• Title: 空ろの箱と零のマリア 7
  • Author: Eiji Mikage 御影 瑛路 Tetsuo 鉄雄
  • ISBN: 9784048651936
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Free Read [Cookbooks Book] Ñ 空ろの箱と零のマリア 7 - by Eiji Mikage 御影 瑛路 Tetsuo 鉄雄 æ
      344 Eiji Mikage 御影 瑛路 Tetsuo 鉄雄
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    One Reply to “空ろの箱と零のマリア 7”

    1. Having reread the entire series up until the seventh novel, I felt as if I had been with these characters for a long time. After all, I have experienced their stories for the length of twelve novels now, and experienced one form of post-finale depression the first time around. Having returned to the spot I was left at 6 months ago, I could not help but feel excited: the hole is about to get closed off, for good. My excitement was mostly due to the fact that it was going to finish off the series, [...]

    2. (this review includes volume 6)I completed the final two novels much faster than I expected, since there was close to nothing new going on in them. There are no new boxes appearing, no new opponents to defeat, and no new challenges to talk about. It’s basically the epilogue, stretched over two whole volumes, because the author had run out of ideas and was procrastinating by rehashing the same ideas and events for over a dozen times. Basically, what was simply the bland MC saving his waifu was [...]

    3. YES!(talking for all the seven books here)I really, really liked them!(lol I can't write reviews but yea rip euuhh nevermind, BUT IT WAS SUPER GOOD)

    4. Jest to koniec bardzo dobrej serii light novel. Choć rozpoczęła się bardzo chaotycznie, to siódmy tom udowadnia, że można zrobić dobrą serię dla młodzieży bez zbędnego bullshitu, która może przypaść do gustu nie tylko fanom japońskiej animacji.

    5. Podsumowując całą serię: WARTO BYŁO. Naprawdę warta każdej wydanej złotówki i chwili spędzonej na czytaniu. Chociaż ostatni tom był już tylko takim podsumowaniem, w sumie cała akcja właściwa skończyła się już na szóstym.

    6. To be frank, i'm really expecting lot of thing in the last vol of hakomari because of the cliffhanger from the previous volume, but i got pretty disappointed with this very last volume of the series.Eiji-sensei writing is as striking as always, the story goes darker and darker and make me pause lot of time to catch my breath before continuing to the last paragraph, it's seriously make me wonder how Eiji-sensei could maintaining his sanity write such a piece, even i as a reader felt want to screa [...]

    7. This had to be one of the best books I've ever read. I went through all the emotions with this book I even cried at the end it had such a good ending. All the characters were great too!! And for the first time in a long time, the main character was my favorite character. He is actually in my top ten favorites. I love and hate his transformation throughout the whole series. At first, he was just an innocent boy with the wish to remain in everyday life. Then throughout the series he became stronge [...]

    8. Let me be honest: I cannot believe how much I liked this series! I loved the constant plot twists, I was engaged by the fast paced action and best of all, I found the characters believable. Not in the all-my-friends-are-murderers way, but in their rendition as broken people, with faults and dreams. The dialogue didn't seem forced (for the most part) and that's something that I rarely encounter with Japanese light novels or manga. I don't know how to express itybe the over-the-top moeness of fema [...]

    9. This series was described to me as "anime in book form". I didn't have much experience with Japanese literature aside for "Kafka on the Shore" by Haruhi Narukami, but given what I have read (read a translation by Baka-Tsuki), I can say that this series does fantastically for its medium (called light novels).I can't exactly judge this book by realistic standards. I've watched a couple animes before so I'm aware of certain tropes that are often used in anime, and they don't exactly conform to our [...]

    10. Holy. Hell.I described the first book in this series as being like Groundhog Day as written by Philip K. Dick. I take that backIS volume is like Groundhog Day written by Philip K. Dick.You remember that part in the middle of the movie where Phil goes a little crazy and starts trying to kill himself? That's this entire book. Only it's much, much worse. This series has been pretty dark from the get-go, but this volume surpasses everything, even the Game of Idleness arc. And despite that, Mikage st [...]

    11. I'm conflicted about this last book.Happy ending is nice, but, well, the plot is pretty paper thin. Felt more like a bookend to the first book than a proper story.It's really just the main character being forced to atone for his sins during the last book up until his multiple life sentences were fully served.How Maria getting her memories was too easy for me. I expected more from Book 6's cliffhanger.All in all, OK serie.

    12. A great finish to an astonishing series. Even more of a roller-coaster ride fully concluding everything, including Maria and Aya's backgrounds, Hako's infinite fight. probably the best of them all.7>1>3=4>5=6

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