The Goodbye Bride She only remembers loving him But he can t forget the way she left Following a concussion Lucy Lovett can t remember the last seven months of her life She doesn t remember leaving her fianc Zac Calla

  • Title: The Goodbye Bride
  • Author: Denise Hunter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She only remembers loving him But he can t forget the way she left.Following a concussion, Lucy Lovett can t remember the last seven months of her life She doesn t remember leaving her fianc Zac Callahan weeks before their wedding or moving to Portland, Maine And she sure doesn t remember getting engaged to another man All she remembers is loving Zac than life itShe only remembers loving him But he can t forget the way she left.Following a concussion, Lucy Lovett can t remember the last seven months of her life She doesn t remember leaving her fianc Zac Callahan weeks before their wedding or moving to Portland, Maine And she sure doesn t remember getting engaged to another man All she remembers is loving Zac than life itself.It s taken Zac months to move on after Lucy left him with no explanation He s thrown himself into his family s farm and his restaurant business in Summer Harbor Now Lucy s back, vulnerable, homeless, and still in love with him She needs his help putting the pieces together, but letting her back into his life is a risk and the stakes are high If he follows his heart he ll win back the love of his life But if her memory returns he ll lose her all over again.

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    1. *sigh* I really loved this one. Isn't that cover gorgeous? Anyway, I was definitely excited to read Zac's story after finishing the first book (this can stand on it's own, btw) and find out what happen between him and his fiancé who had jilted him a week before their wedding. Fast forward about seven months when the book opens and Lucy is waking up with a head injury and no memories for the past seven months. She's still deeply in love with Zac and beyond confused when he is treating her so col [...]

    2. Wow, this is one emotion-packed book! I really felt for both Lucy and Zac and the difficult situation they find themselves in. Zac's struggle to be there for Lucy despite his hurt and anger shows his character and strength. Lucy is hurt by his distance, and doesn't understand how she ended up rejecting him when she loves him so much. Zac's family is a bit protective of him even though they like Lucy, although she finds an ally in Beau's new wife Eden. There's a lot of heartache that Zac and Lucy [...]

    3. A delightful romance that left me longing for just a bit more. These characters are wonderful, and going back to Maine was a treat. The story of abandonment will resonate with too many readers -- but the message of hope that grows from it will be a balm to many.

    4. Well, this new book is part of the Summer Harbor series but it is definitely a stand-alone novel. This is the first time I had been able to read a book by this particular author and I was highly impressed with the beautiful and highly descriptive story that she has created.Both of the characters were highly likeable and you are just pulled right into the story. The premise of the story is one that we see often but I really enjoyed the author’s twist on it. There was a lot of mystery that surro [...]

    5. I always enjoy a Denise Hunter romance, so I was quite happy indeed when this one turned out to be a fun way to spend a few hours! She certainly knows how to write a swoony hero, doesn't she? :) Equal parts mystery (what with the amnesia) and romance (goodness did those two have chemistry), this story is a sweet addition to your library. You should definitely be adding it to your TBR shelf!Lucy, herself, is pretty memorable. Considering she has no recollection of the last seven months, she has n [...]

    6. after re-read:I love this bookthat is allfirst time reading:The Goodbye Bride is about Lucy Lovett and Zac Callahan. Lucy suddenly leaves a few weeks before her and Zac are supposed to get married. 7 months later, Zac is trying to move on with his life when he gets a call from Lucy not remembering anything that had happened in the last 7 months. As they try to figure out why she left and what happened Zac tries to decide whether or not to let Lucy back into his heart.Oh my stars this book was so [...]

    7. 2.75 starsA character-driven story, so it was to be expected that the pacing would be a slow one. Even though the plot was nice and intriguing enough, it was too slow for my liking that it makes me lose my concentration.

    8. This one starts with a bang as our heroine, Lucy, comes to in the bathroom of a café feeling lost and confused. She calls the man who she thinks she is engaged to wanting him to rescue her. What she discovers is that time has passed and there is a gap of time that she has lost and doesn’t remember. This book takes us on her discovery of what she remembers, what her heart remembers and what it will take to find her dreams.At first I thought, “Oh, no – not another amnesia story”. But what [...]

    9. 1.5 Stars. I thought about giving it 2 stars because the writing wasn't bad and I think a lot of people would like the story, but at the end of the day, I jut had soooo many issues with this book! Lucy was selfish and hypocritical and had no self awareness of it at all for much of the book. No one ever called her on it, either, which drove me crazy. It really rubbed me the wrong way that she never really took responsibility for what she did to Zac, just because she couldn't remember doing it. It [...]

    10. I loved this story! I really enjoy Denise Hunter’s books and The Goodbye Bride was no exception. The plot for this book was a great one to begin with, but the author did such an amazing job of carrying it off with little details that really brought the emotions of the characters to life for me.Lucy Lovett was such a complex character and I felt such sadness for her. From the confusion and hurt she felt at waking up, to her new reality that didn’t include a relationship with the man she loved [...]

    11. I enjoyed this story about a girl who hits her head, loses her memory, and consequently calls her ex-fiance thinking they were still in love. It was a unique take on the amnesia story line that I enjoyed. It was sad every time Zac rejected her but you understand where he's coming from. And he's a good man - he goes above and beyond what most ex-fiance's would do to help her. Lucy is so sweet and vulnerable. You'll root for her from the beginning. And when you finally find out why she left Zac in [...]

    12. I loved the premise behind this one so much that I was very impatient to read it! It came through at 11pm on the 7th from my library, and I read until midnight. The next day, I was busy reading at stoplights, at lunch, and between lessons until I finished! I enjoyed both characters a great deal.Gripes: a bit of cursing (one Lord, one Lord-a-mercy); the heroine stays in a room near the office of the hero's restaurant (it's plain 'nothing happens'but honestly it was playing with fire on their part [...]

    13. When you see there's a new Denise Hunter book out, you can't help but get a little bit excited! You also would like that you could spread it out and read and enjoy over time, but NO! These books are so awesome you just can't put them down! I was excited to read the next installment in the Summer Harbor, Maine series, telling the tale of the Callahan Brothers. This is what Denise does best (series writing), and the anticipation for the next one is high! With 'Falling Like Snowflakes' #1 in the se [...]

    14. my rating is 3.5-4 stars, yeah it's one of those ratings where I want to be fair but I wasn't really into the book like I thought I would beI won this book from Hunter's facebook page and I'm so grateful for that. The story starts out really well and had me intrigued, the writing was well done as always. Yet as the plot moves on, I just couldn't get into it. I love Hunter's books, but for some reason this one just isnt my favorite. I really enjoyed the Callahan family, the brothers are so close [...]

    15. Denise Hunter hits another home run with her second book in the Summer Harbor series. Her brothers Callahan tales are top notch. This book is Zac Callahan's story, along with Lucy Lovette. Seven months ago Lucy ran off and left Zac right before their wedding. Now, dressed in a bridal gown, she calls him to come help her, having no idea where she is or why. Zac rushes to her aid, of course, because he is a nice guy. But will his heart take this? Especially since Lucy thinks they're still getting [...]

    16. *sigh* This book was really amazing. This cover is absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, I was definitely excited to read Zac's story after finishing the first book and find out what happen between him and his fiancé who left him a week before their wedding. I really loved Lucy and Zac, they had great chemistry and the added tension of their past and everything that was going on really added another fun level to their relationship. I liked how things progressed, how they really had to work things out an [...]

    17. My favorite Denise Hunter novel since Dancing with Fireflies! Zac and Lucy's reunion-romance had me riveted, breathlessly turning the pages to see how it would all turn out. Of course, being a romance, it all turned out predictably well, but what a fun ride! I particularly found myself appreciating and relating to Lucy's fears, and she and Zac definitely earn their HEA. Full review will be posted on Fiction 411's BookTalk website closer to the publication date!

    18. This is a romance with mystery overtones, although there is no real baddie involved. The plot starts out with a mystery, but the plot resolution to that was less than satisfying. In fact, the book has about 100 pages of bloat. The whole "I love him, but he doesn't love me anymore" stick got really old, really fast. Throw in the amnesia cliché and this story just doesn't move fast enough to suit me. I prefer my characters a little more proactive in solving their problems and while I appreciate t [...]

    19. Well *deep breath*Okay, I have to say I think I enjoyed this book more than the first one (Falling Like Snowflakes), but only a little bit more. ;)To be honest, I liked Zac more than Beau from the beginning so I was looking forward to reading his story almost as much as I've been looking forward to reading Riley's (who's still my favorite Callahan, by the way). It didn't disappoint. (At least, the storyline didn't disappoint, but more about that later).I love stories like this where a couple com [...]

    20. The Goodbye Bride by Denise Hunter – A Contemporary Romance about Finding Home and ForgivenessOn what should be the happiest day of her life, Lucy Lovett cannot remember a thing. She wakes in a strange place on the floor of a Portland restaurant confused about how she got there – in a wedding gown, no less! Her solution is to call Zac Callahan, the one man she does remember most vividly. But their wedding day isn’t for another several months, which means something she can’t remember has [...]

    21. This is the second book in the A Summer Harbor Novel series. Even if you don't read the first book you can still read this one and not miss too much. The first book is great and I think you should read it as well, but if by chance you just pick this one up you can read it and enjoy it fully.Lucy is a fun character to read. Bubbly, clumsy, and full of fun and life. And yet she carries hurts that cause huge problems in her life. Zac is an intense guy. He is the counter to Lucy and they make a grea [...]

    22. Denise Hunter has such an amazing way of creating the most perfect characters. It was so fun to reconnect with the characters I love and meet a few new ones as well. This is a beautiful story of losing and learning to love again. This story is a perfect example of God's ability to use any situation to get the outcome he wants. Loved, loved, loved this book. Put it on your reading list. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*

    23. Happy tearsThis book that had me at the first page. Zac and Lucy are meant to be, forever and always. I didn’t have this book figured out like I thought I did which is why I highly recommend it. This romantic story was sweet and pure, full of God’s love.

    24. *Very Mild Spoilers Ahead*I really feel like Hunter has regained her sparkle in this series! I love when her books are set by the ocean, for one thing, but also, the stories so far have been very poignant, full of moments when your heart twists and you tear up along with the heroine.I loved Zac from Falling Like Snowflakes and was excited to see him in his own book. I thought he was super sexy, and the food at his restaurant made me hungry. I loved the mysteries, the far-fetched plot, the Denise [...]

    25. I've been really blessed with some fantastic books over the last couple of weeks, and the Goodbye Bride is just the icing on the cake (a really yummy, decadent icing).We first met Zac in Falling Like Snowflakes, the first book in this Summer Harbor series, and heard of the fiancé who left him just weeks before their wedding. Now Lucy is back, after falling, becoming concussed and forgetting the last seven months, forgetting that she left Zac, moved to Portland and somehow ended up engaged to so [...]

    26. I enjoy a good amnesia story, and the premise of this one hooked me from the start. Lucy regains consciousness to find herself wearing a wedding dress, but discovers she's about to marry some random stranger rather than Zac, the fiance she was madly in love with. Zac in turn, is upset and confused when she calls on him to help her, since she walked out on him with no explanation seven months earlier. They discover that Lucy has totally forgotten those months of her life, and as far as she's conc [...]

    27. The cover is gorgeous.The title is perfect.The journey of love and forgiveness is heart-happy-preciousness. (Totally a word!)The first book I ever read of Denise Hunter’s was Falling Like Snowflakes, the first book in A Summer Harbor series. (I know. I know. Where have I been hiding?) Obviously, it was good because it lead me straight into reading the next book in the series: The Goodbye Bride.Poor Lucy. I really liked the girl. She was sweet and southern, and even when I was probably not supp [...]

    28. Help! I've been kidnapped by a book and I don't want to escape! Honestly, I have never wanted to devour a story more. I was so desperate to find out about those missing seven months that I couldn't stop reading. This book consumed me! Zac, the reluctant hero just about tore my heart out. Lucy's wronged him in the worst way imaginable and yet he can't help but rush to her aid. And all the while he's helping her he's staunchly guarding his heart but then these sweet memories from their past come c [...]

    29. The Goodbye Bride, written by Denise Hunter, is one of just a few of this author’s books that I’ve read, but after this I will definitely be checking out her other books! Hunter brings us into The Goodbye Bride with Lucy having just woken up with a lump on her head and not knowing where she is, what she is doing in a wedding dress in a diner…what is she going to do? She calls Zac, her fiancé…but when he answers he’s very distant, not like the man she loved so much. Zac on the other ha [...]

    30. We all have bad days, but none of mine have been like Lucy Lovett's bad day: waking up in a strange diner with no idea how she got there, wearing a wedding dress she doesn't remember buying, and wearing white shoes she remembers not buying because they were so expensive. Now, that's a bad day.Zac Callahan's bad day starts when he gets a telephone call from ex-fiance Lucy Lovett, the woman who ran out on him with no explaination seven months ago, just weeks before their wedding. Now she wants to [...]

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