The Secret Olivia Told Me Can you keep a secret Olivia has a BIG secret It s a secret that she tells only to her very best friend And her friend promises she won t say a word But the secret is really BIG and JUICY What happens

  • Title: The Secret Olivia Told Me
  • Author: N.Joy Nancy Devard
  • ISBN: 9781933491080
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Can you keep a secret Olivia has a BIG secret It s a secret that she tells only to her very best friend And her friend promises she won t say a word But the secret is really BIG and JUICY What happens when a trusted friend slips and the secret gets out Can you keep a secret In The Secret Olivia Told Me, find out what happens when Olivia s friend can t.

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    1. As a primary teacher, I can not tell you how many times I have heard, so and so told a secret about me. So you can imagine how happy I am to have come across a book that shows the effects of gossip and telling secrets. This story begins with the narrators best friend telling her a secret. Immediately after hearing the secret she feels the need to tell someone else, but she does not want Olivia to stop being her friend. However the pressure proves to much as she accidently slips to her friend Aya [...]

    2. The Secret Olivia Told MeReview by Anastasia HutsonThe Secret Olivia Told Me is a story that follows the sequence of events after a little girl’s friend, Olivia, tells her a secret. The book opens with Olivia telling the main character her secret, which is unknown to the audience. As the little girl promises Olivia she won’t tell anyone her secret to keep her friendship, it starts to spiral out of control. While playing with a fellow classmate the secret slipped right from her lips causing a [...]

    3. The Secret Oliva Told Me is about a two little girls who learn a lesson about secrets. Olivia tells her friend a secret and asks her not to tell anyone else. However, her friend has trouble keeping it to herself and lets it accidently slip when playing with another friend, Ayanna. Ayanna spreads the secret to another girl and the chain goes on where one person leaks the secret to the next. Eventually the secret becomes filled with details that aren’t true. Olivia knows the secret has spread wi [...]

    4. N.Joy’s The Secret Olivia Told Me is a simple story about a young girl who learns a secret from her friend Olivia. She tries but cannot resist telling the secret to another classmate Ayanna. From there the secret spreads and even gets bigger as untrue parts are added to it. In the end, Olivia decides that honesty is the best policy and she tells Olivia what she has done. N. Joy offers a story with a lesson for any elementary student. She even includes questions at the end to encourage discussi [...]

    5. The premise is, Olivia tells her friend a secret, and the friend accidentally spills it, and it keeps getting spread -- and getting distorted as it spreads -- until the friend confesses to Olivia that she screwed up. The nameless friend narrates the book. It's a Coretta Scott King honor book for the illustrations.So I really liked the book as it went along -- in particular, I REALLY liked the art -- even though it's all silhouettes, it's very obviously about African Americans, and I dug the conc [...]

    6. This book is a great book for children who may gossip or spreading rumors. This can also open for discussion a time that someone has told a secret that they may have regretted.Class Activity: Teacher will stand in a circle and play the game telephone. This is where the teacher will begin to say a phrase and will whisper it to the student beside her and it will be a continuation until it is to the last person.

    7. "Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone." We have all heard this from our parents, school teachers, or friends. In The Secret Olivia Told Me the main character learns this lesson. The Secret Olivia Told me is about a girl who has a very good friend named Olivia. Olivia tells this girl a secret. The girl in the book tries to keep the secret, but she cannot. She lets it slip to a friend, who then tells someone else, who tells someone else, who then tells someone else. The secre [...]

    8. This book is a really good read because it depicts a situation that can actually happen between friends. It allows the reader to think "Can I keep a secret that a friend tells me?" and how many people the secret was going to be told to. The Secret Olivia Told Me by N. Joy using language that is simple and able to be understood by a young reader. The illustration in this book do a good job at trying to get a point across. I really like the illustrations and how on each page the balloon, which rep [...]

    9. This was a cute book about how important it is that we keep secrets and remember that we are supposed to keep our word. Olivia tells her friend a BIG secret and her friend promises not to tell, but she undoubtedly ends up doing so. Soon, people begin to continue to spread the secret and then everyone knows! Olivia in turn forgives her friend, and they both learn the valuable lesson of not gossiping. Although I feel that the storyline could have been a bit more exciting and different, it is ultim [...]

    10. This book makes me think about my childhood when my best friends and I told each other's secret. I think girls in the same age with the characters would feel the same way with the story of the book, since it is a common experience between little girls.

    11. Secrets are for yourself! Very true! Great book, I love the illustration, it goes perfectly with the story. My siblings were anxious to know what the secret is. Great job Mrs. N. Joy and Mrs. Nancy Devard! I etc omens this book to all young kids in the process of learning, so to all of us!

    12. The artwork and simple poetry tell a story that refuses to condescend to readers of any age. Please read this to your kids, your students, and to yourself. It's beautiful.

    13. This book has very dynamic illustrations that go along well with the story, helping young readers to follow along. The story is a little weak, but it is a good message.

    14. The Secret Olivia Told Me by N. Joy1.Coretta Scott King Award2.Age 4-83.Olivia told her friend a secret, but her friend could not keep the secret. Secret passed on to her friend’s friend’s friends. More and more people told the secret and it grew and grew. At the end they learned the lesson. “Don't tell a single person a secret. Or it won’t be a secret anymore!”4.I liked how this book gave good lesson at the end about friendship. I also liked how illustrator described the secret as a r [...]

    15. 1. The Secret Olivia Told Me won the Coretta Scott King Award for Illustrator Honor in 2008.2. The appropriate grade level would be second grade and up.3. Olivia told her friend a big secret and her friend promised not to tell anyone. However, when she was playing with someone, the secret slipped. The secret keeps spreading to many people and the friend finally decided to tell Olivia she broke the promise. Both of the girls decided to not tell secrets anymore because if you share a secret it won [...]

    16. I like this book. It's easy to follow and the artwork is plain and simple. The only color that was added to the illustration was the red balloon which I believe represents the secret. The is a great book to read to children especially if there's lots of gossip going around. It shows what can happen if a secret is let out and the emotion the person feels letting the secret out.

    17. The Secret Olivia Told Me, by N. Joy is about a young girl and her best friend Olivia, who go to school together. Olivia tells her a secret she has that’s very big and very important, and her friend tries as hard as she can to keep the secret, until one day, she accidently tells one of her other friends Olivia’s secret. From there, the secret is told around the school, until everyone knows. Olivia’s friend feels terrible about leaking her secret, so she confronts Olivia and tells her the t [...]

    18. Genre: Realistic FictionFormat: Children's Picture BookAward: Coretta Scott King Award for Illustrator HonorSummary: In the story, Olivia has a secret and decides to share it with her friend. The girl tries to keep the secret, however it slips out when she is playing with a classmate. Ayanna, the classmate began to talk to another friend, Stephanie, and soon she knew the secret too. As the story continues, the secret keeps being told from one person to another. The secret begins to grow and the [...]

    19. Type: Picture bookLiterary genre: PoetryAwards: Coretta Scott King AwardSummary: The main character's best friend, Olivia, shares a secret with her. She promises not to tell anyone, but the secret accidentally slips out to another friend, Ayanna. She tells someone else, who tells someone else, who tells someone else, until the secret isn't a secret anymore! The main character knows that she made a mistake, and goes to Olivia to tell her, like any good friend would. The friends learn that if you [...]

    20. The Secret Olivia told me was a very catchy read. The words created a pattern and rhythm from start to finish. Since this children's book is a picture book, the illustrator made a point to tell the story through the movements of the characters body. Olivia told a secret to her friend, which she promised not to tell anyone, but unfortunately her friend did. As the story goes on, more and more people find out about Olivia's big juicy secret. To show how large the secret was getting, the illustrato [...]

    21. Published in 2007 by Just Us Books, Inc.Interest Level: 2nd-6th GradeThis picture book cleverly shows the idea of how a secret can be grown through gossiping. The secret is symbolized by a red balloon while everything else is in black and white. As the secret is held and told to others the balloon gets larger and larger until it pops and then the two friends realize that secrets are not secret if told aloud. At the end of the book there are several discussion items about secrets geared towards y [...]

    22. Beautiful black and white silhouette illustrations help tell the story of a young girl who is trusted with a secret from a friend. She struggles with it and eventually the secret slips. Consequences are swift and a valuable lesson is learned.In the author's note, the author offers some questions for children about secrets. Do you have secrets? Are there secrets you should tell? and others. I was very pleased with the inclusion of the discussion questions as the ending of the book had me a little [...]

    23. The Secret Olivia Told Me is about a girl who tells a secret to her friend. Although her friend doesn't want to tell anyone else the secret, which would betray Olivia's trust and friendship, the secret "accidentally" slips. Soon everyone knows the secret. Throughout the book, there is a red balloon. The balloon symbolized the secret. Unsure about what to do, but wanting to do the right thing, Olivia's friend tells her that she told someone else the secret. One theme from this book is the way tal [...]

    24. I'm working on creating a booklist for my local public library. This book was one in consideration for this list.This book is not going on my list, and I'll ya, I don't like it. The illustrations, the story, the layout of the text. Everything is going for this book, except for the ending.The moral of this book is don't trust anyone, keep all secrets to yourself, including that your uncle touches you. It doesn't say that verbatim, but it might as well. This book teaches the wrong lesson.So Olivia [...]

    25. In rhyme, a girl relates what happens when she lets slip her best friends secret.This is a lesson for all to learn from, so the author portrays each child as a silhouette that represents "every child". To this simple structure of black on white, is the red of balloons. These balloons symbolize the secret, with its string issuing forth from whispering children. As is spreads from mouth to mouth, it grows from the lies that become mixed in with the truth. Matters go out of control. Rather than fei [...]

    26. This is the story of what happens when a friend does not keep a secret. Olivia tells her best friend an important secret, and makes her promise not to tell. Her friend describes how hard it it was to keep the secret, and how she ends up telling. The secret spreads like wildfire throughout the school. She finally confesses to Olivia that she made a huge mistake. She apologizes and asks that she not end the friendship over this. In the end it shows them talking about the lesson they learned. The p [...]

    27. Picture Book for Young ReadersThe question of what happens when a secret is spread is examined in this picture book for grades 1-5, which received the 2007 Coretta Scott King Award for Illustrations. Although the secret is never revealed, the story of what happens to a relationship when a confidence is broken will surely inspire spirited discussion. To facilitate this discussion, a list of questions appears at the end of the story, including “Why do you think it’s hard for people not to tell [...]

    28. I had to read this book with a group of peers in class. I went out and bought it afterwards. The pictures really go along with the story. Its all about a secret that Olivia told her friend, and then she let the secret spill out. The secret then got mixed up and told to everyone at their school. In the end the girls make up and are still friends. The moral of the story is once you tell someone a secret, it is no longer a secret. I really like this book because no matter the age, you can relate to [...]

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