended if I turn down a loan offer if it's a "series" book ) and this book is from one of those series. Like all of them it's kind of mindless fluff, but a welcome break from some of my usual fare, and made me smile and laugh at times. Well done homey humor and a completely improbable but funny plot.

    7. Hilarious! I absolutely love all the residents of Hernia, PA and thoroughly enjoying the "exercise" of jumping to conclusions with Magdalena Yoder. This book in Tamar Myers' PennDutch series has a particularly unsuspected twist in the end, which led, of course, to more fun escapades with our tall & gangly heroine.

    8. Fun readI haven't read one of Ms. Myers' books in a while, so it was a coming home of sorts for me. I enjoy the mystery of it all, but appreciate the characters even more. I get a good chuckle and pass the time quickly with Mags Yoder and the good citizens of Hernia, PA. I look forward to the next in the series when I need a break from heavy reading.

    9. This is the first book I have read in this series. I really like Magdalena Yoder. She's funny and yet stoic and I like how her religion comes into play - sometimes. I'd like to read more of the PennDutch mysteries.

    10. My first book in this Pennsylvania Dutch series. It was written entirely in first person as the main character, which took me a little time to get used to. But, there were some lines that made me laugh out loud. A fun cozy. Good quick read.

    11. Entertaining and funny with the quirky characters Myers has created. I like the insight into Mennonite and Amish culture and Magdalena Yoder's unique sense of humor.

    12. Entertaining like all of Tamar Myers books are, but a little fluffy and unrealistic. It made me laugh though, and I did enjoy it!

    13. Funny but the story line seemed to go on and on with pointless details. It's more of a light mystery.

    14. 2 1/2 stars, actually. Was not nearly as entertaining as books #1 and #17. Perhaps Ms. Myers had a major dry spell for a couple of years.

    15. Hardware store owner, mean, actually murdered by his wife and she buried him in parking lot.Guy comes to town to build a hotel and she kills him too.

    16. One of many in this fun series. I like the Mennonite/Amish cultural bits. Nice and light - good humor. Relaxing read.

    17. Typical Myers fare, not one of her best, but solid enough to be entertaining. I don't recommend this as a place to start for someone new to her books but it should please existing fans.

    18. Easy reading cozy, perfect for a snowy day. The quirky characters keep you asking for more in this series, although this time the plot was a bit slim. Still, a good read.

    19. I didn't learn a huge lesson from this book. I just enjoyed the story. I think that I would have enjoyed it more. If I could have gotten over the title.

    20. Guilty pleasure nonsense. All the standard jokes, but the delivery is somehow subtler - think her voice has really improved with this one.

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