Miss Julie In Miss Julie a willful young aristocrat whose perverse nature has already driven her fianc to break off their engagement pursues and effectively seduces her father s valet during the course of a M

  • Title: Miss Julie
  • Author: August Strindberg
  • ISBN: 9780486272818
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Miss Julie, a willful young aristocrat, whose perverse nature has already driven her fianc to break off their engagement, pursues and effectively seduces her father s valet during the course of a Midsummer s Eve celebration The progress of that seduction and the play s stunning denouement shocked Swedish audiences who first attended the play in 1889.Despite its controIn Miss Julie, a willful young aristocrat, whose perverse nature has already driven her fianc to break off their engagement, pursues and effectively seduces her father s valet during the course of a Midsummer s Eve celebration The progress of that seduction and the play s stunning denouement shocked Swedish audiences who first attended the play in 1889.Despite its controversial debut, this now classic drama, inspired by the new ideas of naturalism and psychology that swept Europe in the late 19th century, helped to shape modern theater, and remains one of the most potent and most frequently performed of modern plays The full text of Miss Julie is reprinted here as translated by Edwin Bj rkman, complete with Strindberg s critical preface to the play, considered by many to be one of the most important manifestos in theater history.

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    1. Book Review Miss Julie is one of the more naturalistic pieces that I have ever seen. Throughout the piece, everything is real and truly shows a tranche de vie or ‘slice of life.’ The characters are usually treated much more as psychological personas than in realistic productions like Ghosts. In Miss Julie it seemed as if each character was representative of a specific type of person. Julie was the vixen from a higher class who was attracted to Jean, a man from a lower class. Jean was the str [...]

    2. Miss Julie an aristocracic woman that expresses the social Diseases common in many of the families of her class, still recovering from a broken engagement—an engagement ruined because of her attempt to train her fiancé like a dog , flirting in a moment of despair her servant Jean ,she takes an adventure of uncalculated results,Jean seduce Julie, , telling a heart-breaking story of his childhood love to her,after their love affair ,Jean rejects her and confesses that he has deceived her, leavi [...]

    3. It had strong langugae,the form,layout of the play was well done. The story was pretty shallow,not much of a story really. It was only two characters with over the top feelings screaming at each other. That sounds like many great plays but you need more quality,depth than this.In the foreward Strindberg says he wanted the characters to be characterless. It felt too much like the main female character was only a way to write his views on how a woman of his times should not be. Jean the male main [...]

    4. Boy meets girl, boy seduces girl, boy plans to elope with girl, boy wrings girl's pet bird's neck, boy changes his mind, girl kills herself. For some reason, Hollywood have never wholeheartedly embraced this formula. I can't imagine why not. My late grandmother-in-law was an amazing, larger-than-life character, who looked as though she'd stepped straight out of Fanny och Alexander. Her family was distantly related to that of Strindberg's first wife, and, until the day she died, she steadfastly r [...]

    5. What did I just read? Okay, first of all - this was required reading for my course in university. I would have never read this play voluntarily. This was a disaster. I know many authors of the past were misogynic in a subtle or not so subtle waySometimes I can ignore it, in cases like this one I cannot. Not with a foreword almost as long as the damned play itself. After three pages of the foreword the reader gets an insight into the inner-world of Strindberg who was basically a misogynic dumbfuc [...]

    6. I read the translation made by Peter Watts.A beautiful play by the master Strindberg, This is the kind of paly that makes the one sure about the role of inspiration in the art. The most remarkable element of the play is how it shows the changes in the characters in a smooth unconstrained way, You believe what you watch and understand it although its characters very odd behaviours specially Julia's.The relationship between the servant and the master presented in this powerful way only in Losey's [...]

    7. Gender and SocietyStrindberg’s play,  Fröken Julie, from 1888 focuses on gender and society in late 19th century Sweden. Even though it is quite brief it brings a lot of fire to these topics so I can see why it gained such prominence at the time. Even today it seems to be one of the works that Strindberg is recognized for abroad (together with his other plays) even though I personally favor his novels and stories to a much greater extent. The latter are generally not translated into English [...]

    8. This was my first stab at Strindberg, and dear lord did he stab back. This is a play about hate & power, and about passion & the lack thereof. I'm shocked, looking back on this emotionally brutal play, to see how deeply engaged it was with the same "topics" of oppressive gender and class power structures. It does these right: they inform the emotional physics of the scenario, instead of being it's end.The play is set over the course of a perfect Summer night. The characters are Jean (30) [...]

    9. From BBC Radio 4:A reimagined version of August Strindberg's 1888 stage play by Roger James Elsgood, starring Sofie Grabol, Lars Mikkelsen, and Marie Bach Hansen.Strindberg's Miss Julie concerned a well-bred woman from the land-owning classes who has a one-night stand with her father's valet, Jean. Over the course of a midsummer night, Julie and Jean discuss their different stations in life and, emboldened by alcohol, she goads Jean to cross the social, economic and sexual lines that divide them [...]

    10. It is difficult and quite uncomfortable to read and write a review for a writer was/is famous for his open misogyny and especially more difficult for someone who is a feminist and a woman. You might then say, then why read the play? The answer to this is that I had to read the play as the dramatics society of where I work was putting up a performance of the same play. However, that is not when I got around to reading it, that was last year and as you can see I have read play the six months later [...]

    11. I would've rated this 1.5 stars last night as I finished and turned off the light. I didn't feel great, was disappointed with a classical program on NPR and found this play a touch hysterical. During the cold darkness of early morning I reflected on some of the subtle touches, the yellow label and the ill fated bird. The condensed nature of the action was difficult to believe. The pastoral passages by comparison were beautiful.That said I would afford the Author's Preface five stars as a validat [...]

    12. The modern mind rebels instantly against the extreme misogyny expressed in the preface to this play. Strindberg may be typical of his time (the play was written in 1888) but he comes across as a man without any understanding of the reality of humanity. Stating that women, who he ranks with the uneducated and children, are incapable of full understanding and making a plea for the development of humankind into creatures who eschew emotion, he reveals himself as a man only half alive to the wonders [...]

    13. مرحله دوم استريندبرگ خواني تقريبا نا اميدم كرد.اگر داروين نمايشنامه مينوشت قطعا همين شكليا ميشد، يعني شور ناتوراليسم و بقاي اصلح رو درآورده بود، انقد كه حواسش به تم سوشال داروينيزم بود اگر حواسش به پيرنگ و كاركترپردازي بود الان بهش پنج ميدادم كاركترا كاركتر نداشتن، خيلي ميس [...]

    14. I should give it a Wow ! After dancing with Freud in the arms of August Strindberg, I wonder what will happen to my dreams tonight the play was just fabulous !!! it was a not only a play, but also a Freudian case study. Alas, I don't have time to write a review.

    15. This thoroughly nasty play works very well on the stage even with less than stellar casts. Do not read Miss Julie. Go and see it performed; productions are still quite frequent.If nothing is available then download one of the versions available on Netflix. A new Miss Julie movie with Colin Farrell is coming in the Fall.

    16. Many of the same themes employed in Strindberg's earlier play, The Father, are also at work in Miss Julie, though I think with greater effect in the previous work. Both plays can be characterized as "naturalistic tragedies." Both deal with social Darwinism. Both have the same socio-historical and mythical setting. In both it is easy to point to instances of the author's misogyny. Both deal with gender issues. Miss Julie, however, also deals with social class, albeit in a very socially Darwinist [...]

    17. Never. Ever. Again. EVER, you got that?I read an excerpt from this in our practice exam for Lit. It was the part where Jean is telling Miss Julie about how he once fell in love with her, but couldn't attain her because she was the daughter of a count and he was only a servant, and it was so beautiful and over-the-top romantic that I thought, I HAVE to read this!. I asked my teacher if she had it, and to my surprise, she said 'yes'. I asked if it had a happy ending, and she said, "No! It's actual [...]

    18. Ogni volta che ho tra le mani un'opera di teatro, parto sempre dal presupposto che la sola lettura del testo implica necessariamente il fatto che se ne perda qualcosa. Questo perché la finalità di uno testo teatrale è e rimane la messa in scena, l'interpretazione sul palco da parte degli attori che, uscendo materialmente dal copione, si danno totalmente in pasto al pubblico. Questo per dire che un'opera di teatro non è un romanzo, e ciò è bene tenerlo sempre a mente. La contessina Julie è [...]

    19. "Whose fault is it?--What's it matter to us whose fault it is; I'm still the one who'll have to bear the blame, suffer the consequences."In Miss Julie, the daughter of a count condescends to have relations with a lowly servant, in a spur of –passion? the desire to fall? hereditary influences? a reaction to her recently broken marriage proposal? The reasons for her behavior are both numerous and complex, which is what gives the play its strength. Strindberg's naturalism is different from Zola's [...]

    20. A classic piece of work, considered to be one of the best Swedish plays of all time. Strindberg understood characters and their dreams, he created something that feels real and the play portrays people's thoughts as they are. Not embellished.This is a silent battle between a woman and a man, upper class and lower class, love and deceit. Fröken Julie, the daughter of a count, is a very perplexed character that has struggled all her life trying to find her place in the world. Her upbringing (lear [...]

    21. I would highly recommend this book to someone who enjoys reading about drama filled soap opera relationships. I believe that so many people can honestly understand how she is feeling and can actually relate to her. It also can show the readers just how everyones morals might not be the same, it might be different in someone elses eyes.The play Miss Julie is based mostly from mortality, lust, scandals, and lies. It is mortality because miss Julie can't tell right from wrong, all of the servants b [...]

    22. موضوع مادموازل ژولی (1888)، بر اساس مساله ی طبقاتی معمول در جوامع اروپایی قرن نوزدهم نوشته شده، در رابطه ای غیر رمانتیک و هوس آلوده، و نبرد قدرت میان دو جنس؛ ژولی دختر ارباب، و ژان سر پیشخدمت خانه. ژولی که با تربیت مادر از رعایت فاصله ی طبقاتی عاجز است، دختری ست از نگاه شخصیتی ضعی [...]

    23. That was awful! This was definitely the worst play I have ever and probably will ever read. A boring girl used as a symbol for everything the playwright dislikes in women, an arrogant little cockroach disguised as a man(Seriously, he's a walking insult to all sane men) to ruin the lives of the other characters(Both women) and a plot so boring that a lesson in mathematics seems like a blockbuster compared to that. The views of the writer's time can not excuse everything he does, even if he explai [...]

    24. This was an interesting read, especially since I'm reading it for school and get to analyze it from cool perspectives. The plot is dramatic and emotional, and even though not that much happens, so much takes place in just the characters' words and rantings. Julie is the kind of character you can see so many dimensions of and somewhat relate to. The fact that it's a play makes it a different read, which can be nice some times. When analyzing I dig deeper into both the gender roles the characters [...]

    25. Ein unglaublich spannendes Kammerspiel, das nicht nur bestehende Machtverhältnisse, Machtmissbrauch und Wahnsinn zeigt, sondern auch die Umkehr des Status durch Leidenschaft, Gedankenlosigkeit, dem Ausliefern von Geist und Seele. Mich schaudert's noch immer. (Juli 2015)

    26. Trött på strindbergskåta svensklärare. Trött på normaliserat kvinnohat genom klassisk litteratur. Trött, rent generellt.

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