Blood Money Jasper Tan dishonored his family by joining the mafia and they shunned him He can only count on one person Victoria Hale a hacker and his best friend An attraction sizzles between them but office ro

  • Title: Blood Money
  • Author: Cynthia Rayne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jasper Tan dishonored his family by joining the mafia and they shunned him He can only count on one person, Victoria Hale, a hacker and his best friend An attraction sizzles between them but office romances can turn deadly when both parties work for the mafia And Vick hasn t been completely honest with Jasper To save her brother, Vick made a scandalous bargain with SiJasper Tan dishonored his family by joining the mafia and they shunned him He can only count on one person, Victoria Hale, a hacker and his best friend An attraction sizzles between them but office romances can turn deadly when both parties work for the mafia And Vick hasn t been completely honest with Jasper To save her brother, Vick made a scandalous bargain with Simon The arrangement has ended, but Simon s been stalking her and threatening to expose her secrets Can Jasper handle the truth And will he risk it all to save her

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      248 Cynthia Rayne
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    One Reply to “Blood Money”

    1. I hate that I have to put such a bad rating on this. I received a copy from the author and I hate that I didn't like it.I was looking forward to this couple's story. Vick seemed so cool in the other books, but if this is the real her, I don't like her. All she did was lie and one moment not ashamed of her past and the next lying to keep it hidden. If the mafia was such a family then why couldn't she trust them to help her? This was so contradictory to the other stories in the series. Not sure I [...]

    2. Too many liesToo many lies,I was able to buy into a good hearted mobster like Jasper but the rest ? Aaaaaaaaaaaaa,No!I could see what Vick saw in Jasper but the other way around ? Aaaaaaaaaaaa,heck no, Jasper had his faults maybe but we saw in how he cared for the women in his life,his love respect for his grandmother and little sister,Mary who he used to guard and loved like a sister and his friendship with Vick and his actions and thoughts that despite his line of work,he had his own code of e [...]

    3. 4 - 4 1/2 stars!Blood Money is the third book in the exciting Lone Star Mobster series by Cynthia Rayne. I have been hooked on this series since the beginning, and it just keeps getting better and better! With an interesting storyline, complex characters, sizzling hot intimacy, secrets, lies, intense situations, danger, and intriguing twists, you'll be turning the pages faster to see what happens next. This was a fantastic story, and a great addition to this terrific series! Jasper Tan and Victo [...]

    4. I received an ARC from the author on this book.I enjoy Cynthia Rayne's books. I especially enjoy the Lone Star series (Southern drawled Mafiosos). I have to confess that this book didn't do it for me. You have seen the dance between Jasper & Vick in prior books so I was looking forward to reading this book. This book was a snooze for me. The reasons for these best friends keeping their relationship platonic didn't play true for me. Vick's lies and continued lack of trust of a man she loved m [...]

    5. ARC review. This installment of the Dixie Mafia was no exception and like the previous in the series I loved it. I was extremely frustrated at times with Jasper and Vick both and. I just wanted to tell Jasper denial is a river in Egypt and at the same time I wanted to smack Vick for being oblivious. I would love to see more of this couple in the future to see how their relationship proceeds. I won't post spoilers, so I'll just say this book will frustrate you, but it is worth the read and if you [...]

    6. I want more!! I WAS GIVEN AN ARC OF BLOOD MONEY FOR AN HONEST AND UNBIASED REVIEW!!I LOVED Jasper and Vick/Vixen's story. At times when reading their story I wanted to reach out and give them a few slaps to get them to stop doing or saying certain things but I'm glad it worked out in the end. I will admit that I secretly (yet not so secretly) love love love Ten! Is it just me or would Ten and Grace make a cute couple. They both are crazy smart and love history or documentaries and they have Jasp [...]

    7. Loving the "Bad Guys"!!!Blood Money is an amazing continuation of the Lone Star Mobster series!! Where else do you find yourself actively rooting for the bad guys? Jasper and Victoria are both in the mob and both to stubborn or jaded to see that their friendship is so much morebut once Vick has some trouble Jasper sees the light but will Vick is the real question. Just like The Four Horsemen MC books, the Mobster books are filled with suspense, fantastic characters, passion and not your average [...]

    8. ARC review. I loved this book. I have read all of the Four Horsemen and Lone Star Mafia books and love each one. While it does help to have read the previous books, it is not necessary. There is enough background given to make this a stand alone. I love Cynthia's writing style. You really get to know the characters and feel their emotions. Jasper and Vixens story is probably my favorite to date. I highly recommend!

    9. Jasper and VickWOW! What a couple! Vick and Jasper have lived quite a life. The story is sad but hopeful at the same time. Jasper and Vick both work for the Lone Star Mafia. Vick is a hacker first class and Jasper is a hit man. So much is going on in this book but it does flow together. Jasper a d Vick do get their HFN ending but the reader knows more is coming with The Lone Star Mafia.

    10. Loved!Just like all the other books in this series, I loved it! We've been waiting on Jasper and Vick for a while now. You could just always feel the sexual tension in all of their scenes. They are such a great couple. I wished Vick would have talked to Jasper sooner about her issues. Just so we could have them together even longer! I can't wait for the next book and hopefully many more to come!

    11. >>>>>I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Review Copy of this book<<<<<In the previous book, Vick and Jasper attraction was present while the couple reactions around each other while fighting their feelings. Vick's past came back to haunt her while Jasper lingered on old family business. Vick attempt to keep her secrets from Dix and Byron was not acceptable because she was threaten. The story was well written and interesting the couple going from friends to lovers. A n [...]

    12. Blood money is fantastic. I loved the friends to lovers romance theme. Very sexy, very suspenseful, very thought provoking plot. Loved jasper's budding friendship with Ten. I laughed out loud at their dialogue. Loved how strong Victoria is. Loved how this plot shows us that life and choices are not all right or wrong, black or white.

    13. The book wasn't an disappointment at all. I'm must say the hero and heroine did dig a whole for themselves. Oh boy this author know how to leave you hanging without giving you a stiff cliffhanger. I was please she did give a HEA with these characters but the back story period is still open and exciting. Anxiously awaiting for the 4th installment of this series. This was a really good read

    14. Good Stuff!This was so good and the chemistry between the two main characters was so sexy and filled with enough fire to burn the book.I love when anticipation is done wellstead of the actual deed.The story reads like a really good romance and the comedic timing was just right.Ms.Rayne does it again ,she has another hit to add too an equally good series.

    15. Not enough sex! I had hoped this romance would be seriously hot and heavy, but was a bit underwhelmed. It also would have been a 5⭐️ review had it went more into the sexual relationship with the creeper 👀

    16. this book was ok but i feel that it is going down hill. they need to step it up when it comes to ther books

    17. I loved this book I have been wanting jasper and vicks story for a while. it was such a suspenseful story and I loved it. such a great read

    18. JasperI have always loved Jasper and glad he an Vicki got together. Two perfect people a real friends to lover with a monster twist.

    19. This was a tense & action packed read. There was even a little romance thrown in. I love Vixen and Jasper and hopefully they have along life

    20. Great series I can't stop laughing with this series and it just keeps getting better waiting on pins and needles for Ten's stories :)

    21. Solid 3.5 stars!I was always curious about the relationship of Jasper and Vick. They had been dancing around each other for quite some timeAnd who knew Vick had so many secrets?? I would have liked to see her be more honest with Jasper a little earlier and for him not to be so judgemental. Hello pot!!! But knowing that a bit more angst would have helpedI enjoyed their story!

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