Don t Go There Alternate cover edition of B H VFCYTeresa probably wouldn t admit she s in hiding from her own life she simply feels that being back in her tiny home town will keep her out of trouble Spending her d

  • Title: Don't Go There
  • Author: Kate Genet
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover edition of B00H29VFCYTeresa probably wouldn t admit she s in hiding from her own life she simply feels that being back in her tiny home town will keep her out of trouble Spending her days painting, she s turned her back on than her past, she s let go of all her hopes and dreams for the future and while this new life is a struggle, she s determined noAlternate cover edition of B00H29VFCYTeresa probably wouldn t admit she s in hiding from her own life she simply feels that being back in her tiny home town will keep her out of trouble Spending her days painting, she s turned her back on than her past, she s let go of all her hopes and dreams for the future and while this new life is a struggle, she s determined not to let anyone tempt her into changing course But Scarcity wants to know her Teresa s the only other lesbian in this tiny dot on the map after all, and Scarcity s position in life feels increasingly precarious She s coming of age and coming out into a world that seems hostile than welcoming Things at home aren t all they could be and the experienced Teresa might be able to offer her a helping hand, and a safe place in which Scarcity can truly be herself Teresa s frightened of her though The girl stirs up too many feelings in her, and she doesn t want to be reminded of needs that are going unfulfilled It would be much easier if Scarcity would just leave her alone on her own, Teresa can t repeat her worst mistakes Unfortunately, what she s doing can barely be called living, and when Scarcity insists on being part of her life, Teresa may have to re evaluate everything she thinks she knows about herself and the choices she s made.

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    One Reply to “Don't Go There”

    1. This is a difficult story for me to rate because of the content. I would happily have given it four stars for the writing and parts of the story but I really struggled with Scarcity/Fliss being a 17-year-old. Theresa is not much older at 25 but she has a house, a car and a career. For me, for the story to work as a romance the characters need to have a semblance of equality in the relationship and in order for that to happen they need to have some control over themselves and their future. Fliss [...]

    2. It was neat to read a lesbian fiction both by an author from somewhere and set in a place I hadn't read before (at least not lesbian fiction). Though, granted, I did not immediately catch on to where exactly I was on earth. And it was only in the author afterword that I realized I was in New Zealand. Though I had fairly quickly realized I was in that area of the world. I just thought I was in Australia. Before I realized one of the main characters moved from Sydney back to her home town, I was w [...]

    3. An absolutely beautiful read with lots of sincerity and raw emotion, Don't Go There (more than aptly titled) handles the love story and other potentially sensitive issues with a very impressive delicacy. Looking back at what I Kindle highlighted, I see that the most stark and striking passages all relate to the novel's central theme of knowing what is love and what is not and how (sometimes, no matter how hard you struggle) some feelings just cannot be fought. This kind of stuff may happen far m [...]

    4. This story is told in third person and from dual point-of-view. It is equally Scarcity’s story as it is Teresa’s, on the sense that a lot of the story is about their separate lives while Teresa keeps the much younger Scarcity, AKA Fliss, at arm’s length.Being a kiwi gal myself (residing in New Zealand) I was really looking forward to reading a book set in my home country, however it took until around the 87% mark before I even discovered where the story was set. I’ll suffice to say there [...]

    5. It might have been okay but I couldn't get over the fact that it was a romantic love story between a 17 year old and a 25 year old. I know the age of consent where it was written is 16 but the younger girl played such a teen mindset and sounded so young that it felt gross to me. If this had been between two adults and not what clearly read like an adult and a child it could have been good but that dynamic took this story way out of the "romance" realm.

    6. I've had this novel in my kindle for a long time now. It's really too bad I didn't read it sooner because I have really enjoyed it a lot. The characters, the hidden pain for both of them, and the need to love and be loved. I could understand Teresa's reluctance but I'm really glad she came around. I'm glad for Fliss and for her. I would love to read more about them in the future. I will, for sure, read more of Kate Genet.

    7. First part's too long, same things get repeated a million times, the middle is nonexistent with a couple of sentences recalling their time together and suddenly they're in love. Furthermore none of the issues were explored or finalized properly. What happened to her brother? What went wrong in her previous relationship? What did she paint previously and how successful she was at it and did she ever get back to it. No satisfying epilogue either. They get together and that's it.

    8. Author Kelli Jae Baeli has written such a fine review of Don’t Go There that I’m going to forgo my usual detailed (too wordy?) analysis and suggest your read what Jae’s written. Instead, I’ll just address a few points I feel are important. First, let’s get the whole “I don’t care for romance novels” disclaimer out of the way. I usually enjoy romance as a side element in other genres such as speculative fiction, urban fantasy, mystery or thrillers, but not as the central focus; wr [...]

    9. I hesitated between 2 and 3 stars. I chose 3 because despite the fact that I didn't like the story, I have to admit there were some good things about it. Some potential, if you will.What I liked about it:- The idea behind the story: Scarcity's heartbreaking story, Teresa's introvert personality- The sex scenes: yeah, I didn't expect them to be this hot, and it's always a plus- The writer's intention: there WERE indeed a lot of emotions in this storyBut it wasn't nearly enough for me.What I didn' [...]

    10. I read this within two sittings which means it tickled my fancy! The story takes place between two woman in a small city within NZIt's sort of a coming of age story for one character and then for the other it's to learn to 'let go' and actually trust yourself - that you can do things right. There is an AGE difference between the characters and to some people that might put them off but I remember being in a similar situation so maybe that's why it hit home with me.The story tells about trust, lo [...]

    11. Cover :- 4 starsSex/steaminess :- 4 starsStory line :- 4 starsCharacters :- 4 starsOverall rating :- 4 starsPersonal rating :- 4 starsBook Pairing:- F/FDid it give me a book hangover :- NoIs this a review book or personal read :- Personal readWhy I chose this book?I have read a short version of the story and wanted to know how the author had expanded it.What I liked about this book.* I nice feel good story with angst and grit.* The writing flowed well.* The characters were easy to connect too.Wh [...]

    12. Lovely First! This was the first romantic novel written by Ms Genet and a really well written book. The characters were interesting and the story good. It was different than anything I've read, as one of the characters is much younger than I am use to. In some ways it made the story that much more sweet. A reward for all they had endured.It was very easy to become drawn into this drama. At every turn of the page I expected their secret would be discovered and worried about what would happen to t [...]

    13. Excellent!I was immediately drawn into the story. It touch my heart and it has no dull moments. Sometimes it was tough because of the physical abuse but that was only a small part of the story. I loved Fliss and I loved the way she deals with the issues of Teresa. I loved the sensual tension, the passion and of course the sex scenes. It was a great story to read and I can recommend it to everyone.

    14. I have seen this book for a while but for some reason i never bought it. Well im glad I finally did. I really enjoyed this book. The age difference didn't bother me. I do hope there is a sequel though. I feel like there is still a lot of story for Teresa and Fliss to tell.

    15. Look forward to reading moreThe author suggested that this was her first book based on just the relationship. She even says that she was worried about it . She had nothing to worry about and did a great job . It's a great example of a good romance

    16. Beautiful storyit was a little hard to get into but once I did I didn't put it down until I finished it. so glad I didn't delete this book when I thought I just wasn't going to like it. I Will be looking it for this author other works immediately.

    17. Despite the rating, I can say one thing in favor of this book: it shows its hand early on with the completely cliched gay bashing. What you see is what you get. Not a bad read after adjusting one's expectations.

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