The Black and White Factory Welcome to the Black and White Factory Penguin zebra and panda will take you on a top secret tour to see some black and white products that are made here like salt and pepper shakers dice half de

  • Title: The Black and White Factory
  • Author: Eric Telchin Diego Funck
  • ISBN: 9781499802771
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Welcome to the Black and White Factory Penguin, zebra, and panda will take you on a top secret tour to see some black and white products that are made here, like salt and pepper shakers, dice, half decks of playing cards only spades and clubs , chess pieces, and tuxedos, in addition to a few special experimental projects There are a few rules, though No messes No colWelcome to the Black and White Factory Penguin, zebra, and panda will take you on a top secret tour to see some black and white products that are made here, like salt and pepper shakers, dice, half decks of playing cards only spades and clubs , chess pieces, and tuxedos, in addition to a few special experimental projects There are a few rules, though No messes No colors No surprises allowed EVER But when the tour gets to the bar code room, some color has seeped in It s up to the reader to try and rub it off and tilt the book so that it comes off, but nothing works The animals then use a giant cleaning contraption and need you to help blow into the nozzle to power the machine, and it starts to work But there s too much color to clean, and it blows color all over the factory And the animals love it But of course, they ll have to change the rules a bit now.

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    • ☆ The Black and White Factory || ☆ PDF Download by Ï Eric Telchin Diego Funck
      164 Eric Telchin Diego Funck
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    One Reply to “The Black and White Factory”

    1. The Black and White Factory - Eric Telchin, Diego Funck Another crazy meta book like Press Here. As much as little kids love doing things with books, I bet they love this. I did. It delights me to see people trying new things with books. Unlike many, I really think the ebook has been good for books in general. Books like these lend themselves to both formats equally well. Library copy

    2. Intereactive. All tour of the black and white factory, but no colors, messes, or surprises allowed. Ever. In the end they are very colorful.

    3. This book is so cute! It reminded me of the "Push Here" book with all of the colors, rubbing out colors, smudging, and spinning. Loved!

    4. Welcome to the Black and White factory where everything they make is black a white: dominoes, checkered paint, zebra stripes, and bar codes. Oh no! Is that COLOR in the black and white factory?! But the rules forbid color, messes, and surprises explicitly. What will they do?!This is a cute book that my kids have made me read several dozen times. It starts off very formal and stiff as a panda, penguin, and zebra start walking you through their spotless, colorless factory. It takes a tool from the [...]

    5. Age: Preschool-KindergartenConcept Skill: ColorsPanda, Penguin, and Zebra invite the reader/listener to tour their black and white factory with ZERO color and NO surprises. When a bit of color appears out of nowhere (how I wish it had an origin story) the tour guides try and initiate damage control with the help of the reader, only to make matters worse. This book excels at its invitation to participate but leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

    6. Grades Pre-K to 2. Kids are invited to tour the factory where everything is black and white, no messes and no surprises. Except that THIS tour is very different and the characters need the reader's help.

    7. My kids really liked this book, at which I was kind of surprised - I thought they might think it was more for smaller kids. Of course, they like when I do voices, and I had a great time with the uptight panda, penguin, and zebra. We also liked some of the little visual jokes.I put it on hold at the library because of its comparison to "Press Here," and don't think it stands up to the comparison in terms of the "interactive" nature of the book. Although obviously our manipulation of the book coul [...]

    8. I feel as if we are seeing so many of these interactive books now (hooray!) that when they cross my desk I am getting burnt out (boo!). This is good for the older reader, and one-on-one reading, and I am just not going to write a rave review of it. Other people have done that quite well.

    9. This book was a fun, interactive game. I can imagine kids who take things really literally (like I was) finding it frustrating, though, since the book instructs you to perform actions to move colors around but the book has no moving parts.

    10. I got this today in the mail because I was a giveaway winner. It's a cute short book for kids. The story is pretty adorable and then gets a little zany towards the end, but in a good way. I don't want to give away the plot, but it's a good book for kids who are reading for fun and there's some minor details in the book that are fun for adults to figure out. Like for example, there's a part about the factory where they make all the barcodes for the world in their black and white factory and one [...]

    11. Readers are given a tour of the black and white factory as long as the rules are followed: no messes, no colors, no surprises allowed, ever!

    12. Summary The Black and White Factory is about a factory with three simple rules: No messes, no colors, and no surprises allowed. Ever. In the story the reader gets to take a tour of The Black and White Factory. After visiting multiple rooms such as the factory floor, the top-secret Experiment Room, the Animal Room and the Bar Code Room, something goes wrong and one of the rules is broken. Color starts oozing out all over the factory and the reader has to help out to get rid of the color. By the e [...]

    13. I received this book from First Reads. It was a really cute book, and would be fun to read with a group of kids. My only complaint is a minor one: from the blurb on the cover telling you to rub and tilt the book and the instructions in the book to rub out the colors, I was slightly disappointed that the pages didn't feature some temperature sensitive ink or something so that the color would fade slightly when you rubbed it and then come back. Especially since the slipcover is so well done and g [...]

    14. We just got this book in today and I very much enjoyed it. The book includes some audience participation (shake the book, turn the book, etc.) and this becomes quite silly. It has a fair amount of words though, which combined with the type of prompts makes it not appear like a good storytime book. However, I would recommend it for one on one reading. For: fans of color or those cute black and white animals; readers wanting to engage with the book through audience participation. Possible red flag [...]

    15. This was a giveaway! First of all it was by far the fastest book I have ever received! It arrived in 2 days!This book is super fun! It's interactive and the characters ask for your help, making the book fun to read! My 8 year old loved it and laughed out loud. The illustrations are fun and memorable. There are fun things to look at on each page. It reminded my 8 year old of the classic (at least in our house) There is a Monster at the End of This Book with Grover from Sesame Street.

    16. Cute book with clear, simple message that is easy to follow. Great pictures, quick little read that should hold children's attention. I enjoyed reading it alone and out loud to kids who loved thumbing through pages. I won this book in a good reads giveaway, thank you!

    17. Fun and interactive! The Black and White Factory has strict rules. No Messes. No Colors. No Surprises Allowed. Ever. So what happens when they find color in the factory? Rub, tilt and turn your way through this book to see if you can help keep the color from invading the factory!

    18. Great interactive story with readers - try and stop color from invading the black and white factory!

    19. I'm happy to have an interactive picture book for slightly older audiences to add to my repertoire.

    20. Good premise, but lacking in execution. Momentum is lost about halfway through. Hmmmmmm. I will have to come back and read this one again down the line and see if my opinion changes.

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