Elfhame Skeleton Key Book SeriesOne Skeleton Key Endless AdventureseletonkeybookseriesELFHAME From USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp a richly imagined fantasy romance uniting an adventurous young wom

  • Title: Elfhame
  • Author: Anthea Sharp
  • ISBN: 9781680130843
  • Page: 336
  • Format: ebook
  • Skeleton Key Book SeriesOne Skeleton Key Endless AdventureseletonkeybookseriesELFHAME From USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp, a richly imagined fantasy romance uniting an adventurous young woman and a fearsome Dark Elf warrior, in a magical tale reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast Suitable for readers 12 and up No explicit content.Deep in the DaSkeleton Key Book SeriesOne Skeleton Key Endless AdventureseletonkeybookseriesELFHAME From USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp, a richly imagined fantasy romance uniting an adventurous young woman and a fearsome Dark Elf warrior, in a magical tale reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast Suitable for readers 12 and up No explicit content.Deep in the Darkwood, a mystic portal awaitsMara Geary faces a bleak future in the village of Little Hazel until, on the eve of her seventeenth birthday, strange glowing lights beckon her into the mysterious shadows under the trees She follows, hoping for adventure What she finds is her destinyPrince of the Hawthorne Court, Brannon Luthinor has spent his life becoming a powerful warrior in order to save his people Now, on the eve of war, his fate is rapidly approaching Centuries ago, the Dark Elves retreated to their homeland of Elfhame, sealing the portal between their lands and the human world But when their realm is threatened, prophecy demands that the doorway be opened, and that Bran marry whatever mortal woman manages to find the hidden key and unlock the door.Thrown together, Bran and Mara forge an unlikely alliance But in the face of evil, will they be able to trust their lives and their hearts to one another

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      336 Anthea Sharp
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    1. Holy smokes! What a trip! Sharp took me out of this world and on an adventure unlike any other with this tale. It was simply magical. The tale was vividly beautiful yet the heaviness of the Dark Court shines through. Not only was the world well developed and the scenery vivid, but the plot was intense. The fast paced tale melded action, adventure, and a healthy dose of unlikely romance to create a whole that I couldn’t put down. And the ending? It definitely brought me to tears. It was fantast [...]

    2. I have to say after the Feyland books I was hoping to be blown away by this book because it just sounds SO good.And it WAS good, just not the amazing, life-changing good I really hoped for. I liked the the description of the worlds (as expected because really how many people can do descriptions like Anthea Sharp), I liked the way the author created a new re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. One pretty removed from the original story and yet still with pretty obvious connections. I guess my bigges [...]

    3. From The Book Junkie Reads . . .A young adult fantasy that was all about the female lead and her fate to become the one to marry. Marry a dark elven prince may not have been on her to do list for the day. Mara was resourceful and strong. Mara had inner strength the worked to her advantage. She was sweet and very compassionate. Bran was no slouch in the hero department. But following prophecy was not exactly what he was wanting either. He was more than what was on the surface. Watching this world [...]

    4. Anthea took such unique approach to this book. When the book is through the mortal women's viewpoint, the story is strictly through her perspective. Thoughts of others are not interspersed with hers; we move along the story with her view of reality. Although the Prince has his own moments of introspection, they are nothing to Mara's. And the description of the Dark Elves (so now I know why they are called that!) is also unique. These are not the elves of Tolkien! Anthea didn't downplay the diffe [...]

    5. Wow, what a great story. Elfhame by Anthea Sharp has it all, suspense, action, romance and even different species. A prophecy brings together Brann, a dark elf, and Mara, a mortal young woman. It was said that during Elfhame's greatest need, a doorway would open bringing a mortal woman that Brann would need to marry if they were to save Elfhame. While Brann has know of this prophecy his entire life, Mara know nothing about it until she find an unusual skeleton key, that leads her into another wo [...]

    6. Elfhame was an intriguing story of a young woman who finds herself as a unlikely heroine in a world full of magical forces, both light and dark. The storyline was slightly predictable, but the author kept you intrigued with beautifully detailed writing. I would highly recommend! Looking forward to reading more in the Skeleton Key series! <>

    7. Fun and imaginativeI really enjoyed this book a lot, as it was different and well written. There were a couple of grammatical errors, and an overuse of the word "strange", but all in all, a fun read. I feel like this book was either too short, or would have been better suited as a series of it's own, as events seemed to happen rather quickly. Still, it was a great read!

    8. Too Short. I know it was meant to be that way but I was just falling for these people and their story was finished. Off to find more of Ms. Sharp's Fae Folk.

    9. Amazing!Absolutely loved this book. The pacing and writing is well done, the story is wonderful. Such an excellent job and I really felt for the characters.

    10. Adventure seeking mortal Mara finds herself in an enchanted world full of terrifying creatures. When she is saved from death by on of these creatures, a dark elf warrior, she quickly learns that she had been chosen by fate to fulfill a prophecy and save the elf realm from a darkness set to destroy it.Mara is brave and strong, she holds her head high as obstacle after obstacle is thrown at her. While she misses her own world she doesn't let that hold her back from helping the people in this new w [...]

    11. For me, this book did not do it for me. I actually give it a 3.5 star rating. I felt that the first few chapters were wasted with words that could have been used to build up the story, and make it something it really had the potential to become. I was bored through most of the book, felt that things were predictable and boring. Before it happened, I knew it was going to happen. I don't care for books like that really. I feel that Anthea Sharp had the ability to make this story awesome, and for m [...]

    12. Mara was just a maid and she just wanted to save up an be able to have an adventure, while cleaning the castle she comes across a skeleton key. She must return anything she finds but the key has other plans. Fired she must return home and on her seventeen birthday her life changes. Bran has be told his whole life of a prophecy that he would marry a mortal and would save Elfhame and he finally meets his future wife. Mara chooses to wed but he must return her home after they save Elfhame, with bei [...]

    13. 4 solid stars - A Polished YA FantasyA YA fantasy stand-alone perfect for middle school to Adult. A young Fae prince has felt the weight of a prophecy since childhood. He must we'd a mortal from the human realm in order to save his world. A young mortal woman dreams of adventure but never dreamed of anything so perilous as crossing realms to the legendary dark elve world.The heroine is brave. She displays maturity in her decision-making. She's reserved in her emotions and doesn't fall instantly [...]

    14. I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review! Where to even begin? Elfhame is an amazing book! I've read all sorts of fantasy books with shifters, witches, warewolves, etc but this is the first book about Elves! I was entranced through the whole book! Anthea did an amazing job with making the characters so fascinating! I enjoyed the diversity of the mortal world vs. Elfhame! Mara & Bran are two characters so intoxicating you will yearn for more!!! Thank you Anthea [...]

    15. Short and sweetThis story is another take on the mysterious skeleton key stand alone series. Although the author has her own take, I'm starting to think that there isn't much that can be altered and at the end it's pretty much the same, just another skeleton key book. I think too many author's participated and unfortunately I bought too many of them. I'm starting to think the guidelines weren't so exact.

    16. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book. It drew me from the start. I felt like I was there with Mara every step of the way. The characters were people you could identify with and the scenery was beautifully described. Overall the story was well written. I hope there are more adventures with Mara, Bran, and the rest of the Dark Elves.

    17. Another captivating taleAnthea Sharp tells wonderful stories that capture your imagination and take you to places you know exist just around the next bend, just out of the corner of your eye. Good, clean read that I am pleased to have in my library.

    18. Really forced plotting and (in my opinion) terrible pacing. It read to me like someone outlined the plot and then expanded plot points until it was story length. Nothing about the plot felt organic to me.

    19. Great incorporation of the Skeleton Key in this story. Who doesn't love elves Dark Elves are badass lol. I would have fallen for Bran as well. He's a sexy Dark Elf. Didn't care for Mara's family, but there were some other characters I wouldn't mind reading more about.

    20. Elfhame abounds with magic, fantasy, otherworldliness, an intriguing darkness, and a tinge of romance. Read our full review at wp/p5s62b-Na

    21. Such an interesting story that draws you in until the last word. I can't wait to read the sequel- Anthea has a way of making you feel a part of the story. I recommend this to everyone.

    22. Fun, fast read. Bought another in this series - written by another author - that I did not like. But this was a fun book. Well-written with likeable characters.

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