A Guerra dos Tronos HQ Vol A morte do rei Robert Baratheon e a pris o da M o do Rei lorde Eddard Stark de Winterfell p s as grandes casas de Westeros em guerra Em Winterfell o filho mais velho e herdeiro de Eddard Robb Star

  • Title: A Guerra dos Tronos: HQ Vol. 4
  • Author: Daniel Abraham George R.R. Martin Tommy Patterson
  • ISBN: 9788577345496
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • A morte do rei Robert Baratheon e a pris o da M o do Rei, lorde Eddard Stark de Winterfell, p s as grandes casas de Westeros em guerra Em Winterfell, o filho mais velho e herdeiro de Eddard, Robb Stark, reuniu um ex rcito e est avan ando para o Sul, determinado a libertar seu pai No caminho ele se oferece para casar se com a filha do lorde Walder Frey em troca de uma vaA morte do rei Robert Baratheon e a pris o da M o do Rei, lorde Eddard Stark de Winterfell, p s as grandes casas de Westeros em guerra Em Winterfell, o filho mais velho e herdeiro de Eddard, Robb Stark, reuniu um ex rcito e est avan ando para o Sul, determinado a libertar seu pai No caminho ele se oferece para casar se com a filha do lorde Walder Frey em troca de uma vantagem militar que lhe permita capturar Jaime Lanniester , poderosa moeda de troca para assegurar a liberta o em seguran a de lorde Eddard Mas uma coisa capturar o Regicida, e outra bem diferente mant lo capturado.Enquanto isso, em Porto Real, o jovem rei Joffrey tem ideias distintas de uma troca de prisioneiros Ignorando o conselho de sua m e, rainha Cersei, ele incita o conflito e inicia uma conflagra o que tem tudo para consumir n o apenas os Starks, mas toda Westeros, a menos que Tyrion Lannister consiga trazer o jovem rei de volta raz o.Al m da Muralha, perigos ainda maiores est o nascendo, medida que um inverno t o brutal quanto nunca visto se aproxima, trazendo consigo criaturas monstruosas L , o bastardo de Eddard, Jon Snow, precisa decidir de uma vez por todas a quem fiel.E, do outro lado do Mar Estreito, Daenerys Targaryen vai conhecer os limites do luto, e imergir de suas profundezas transformada, endurecida, e pronta para reivindicar o que seu por direito o Trono de Ferro.

    • Unlimited [Fantasy Book] ↠ A Guerra dos Tronos: HQ Vol. 4 - by Daniel Abraham George R.R. Martin Tommy Patterson ↠
      291 Daniel Abraham George R.R. Martin Tommy Patterson
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    1. There's just not much here to look at if you're in it for the art. Again, I'm not terribly disappointed since I went into it wanting a condensed version of the story, and not a beautiful graphic novel.This was probably my favorite of the 4 volumes, simply because there were so many BIG things that happened in this one. I probably would have been quite surprised if this were my first time reading about all of it. As it was, I still had a lot of fun doing that Oh. Yeaaaaah, I remember that! thing [...]

    2. The best thing about this series of graphic novels is that they adhere to the plot of the books rather than that of the television show. However, the show has clearly influenced a lot of the character art; this is not necessarily a bad thing, but I’d have liked to see this published before the show’s construction. That way we would get a more original representation of certain characters. I am glad that this is the final instalment of the graphic novels. I love the books; I love and hate the [...]

    3. I feel like this review is going to be virtually identical to what I've already written for the first three volumes in the series. So let's just break it down to its component parts:1. Daniel Abraham has done a fantastic job as an adapter of this series. Everything is clear and exciting and he gets all the most important bits in.2. Tommy Patterson is a competent artist but I absolutely do not like his style.3. I hate the way all the faces are in this series. Everyone looks the same and looks mea [...]

    4. People complain a lot about the artwork of this series but I found it reasonably good until book 3 but there was a definite slump in the quality. This book is the worst in terms of artwork and the best in terms of story till now so I was confused between 3 and 4 star, finally I decided to rate it a 3.5 Star book.I guess Tommy was bored with the series artwork so he finished it in hurry. Some frame even looked unfinished. This series specially this issue deserved better. I love this series so muc [...]

    5. While I agree with many other readers that the art, while very, very good technically, started to lose its individuality the more characters were added, especially Robb. I also caught some spelling/redundacy errors but we're human. I have no idea why I can see others' errors but not my own egregious ones.I liked following Dany in this book better than I did the actual novel. Maybe I needed the visual for her storyline more than anyone else's.I gave it five stars because I loved revising the nove [...]

    6. It took 4 years to complete the graphic novel adaptation of A Game of Thrones. Each volume had extras at the end to give the obsessive reader an inside look at the thought processes behind the project. I've read the book 2 or 3 times, and it was fun to revisit it in this format. Very well done.

    7. Beautiful! Amazing!Gorgeous illustrations with great details and great script!It was so much fun to read!!!I also loved the "making-of" part at the end.Awesome graphic novel, well done to everyone involved!!!

    8. It was a bit meh. Im still not a fan of the drawings and I could hardly remember anything from vol 3 But major things happened! Its ok

    9. This is the final volume in theA Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel series, with the adaptation ofA Clash of Kings likely to begin being collected in the next year or two. The issues are on-going at least, as I checked Dynamite's website to see whether or not it had just been cancelled. No, it's continuing on and with art in much the same style as the first arc of issuesI had been happy enough to give the bulk of these volumes 2 stars due to the accuracy of the adaptation. I can appreciate what [...]

    10. 5 starsEnjoyed the fourth graphic novel adaptation of A Game of Thrones. Felt sorry for the horses that died. RIP Khal Drogo. Hope Dany will have fun with her dragons. Can't wait to read more A Song of Ice and Fire graphic novel adaptations!!!

    11. The biggest problem with this graphic novel series is the cringe-inducing art. The storytelling is pretty good but the art is too cartoony. Children look older than their age. Men are all super muscular. Women have weird faces and all of them are the carbon copies of each other. A lot of the details aren't even rightOverall, if you're obsessed with the TV show and have read the novel, this (graphic novel) series is only going to sorely disappoint you.

    12. Such a great story and very well adapted to comic book format. The "Making Of" sections in the back are full of insight and interesting info on their creation as well.

    13. Ned's decapitation wasmething. A couple people got introduced that I forgot about in the last volume. (view spoiler)[ I mean, who wants to remember Shae? She was a whore--literally--who completely snitched on Tyrion. And then Tywin, who seems a lot more creepy in this. I thought he was funny (yet rude and disrespectful) in the TV show. Walder Frey got introduced, who is equally creepy. For all the parents who made their 13-year old daughters marry him, you can pat yourself on the back for being [...]

    14. This was a somewhat disappointing finale to an otherwise noble effort at adapting a very complex story. Add in the devoted fan base, some who've been with the series since 1996 and some who joined in when the TV series premiered, and you have a lot to live up to.The plot adaptation is so-so, though in all fairness I'm not sure anyone else could have done better (or worse). The writers leave in the key plot points but I still think that readers who are completely new to the material will be lost. [...]

    15. Moi qui suis une amatrice de bande dessiné, je suis servie avec ceux-ci. J'adore l'histoire de cette bande dessiné et je ne me tanne pas de les lire. J'aime le fait que les livres ressemblent à la série pour l'instant. Certains personnages commence à me taper sur les nerfs royalement, comme Sansa qui est totalement aveuglé par son amour pour Joffrey. J'adore Arya qui demeure constamment sur ses gardes et qui est un peu plus tomboy, un peu dans mon style. J'ai hâte de voir la suite et de v [...]

    16. This was fantastic and a great conclusion to the series of graphic novels for A Game of Thrones. The illustrations were amazing throughout and I really loved how closely the graphic novels followed the book. There were still things left out, but overall, all the main events important to the plot were included. I really enjoyed the entire series and it was great being drawn back into the fabulous world that George R. R. Martin created.

    17. Split over four volumes, A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel is a great way to re-read George R.R. Martin's epic opener to A Song of Ice and Fire, or experience the world beyond the screen for the first time if thousand-page books are too daunting.

    18. This volume was great. I was wishing there had been more story in Volume 3, but this volume more than made up for it. There was plenty of story covered, unlike Volume 3. For that reason, I think this one flowed much more smoothly.

    19. This graphic novel had so much happen compared to the previous three but it's probably my least favorite in the series maybe my excitement for GoT has just died down but it just wasn't that great.

    20. Love them. Πολύ όμορφα σκίτσα και απόλυτα πιστό στο πρώτο βιβλίο τόσο στους διαλόγους όσο και στην απόδοση των προσώπων στα σκίτσα.☺

    21. Úgy, hogy a sorozatot többször láttam, és a könyvben is elmerültem már, ez a harmadik változat tökéletesen illeszkedik az előző kettő mellé. A belső gondolatokat jobban meg tudja jeleníteni a filmnél, a vizualitás pedig nagyon szépen aládolgozik a könyv által felépített világnak. Daniel Abraham remekül megragadja a történet lényegét. Az tömörebb lett, de mégis önmagában értelmezhető maradt. Tommy Patterson grafikája gyönyörű, és szerencsére inkább tá [...]

    22. I have to lead off with this review as I have with the other volumes. I've read all the novels and watched every episode of the show. This graphic novel is much more like the book, yet since it is just the first novel it does follow the show. There is a lot of details that are left out as George R.R. Martin puts a lot in, this graphic novel does great at bringing his words to like. If you're a Game of Thrones fan and graphic novels, give this a reading!

    23. See my review of the whole series at Vol. 1, /review/show.So that's it - all four books get you through Season One of the HBO series, but no further. An interesting refresher, and fun to see an alternative vision to the whole thing. But much harder to keep the various characters separate when they are drawings and not live actors.

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