Darker Than the Deepest Sea The Search for Nick Drake The Search for Nick Drake When Nick Drake died in the autumn of he left behind a relatively small catalogue of work three well received but modest selling albums His influence however was pro

  • Title: Darker Than the Deepest Sea: The Search for Nick Drake
  • Author: Trevor Dann
  • ISBN: 9780749950958
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Search for Nick Drake When Nick Drake died in the autumn of 1974, he left behind a relatively small catalogue of work, three well received but modest selling albums His influence, however, was profound, as countless artists over the following 30 years would discover this quiet genius of British folk.

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    1. Oddly, this is a really difficult review for me to write, so I'll do my best. You can take the road that takes you to the stars nowI can take the road that'll see me throughAt my current job, we get to take turns picking records we sell within the store to play, which naturally results in a mosaic of musical choices and genres blaring through the speakers; everything from Coltrane to Britney Spears to the soundtrack of Le Planete Sauvage. We have a tiny Nick Drake selection which is usually bere [...]

    2. Mostly enjoyable read, limited a little by the elusive nature of the subject matter. The focus is on the artist rather than the music or lyrics, but given the little lyrical analysis that does take place, this is probably a good thing. The author (at least twice) pulls Drake up for his 'mis-spelling' of the title "Tow the Line", as well as other similar techniques which are actually an important part of any decent songwriter's toolkit. To suggest that someone who studied English at Cambridge and [...]

    3. I don't think most people would like this. Unless you are a Nick Drake fan. Some of the view points in this seem to conflict with Nick's family a bit. I am a big fan of Drake and his music and legacy is a huge influence. I can't help but think that maybe this isn't the best source of his life but still a good read. I have seen some documentaries with family quotes and I felt a little more informed from the blood relative. If you are Nick Drake fan give it a go.

    4. Didn't really contain that much I hadn't come across in the countless magazine articles out there on Drake, but okay nonetheless. Doesn't shy away from being uncool and saying that vast amounts of pot will fuck you up. That, essentially is what caused Drake to spiral down into the abyss, just like smoking several bags a week caused a mate if mine to jump off a bridge.

    5. Overly-speculative for a biography. Only slightly more informative than a entry, but not as well vetted.

    6. A thoughtful biography of Drake by the former head of BBC Music Entertainment, this is only sullied somewhat by the Afterword where Nunn attempts a rather naive "could it have been avoided" exercise. From the picture he builds up of Drake the end seems inevitable even if the journey may have been different.Having said that, lots of good sources from each stage of Nick's life put together sensitively makes this a worthwhile read.

    7. Well, You Didn’t Find Him: Trevor Dann and His Search for Nick DrakeNick Drake has become a cult figure among music lovers in the last 20 or so years. His music is some of the most beautiful that I have ever heard. Melancholy, but not depressing. Relaxing, yet never boring. Virtually every one of his songs is a work of genius, and if someone put a gun to my head and told me to name my favorite musician, it would be a tough choice between Nick and The Beatles. Despite his amazing talent for son [...]

    8. Overcome by his struggles with mental illness, folk singer-songwriter Nick Drake committed suicide after just three albums released with only small to modest success. It wasn’t until after his death, highlighted by the use of his song “Pink Moon” in a 2000 Volkswagen commercial, when Drake started getting the praise and popularity he deserved. As one of many Nick Drake biographies out there today, Trevor Dann presents another take on Drake’s short life in, Darker Than The Deepest Sea: Th [...]

    9. I was recently exposed to the music of Nick Drake and was mesmerized from the first note of his album, Bryter Layter. The music and the lyrics were so enigmatic and compelling, that I was led to read this biography.Nick Drake, dead at 26, has had a cult following since the late 1960s and no wonder. His life was a life of someone trying to find his placet someone else's place for himd on his own terms.Like the biography's of many creative geniuses, this one reveals the struggles of knowing you're [...]

    10. I remember an old friend in 1991 hearing something I was listening to and saying offhandedly, "You'd go nuts for Nick Drake." I tucked that comment away for when I actually had some cash to spend. A few months later I found "Time of No Reply" in a used bin at a street fair, so I picked it up. Like a lot of people who stumbled on Nick Drake in the years between his death and the Volkswagen commercial "Pink Moon" massive exposure/resurgence, the discovery felt intensely personal, revelatory and pr [...]

    11. In 2001 my best friend put a Nick Drake song on a mix CD for me before leaving the country for a couple years. In 2004 he sang (and played) one of his songs at our wedding. In 2007 I ended up sitting in on a music festival panel discussing Nick Drake. Each of the panelists had prepared a cover of one of his songs. It ended up being the richest memory of that Bumbershoot for me (besides the $hi$hkaberrie$, 'course).I'm interested in Nick Drake.I can't imagine this book appealing to people who are [...]

    12. A thoughtful review of the life, music and brief earthly time of Nick Drake. Wasn't sure I would like it on the surface but after the first few pages, I was hooked and it became a fast, insightful read.More importantly, having heard his music, I finally started listening: dedicated to sitting in front of the high-end stereo speakers, turning up the volume. There is something unnameable that puts him in his own realm; thankfully, producer Joe Boyd and engineer John Wood had the presence of mind t [...]

    13. Nicholas Rodney Drake died a drug-related death at the age of just 26. In those 26 years he seems to have left barely any trace of his existence other than the three albums released during his lifetime, Five Leaves Left, Bryter Layter and Pink Moon, a body of work than can be listened to in its' entirety in around an hour and a half. These albums came and went unnoticed by the world at large and the Drake legend, the Cult Of Drake, only came to life long after he'd gone. Stardom undoubtedly woul [...]

    14. The writing of this book isn't strong. In fact, some of it is plain boring. Plenty of information about the slacker schoolboy that was Nick Drake, but lacking in the personal -- the mind and mental health behind the mystery. I also disagree with the author's theory of the affect of Drake's drug use on his mental health. Still, I'd recommend this book for all big Drake fans -- especially for musicians's, who get a song by song guide to his catalog, with all the weird chords, tunings listed.

    15. This book made me cry! Written by a fan but never beyond judgement and criticism this was a genuine view of the man and the music. Nick Drake was never commercially accepted during his time on this earth and this gives a little insight as to why. It's not so much that people didn't like the music but more the fact that they never really got to hear it with Drake's refusal to promote it via live shows or even interviews. A genuine genius and a true loss!

    16. This book is subtitled 'The Search for Nick Drake'; appropriate since at times I felt there was a Nick Drake-shaped hole in the book. Considering how publicity-shy he was and how long ago he lived that isn't really surprising. There just aren't Nick Drake interviews, articles, videos, recordings etc available.But still, I found the book an interesting read; his story seeming to run parallel in many ways to the decline of his contemporary Syd Barrett.

    17. I bought this book for $5 at the Williamsburg Flea Market. The font is huge, which makes me feel like a senior citizen when I read it. But oh that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from reading twenty pages on a subway ride!Now, having finished it: this is probably as good a book as one is likely to find on a subject with so very little source material. Not sure it would appeal to someone who didn't like ND

    18. All in all a good book. Obviously it's difficult to glean much from Nick Drake's tragically short life. Found an obvious factual error in the book (concerning the "grandson of Maynard Keynes) which led me to feeling shakey about the rest of it Decided that Nick Drake was a little spoiled and self-centered after reading it.

    19. Less sugar-coated than other Nick Drake biographies I've read. It is refreshing to read of a spoilt boy, silver-spooned, unable to cope when things didn't go his way. Not happy with the way the author merely hints at child abuse - a bit easy, that. Enjoyable read though. I prefer to simply listen to the mesmerising songs.

    20. Nothing new to expect in this bio. Low on insight, but heavy on facts. I did enjoy the geographical notes on where Drake traveled and his old haunts. The writer did their best with a subject that will forever remain a mystery. Loved the discography and footnotes. Just means my search will continue on his history.

    21. A decent well balanced attempt which, through interviews with mainly friends and colleagues, attempts to answer a basic question: what was Nick Drake like?Light-weight but fair, and contains some excellent counter-balance to the "man too sensitive" theory.

    22. Read this book last year (2010). It is packed with all the information about Nick Drake you could possibly want to know. I especially liked the explanations of the guitar tunings he used on his most famous tracks as well - that was very cool.

    23. Very insightful and gives fans a bit of history and perspective on Nick Drakes life.Have learnt a lot but come away with lots of questions and a continued sense of mystery around his death and his hopes.It's definitely got me listening to Nick drake records even more than before!

    24. Barely more than an extended magazine article, this in no way lives up to the cover's claims that it offers the deepest insight in Drake's troubled mind. Or maybe it does, and all the other Drake books are even worse. An OK primer, but little more.

    25. Nick remains a mystery and always will. This author makes a fine attempt to flesh out his reclusive/tragic life but it really can't be done. Easy read for Drake fans. Or just listen to his music and mourn the fact that he wasn't around longer.

    26. I feel about this read the way I feel about many artist biographies: the book itself is sub-par and is only saved by its subject (ie, an artist you really admire). That said, it is difficult to obtain info about such an elusive, short life.

    27. I have yet to read Humphries' earlier take on Mr. Drake, but I do own that one, so it will be interesting to compare the two. I think I will wait a few books before tackling it--back to back would be too much despair.

    28. 2.5 stars? I'm not even sure how to rate this. a lot of the information was interesting but there was way too much speculation and pathologizing.

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