Paint the Black Every boy who picks up a glove dreams of playing in the big leagues Only a few are actually good enough to make the grade With a ninety eight mile per hour fastball and a devastating slider eighteen

  • Title: Paint the Black
  • Author: J.D. Dudycha
  • ISBN: 9781514184479
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • Every boy who picks up a glove dreams of playing in the big leagues Only a few are actually good enough to make the grade With a ninety eight mile per hour fastball and a devastating slider, eighteen year old Jack Burke was a baseball phenom Picked in the first round, his future as a superstar seemed destined Nothing could stop the kid except himself His childhood dreEvery boy who picks up a glove dreams of playing in the big leagues Only a few are actually good enough to make the grade With a ninety eight mile per hour fastball and a devastating slider, eighteen year old Jack Burke was a baseball phenom Picked in the first round, his future as a superstar seemed destined Nothing could stop the kid except himself His childhood dream of a baseball life would turn into a nightmare marked by injury, immaturity, and personal tragedy After just a couple years of minor league ball, he found himself on the outside of the diamond He asked the question he never imagined, What will my life be without baseball Paint the Black is about pitching and living on the edge where decisions have consequences But it s never too late to start over again.

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      164 J.D. Dudycha
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    1. On first impression the book is about baseball but looking at it closer it is relevant to each and every one of us: about the chances we take, the decisions we make and the game and gamble that our lives are.The author has a professional baseball background and chose this as convincing and suitable setting. With much expertise and love for the sport the can infect even the reader less familiar with the game. Watching Jake follow his dreams, succeed and fail, meet obstacles and learn from them is [...]

    2. There were parts of this book I did not understand, but that is only because I know nothing whatsoever about baseball and the common terms used to describe the game. However, I have learned a lot and for that it was worth the read. The story kept my attention and the writing flowed and was error free. The end was maybe predictable, but with a slight cliff hanger - I would have preferred a positive conclusion. The main message of the book comes over loud and clear and without giving anything away [...]

    3. Paint the Black tells an engaging, heartwarming story of a young, talented, impressionable baseball player whose challenges in life change him in dramatic ways. Dudycha knows baseball very well, and fans of the game (as well as readers indifferent about baseball) will enjoy his descriptions of highly charged game scenes and appreciate his understanding of the pressures of the game. Dudycha's debut novel possesses a natural rhythm in the action throughout the narrative as well as captivating dial [...]

    4. This fictional baseball story read like a memoir. I liked that the story went in a positive direction. It was an easy and enjoyable read. The only drawback for me was that I found it hard to connect with the main character, emotionally. But overall it was a good read, especially for baseball fans.

    5. Coming from a country that doesn't even play baseball, I approached Paint the Black with some trepidation. Would I understand itwould I get the references? I needn't have worried, much as I suspected professional sports the world over are not that dissimilar in the characters that are drawn into their arena. Although some of the more technical aspects mentioned in the book may not have registered with me, the story resonated powerfully with me. I could see many young, professional sportsmen faci [...]

    6. Jack Burke has it all. A supportive family, money and a promising career in baseball. His future beckons and it is going to be perfect.But, Jack rapidly falls in with the wrong crowd. Drink, women and drugs soon become the new norm. Add to that a string of injuries and a devastating personal loss, Jack's future in baseball is suddenly not so certain. This book, above anything else, is about self-discovery and finding the courage to carry on when everything is falling apart. Jack is eighteen, and [...]

    7. “Paint The Black” is a sincere, inspiring story about finding one’s path in life. Jack could never imagine his life without baseball; he lived it, breathed it, and only thought of himself as a baseball player. A talented pitcher, he gets drafted into one of the national league baseball teams, the Hawks, however, instead of concentrating on his training, Jack gets drawn into the wrong circle, whose favorite pastimes include women and alcohol. He makes one mistake after another, losing the f [...]

    8. I know very little about baseball and I'm not particularly religious so this isn't normally a boon I would ever pick up. however, I met JD at a local author event he and I were a part of, and they way he talked about his work made me want to give it a shot.Aside from the fact that general baseball lingo/jargon is almost completely lost on me, this was a very well told story of the pitfalls and ineptitudes of youth and arrogance. It follows the trials and tribulations of a young man drafted into [...]

    9. I didn't really know what to expect when I started this book, or how I would feel about it. I grew up in a "baseball crazy" family, so much so that I was sick of it by the time I was out on my own, and since then haven't been into sports. On top of that, I typically read nonfiction, but since it was about time to try something new, I thought I'd give this book a shot. I'm glad I did. There were times in the story that I was certain that I knew what would happen next, but ended up surprised -- a [...]

    10. This story is just fantastic. The interactions with fellow players, the cruel nicknames, the constant temptations by those destined never to make it, the drinking and carousing, all bring back the point that the sports world and sports fans tend to forget: an 18-year-old draftee is still learning about himself and his place in the world. There's a huge difference between the world of an 18 year old and a 24 year old. When the MLB team tells a player that they want him to get more "seasoning" in [...]

    11. I found this very interesting, enlightening, and poignant, in places. So much emphasis is put on success, especially for young sportsmen and women. Dreams are great, but when dreams become reality and the journey to the end of that illusion of success is not as easy as one had thought, we see a breaking down of wills and a loss of faith.Without talking about the actual story and baseball, the above is what i have taken away from this novel.There were bits of it that I didn't really understand bu [...]

    12. A young man discovers, there's more to life than baseballIn Paint the Black, author Jon Dudycha takes us on a journey inside the world of professional baseball. The character,Jack Burke, is a promising talent with a penchant for bad choices. In spite of a series of injuries that keeps the young pro benched in his first few seasons, Jack turns to booze, drugs, and promiscuous sex to comfort his pain and disappointment. Will he self-implode or will he let those who love him keep him from ruining h [...]

    13. An interesting read.Paint the Black. By J. D. Dudycha.A story of the ups and downs of a very talented baseball player, his story is well told by J. D. Dudycha who as a former baseball player and coach has a great ability to bring the game to a level of understanding that the reader, not fully conversed with the game can follow. The story about Jake will bring to the fore the amount of conditioning a young athlete has to undergo to reach the pinnacle of their profession.There are several side sto [...]

    14. Jack Burke has potential and baseball is his game. But young Jack's talent doesn't equip him to deal with what life throws at him; in fact it might do the opposite. He makes bad decisions, puts his career in jeopardy and appears to waste that much vaunted potential. While baseball is the backdrop to Paint The Black, I felt this story was about the difficulties young men face trying to navigate their place in the world, athletic prowess or not. Not surprisingly, there is a great deal of baseball [...]

    15. Really a 3.5. Christian fictions makes me feel squishy on the inside -- so much is embarrassingly cheesy. So, were it not for J.D. being in a writing group I'm a part of, I like him, and I like sports, I would have passed on this book proving that sometimes we are our own worst enemies. There was only once or twice in the entire book I felt squishy, which is to say 99.9% I was engaged with the plot, educated about the life of baseball players, impressed with J.D and hopeful for Christian fictio [...]

    16. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed the plot and I think it's probably very realistic as to what new players in the industry actually go through. Their world opens up to lots of new temptations that a normal life doesn't really offer. But I really struggled to identify with the main character and to understand the reasoning behind his actions. However, overall, I did enjoy the plot.

    17. Good story about a young man coming of age and finding his faith after being a first round draft pick. Full review can be read here:sportsbookguy/201

    18. A should read for young athletesI could have written it a number of years ago with a different sport. It is repeated and repeated and very seldom do we learn until it is to late.

    19. I have been recommended this book in the past and I decided that I will try and give it a chance, hopefully I will be able to get my hands on a copy in the future.

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