Raising the Floor How a Universal Basic Income Can Renew Our Economy and Rebuild the American Dream Advances in technology are creating the next economy and enabling us to make things do things connect with others in smarter cheaper faster effective ways But the price of this progress has been a

  • Title: Raising the Floor: How a Universal Basic Income Can Renew Our Economy and Rebuild the American Dream
  • Author: Andy Stern
  • ISBN: 9781610396257
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Advances in technology are creating the next economy and enabling us to make things do things connect with others in smarter, cheaper, faster, effective ways But the price of this progress has been a decoupling of the engine of prosperity from jobs that have been the means by which people have ascended to and stayed in the middle class.Andy Stern, the former presidAdvances in technology are creating the next economy and enabling us to make things do things connect with others in smarter, cheaper, faster, effective ways But the price of this progress has been a decoupling of the engine of prosperity from jobs that have been the means by which people have ascended to and stayed in the middle class.Andy Stern, the former president of the Service Employees International Union SEIU spent four years traveling the country and asking economists, futurists, labor leaders, CEOs, investment bankers, entrepreneurs, and political leaders to help picture the U.S economy 25 to 30 years from now He vividly reports on people who are analyzing and creating this new economy such as investment banker Steve Berkenfeld David Cote, the CEO of Honeywell International Andy Grove of Intel Carl Camden, the CEO of Kelly Services and Geoffrey Canada of the Harlem Children s Zone Through these stories, we come to a stark and deeper understanding of the toll technological progress will continue to take on jobs and income and its inevitable effect on tens of millions of people.But there is hope for our economy and future The foundation of economic prosperity for all Americans, Stern believes, is a universal basic income The idea of a universal basic income for all Americans is controversial but American attitudes are shifting Stern has been a game changer throughout his career, and his next goal is to create a movement that will force the political establishment to take action against something that many on both the right and the left believe is inevitable Stern s plan is bold, idealistic, and challenging and its time has come.

    • Best Read [Andy Stern] ✓ Raising the Floor: How a Universal Basic Income Can Renew Our Economy and Rebuild the American Dream || [Fiction Book] PDF ☆
      230 Andy Stern
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    1. The author, Andy Stern, is the rare person of a labor organizing background who agrees with the business types who proclaim unions will be a dead concept in the future. After losing faith in the ability of unions, which represent only 11% of American workers today, to effect economic change, Stern set out to study the impact of globalization and technology. His conclusion: we can't fight the machines.In this book Stern articulates a persuasive story about a rapidly emerging economic order in whi [...]

    2. Automation scares have arisen from time to time but this one looks pretty credible. Already we have seen technology begin to hollow out the middle class and there is no reason to think this trend won't continue. If anything it will accelerate. Maybe it is time to provide a guaranteed income for the large numbers of people who are going to be dislocated by the coming economic transformation. Maybe we should redefine our relation to work because the conditions of the near future will not be anythi [...]

    3. One of the most frustrating books I've read. Spends 80+% of the book diagnosing the problem (or name-dropping the individuals he's met, worked with, or interviewed) and very little on the actual implementation of the basic income. There is perhaps a chapter and a half of this book that actually gets into the nitty gritty of basic income and even then doesn't really take arguments against the basic income very seriously. Questions like incentives, inflation, funding, political obstacles are large [...]

    4. I really wanted to love this book. I am already a believer in the idea of universal basic income and was hoping this book would answer critical questions I still have about how we as a society will survive and thrive in a work-scarce or even work-free world. I'm also curious to know how we can possibly pay for a meaningful UBI (the author's suggestion of $12k/year is not realistic in many states). And how do we avoid disincentivizing work? But this book is really short on content and very long o [...]

    5. Fascinating stuff, but almost unbelievably naive considering the political realities laid bare by the 2016 election. Written about 6 months too early, I think.

    6. Labor unions used to be the most effective means with which to ensure the livelihood of the working class. However, in the face of forces such as globalization, automation, and the gig economy, which undermine the collective bargaining power of unions by centralizing power in the hands of the ultra-rich, this is no longer true. In an eminently readable and succinct text, Stern thoroughly examines the pros and cons of the available solutions and makes the case for a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

    7. A great look at an interesting topic, but left me unconvinced. I'm a big fan of UBI, and this book gave me a lot of tools, but it didn't quite give me a killer argument.

    8. I think UBI is one of the strongest contenders as the most efficient solution to address our nation's core critical problem: economic inequality. It's urgent that everyone gets to know the concept. But this is a terribly-written book. Only the last chapter is about UBI. The rest of it namedrops every person on earth as the author meets with them to confirm the obvious over and over.

    9. Universal basic income, also called guaranteed basic income or negative marginal taxation, is the latest fad in public policy discussions. The purpose of UBI is to grant every citizen an unconditional transfer payment in lieu of the existing social safety net. It is quite a controversial measure involving significant revisions in the social safety net, not to mention a wholesale redefinition of the culture and social importance of work. Several municipalities across the world have started trials [...]

    10. Overall good and glad I read it.Initially (and I know Stern is a big deal but) I felt that the author came off a little too arrogant in the opening chapters. I understand the need to establish your credentials in a space and on a topic, but this was kind of off-putting as it was a brag fest that didn't always seem relevant to the point of the book. But it leveled off as you got in and I don't know the man, so perhaps I'm being too harsh.The data and information on automatization and how our jobs [...]

    11. I picked up this book hoping to get some good insights on Universal Basic Income -- including some of the more nuanced aspects, including proper sizing, optimum timing and funding as well as the effect it will have. This book did a poor job of addressing these issues.The bulk of the book (first 150+ pages of a 220 page book) are devoted to the author talking about his background, the current of jobs and the potential for robots to take jobs in the future. I'd recommend that a reader skip these p [...]

    12. If you don't understand how many jobs will be lost by Artificial Intelligence, robots, technology, the gig revolution, or software - you need to read this book! If you are not aware of the ways that Business replaces full time workers using software - you need to read this book. If you haven't thought about how many jobs will be lost by driverless technology (answer: all cab drivers, delivery personnel, truck drivers, etc) - you need to read this book. Inside you will find one answer to the grow [...]

    13. Even if you don't agree with the idea of Universal Basic Income, this book is worth a read. If nothing else, it provides some great insight into where the economy is heading and why we should all be worried. He doesn't use this example, but when I was in charge of translations at UnitedHealth Group, I saw first-hand how software is transforming how we think about work. It used to be you hired an actual foreign speaker to sit down and translate, no more. Now a computer does the heavy lifting and [...]

    14. Andy Stern has been America's most successful and important labor leader, and he is moving beyond just Unions. He advocates for Universal Basic Income in a way that even conservatives and libertarians should applaud.Stern is a gifted story teller, and he calls for UBI through the lives and heartfelt human experience of dozens of people.He shows a clear and pretty deep understanding of technical trends, and of course labor markets and labor policy.I really hope this starts a very important conver [...]

    15. Before reading Raising the Floor, by Andy Stern, former head of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), I had little reason to support the idea of a Universal Basic Income. It seemed a politically impossible idea fraught with the same risks of abuse that plague our current welfare system. But by the end of the book, I came away with a much more positive view towards an idea that not only seems possible but, in a lot of ways, inevitable in our job-scarce future.For those new to the conc [...]

    16. With the advent of robotic workers and artificial intelligence, the time for a Universal Basic Income (UBI) has arrived. Fewer and fewer jobs with less satisfaction and meaning will be available to people of every advanced country as this era fully develops. UBI is the best way to distribute the fruits of human effort in a time when human effort is not needed to produce the fruit! This is the thesis of this book and it is compellingly argued. UBI would allow for the elimination of 126 welfare pr [...]

    17. As I'm researching a debate about whether or not the United States should implement a universal basic income, I was enticed to read this book and learn more about the benefits of a UBI (universal basic income). I was disappointed to find that he didn't discuss more than the mere argument that a UBI would reboot the economy. I expected this book would cover other arguments about implementing a UBI and I even had the expectation that Andy Stern would mention some of the cons to implementing such a [...]

    18. I was very interested in learning about the ideas about Universal Basic Income.The author spends a significant part of the book, setting up the need for the UBI. The idea that AI (largely in the form of machine learning), robotics and even the culture behind Uber/Ebay/Air BnB breaks down the idea of a 'job' that people do on a daily basis - and breaks it up into a series of 'tasks' which can be competed for by freelancers around the world working for less and less money. He writes about the grad [...]

    19. Unions and union leaders are scary. Priest on the top of the pyramid cutting out hearts levels of scary. Author claims he and not the American public elected Obama and I believe him.The book itself makes some interesting points and predictions but since it lacks any backing to the claims it makes beyond arguments from authority I'm not going to treat it as anything other than self serving backing to preconceived opinions. Coincidentally, I support universal income, I just don't find this book co [...]

    20. Stern sets up the situation in a thoughtful, pragmatic but also empathic way. His proposed UBI solution seems to have a lot of merit. This is a very persuasive piece regarding the real possibility of a working UBI to help relieve the increasing poverty and inequality in our country. Thought provoking I look forward to researching and discussing UBI more as our modern technology continues to evolve and change every aspect of our lives. I especially like that he talks about work from an ideology s [...]

    21. An interesting look at a way to relieve poverty at present and in the future. A suggestion loved by some conservatives and liberals a like. The suggestion is to provide everyone with a universal basic income (UBI) with no strings attached. Administrative costs of welfare programs would be eliminated. Everyone would just receive a check and spend the money as they sit fit. The idea is to provide everyone enough money to meet the basic expenses of life. With technology set to eliminate more and mo [...]

    22. A must read for anyone who cares about the US economy, the effect technology and other advancements has on depleting the workforce, and wonders what the US economy will look like in 20 years. Andy Stern lays out the principal arguments for universal basic income, a critical policy that is not simply an idea anymore, but a practical solution contemplated internationally and here in the US for job loss and poverty in the new economy.

    23. Without any real data to back it up, this book on how a Universal Basic Income would benefit the US is not very insightful. Some areas are testing the idea this year, so it would be interesting to follow up with this topic over the next year or so. I am not sure it will gain enough traction to make the 2020 election.

    24. A good overview of the history of the US economy, jobs, unions, and income as well as a compelling case for universal basic income.

    25. This book is 7 1/2 chapters about why we should have a basic income, and a half a chapter about how to do it. I got the book because already knew why; I wanted to read more about how.

    26. Is what it says on the tin -- discusses our economy, tech, the future, and says "How about we prepare to fix this if if trends continue?"

    27. What the former head of the Service Employees International Union is proposing here is a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for every American. Wow. That ought to scare the bejesus out of every right thinking American conservative. Wouldn’t such a harebrained idea run very much askance of our cherished work ethic and sully the American dream?Not so, Andy Stern and his co-writer, Lee Kravitz, tell us. In fact they argue strongly that not only is the idea of a UBI as American as apple pie, it is at th [...]

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