Godsend You can t choose who you fall in love with Despite assuming from a young age that he was gay Scott Murphy couldn t imagine life without Shelly He threw away the label he d stuck on his sexuality and

  • Title: Godsend
  • Author: SloanJohnson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 414
  • Format: ebook
  • You can t choose who you fall in love with Despite assuming from a young age that he was gay, Scott Murphy couldn t imagine life without Shelly He threw away the label he d stuck on his sexuality and had eleven amazing years with her, but now, he feels even lost trying to figure out how to move on after Shelly s death After nearly a year of watching Scott fade awayYou can t choose who you fall in love with Despite assuming from a young age that he was gay, Scott Murphy couldn t imagine life without Shelly He threw away the label he d stuck on his sexuality and had eleven amazing years with her, but now, he feels even lost trying to figure out how to move on after Shelly s death After nearly a year of watching Scott fade away, Shelly s father forces him to start living again.As much as Chris loathes the idea of attending a bereavement group week after week, it s one of the only places he can go in this town, other than the bar, to not feel so alone When there s nothing to distract him or dull his senses, he spends too much time obsessing over how he should have been able to help his sister When Scott shows up at his group session, Chris decides that maybe some good can come out of his sister s death There s no denying that Chris is the first man to catch Scott s attention in a long time, but how can he move on when just thinking of Shelly sends him to his dark place The road to recovery won t be an easy one, but Chris is determined to help Scott see that life is still worth living But before Scott can allow himself to admit what he feels for Chris, he knows he has to reveal the full truth about Shelly s death.

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    1. See my review at Sinfully.4 Stars!Godsend by Sloan Johnson is an emotional tale about being brave enough to take that second chance at love. When you have experienced a devastating loss that leaves you questioning how you will go on it takes a lot of courage to emerge from a grief-ridden state and open your heart once again to possibilities. There may be a light at the end of your dark tunnel; however, sometimes you need a push in the right direction.Scott Murphy had to say good-bye and experien [...]

    2. Wut?Did a dead wife just narrate my gay romance to me?I really can't figure out what I just read. After a friend said he wasn't sure whether he should be as offended by this as he was, I decided I'd give it a go. I walked in hoping he was being overdramatic. I was intrigued to see how the author would come back from the offensive (to take the word from another friend of mine) blurb. Lucky gay Scott's mother lucked out and found the one gay son who could choose to marry a woman and all that. Let' [...]

    3. Adam said it best.But i'm starting to take it personally so I will make this a bit personal, which I don't like to do. But after 3 tries Then THISOffensive. From the blurb aimed at getting clicks for the shock value, to the fact a dead wife narrated the book. Characters had no depth. The book was all paper thin and typical fare for the over-saturated MF market, but the author should perhaps talk to a gay man next time.I'd love to be constructive but even the writing style doesn't work for me.

    4. DNFI'm sorry, but this story screams emotional blackmail- to me. The beginning felt contrived. And a M/M partially narrated by the MC's dead wife. Just no I see others love it, but it just rubbed me the wrong way.

    5. Excuse me while I have a little ragefestGodsend intrigued me because I found the premise a little different and I was curious to see if it would work.This book starts with a gay man married to and supposedly in love with a woman. I say supposedly because from start to finish in this book I kept waiting for that moment the one where I would gush a little and sigh and think "oh, he really loved her in spite of the fact that he was gay, their souls called to each other and it was just meant to be". [...]

    6. Took me one book, and I'm over this author. What Adam said hereMM book with a woman, a dead woman narration is a turn off. It's like reading a ghost story. To make it worse, all over the book, there were Shelly this, Shelly that.I was yawning all the time. This also boring as f***.My MM books is not like this. I think the author should be stick to the MF genre after all. No offense.It's just not what I expected for my MM book.Many MF author tried to write MM, but many of them failed to get into [...]

    7. A emotional and fragile look at grief and loss and how we make the journey of acceptance and moving on. So good and hot; fantasic.

    8. I don't even know what to say about this book. I was so insulted I couldn't get past the first chapter. And, I agreed with everything Adam had to say in his review.

    9. I've been thinking of a way to explain exactly why I find this book (blurb and all) so offensive. I'm sorry if I'm about to ramble but this has been driving me insane.First, if the blurb didn't state the our male character was gay and knew so from an early age, maybe this wouldn't have been so bad. Were he bisexual, this would've made a lot of sense. But he's not bisexual, he's not asexual, he's not confused. HE IS GAY! So the fact that he married a woman because she was his best friend isn't cu [...]

    10. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review as part of the book tourThree and a half starsThis isn’t your usual M/M romance as the prologue is told from the dead wife of one the MCs – Scott. So with reading that I was not envisioning how this story was to pan out. It wasn’t an easy prologue to read either, very dark and depressing, well it would be with the subject matter.What I did like about this book though was that it didn’t put labels on a person’s sexuality. Yes S [...]

    11. I so love this authors writing. It's very easy to lose yourself in her stories. From the start I was captivated and ended up reading this in one sitting. The two main characters are Scott and Chris. Both are broken souls. They meet one another at a bereavement therapy session. This is a story of grief and loss that will have you reaching for the tissues. Praise to the author on a beautifully written and emotional story. This is certainly a re-read for me. I loved it.

    12. Sexual confusion,a suicide pageantry,a bereaved widower & a ghost wife that haunts every chapter is what makes up this typical horror story.This is one haunted book that could have benefited from an exorcism & been the better for it.I'm not sure what possessed me to read it.

    13. They say that God works in mysterious ways and so sometimes we have to question our pasts along with the present to see what brought us to this place.Godsend by Sloan Johnson is about dealing with loss of your spouse. It doesn't matter if you spouse is a male or female it is about trying to heal after the death of a love one and move on.Scott Murphy is not able to move on with his life after his wife Shelly who is diagnosed with a terminal disease has decided to take her life. Shelly make a very [...]

    14. Finish reading ARC of Godsend. Beautiful story and wonderful charactes. Be prepared for tears of sadness but more importantly be prepared for tears of happiness!!! I loved this book!!

    15. It's sad that there are soooo many haters on . It's so easy to be mean or tough behind a computer!!I never ever rip a book apart. How dare someone do that it may not be for you but you give constructive criticism. Only cowards and drama queens belittle books! I wasted enough energy on themOn a better note, I love Sloan!! She writes from her heart, which make you fall for her characters. Godsend is a beautiful story about lost and new love. love comes in many forms. Who are we to judge. you need [...]

    16. As I started to read Godsend I found out that this was a different MM book than I was accustom to. The book opens up as Scott and his wife Shelly prepare for her death. They have a last supper then the next morning she ended her life with dignity. I might have cried but I hated this part. I hate it when authors play with the readers emotions like that. Scott and Shelly were in a relationship for 11 year. I almost snorted because he was a straight for you gay man. I think I could have liked the b [...]

    17. Poignant and sensitive story of overcoming grief. It is also Scott and Chris' love story. I liked that it went back and forth between Chris' chapter and Scott's chapter. There was also Shelly narrating. The in-laws Jim and Bev were important in Scott's recovery even as they were dealing with their own grief.I think this would be a good book for a book club. It would bring up a lively discussion. You don't have with the characters choices to enjoy this story.***I was given this book as a gift fro [...]

    18. I was given this book as an ARC and I give it 5 stars.It's a story of love, loss, and rebuilding a life and yourself.This book is beautifully written and full of emotions. I would read this book again. Loved it.

    19. **JEN'S REVIEW**This is surely one that will grab your attention the second you start reading it. From the very first page I was completely glued to this story. My emotions were all over the place and I’m talking right from the very beginning. Completely gutted at what was to come but very invested in seeing how it all played out. This story is one heck of an emotional journey. It definitely isn’t all hearts and flowers. It’s about love, loss and the aftermath of that loss. Picking up the [...]

    20. may be a bit spoiler-ish so i'm hidingi typically really love sloan's books and i liked the writing of this one, i'm just left with a few questions. i understand not being completely out in a small town but i don't understand knowing you're gay from a young age and completely forgoing any relationships with men for what 14 years because you can't live without your best friend? and he referred to himself as bisexual, but did he actually have sex with her? that confused me a bit. he didn't marry s [...]

    21. Rating: 5 gut wrenching stars**Learning to love after loss**Copy provided by InkedRainbowReadsWow This book started off tough. I was crying by page 3. The way this author handled this subject was heart-warming and believable. My heart ached. I was invested. You can’t choose who you fall in love with. Despite knowing from a young age that he was gay, Scott Murphy couldn’t imagine life without Shelly. He threw away the labels and had eleven amazing years with her, but now, he feels even more l [...]

    22. WARNING!!!! THIS IS A FIVE HANKY BOOK!!! I finished Godsend in one day. I was crying in the prologue for goodness sakes. Sloan had me emotionally hooked and invested at the beginning. This books centers around a very controversial topic, dying with dignity or physician assisted suicide. At this time, Oregon, Vermont and Washington States have Death with Dignity Laws. As of right now, New Jersey and California are in the beginning stages of adopting such a law. I know it might be difficult, but l [...]

    23. Blog Post: gaymediareviews.weebly/bloGodsend by Sloan JohnsonScott Murphy new from a young age that he was gay but even knowing his sexuality he couldn't imagine life without Shelly. They spent 11 years together until her death. Chris has lost his sister and spends all of his time at support groups or the bar not to be alone. He can't stop thinking how he could have saved his sister. Then one day Scott shows up at the group and Chris notices him right away. Chris is the first person that Scott n [...]

    24. I received an ARC of Godsend from Sloan Johnson.This book touched me on a soul deep level. Scott has known that he was gay from a very young age, and his best friend Shelly knew it too. Somewhere along the line they fell in love had eleven great years together. Scott cannot imagine what he is supposed to do or how he is supposed to carry on when Shelly passes away. He alienates himself from everyone, and turn to drinking to dull his pain. Until one night almost a year after Shelly's death when h [...]

    25. **I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.**From page one Godsend just felt different. It was emotional, heartwarming, heart breaking, sweet, sexy all wrapped into one little package. The emotional wreckage was fast and painful. I often wondered what someone in Scott's position would do, how those conversations would go, how he could accept it? How hard it would be, for her family and friends. Would it be easier than letting nature just play out? Ms. Johnson did a [...]

    26. "READ the blurb and believe it". I wasn't even checking for this book. I don't remember the blurb, I didn't care for the cover and didn't know the author. Hell I forgot I had a copy to read but something just pulled me in to read it and I just couldn't stop. It wasn't exciting read but a very good one. I will say that this book is not for everybody. I think the reason I took to the story originally is because it had reminded me of the prompt I wrote last year for DRitC event. The whole concept [...]

    27. "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads"**Warning** This is very likely to make you cry - think about where you are before you start - and make sure you have a new box of tissues. You might also want to make sure that you have time to read the whole book in one go, as it is difficult to put it down. Luckily I was alone, and had the night to use up reading it!Very emotionally written, great cast, lots of things to make you think and some off the wall chemistry mak [...]

    28. I received this book from Enticing Journey Book Promotions in return for a fair and honest review.This is a raw and heartbreaking tale of grief, loss, hope and love. It is written from the first perspective, but you get three different points of view, so this style may not be for everyone. Personally, I loved it and thought that it gave the story a tighter knit. I wasn't even at 2% on my Kindle and I was already crying!This isn't your usual tale of insta-love and lust, followed by miscommunicati [...]

    29. Boo. I gave it a go. DNF 15%. Sadly this was just too weird for me. Putting aside the uncomfortable scenario which can be okay. I mean, I don't mind confronting an uncomfortable topic. No, that's not entirely what I hated about this book. It wasn't even the unnecessary POV (although that was the first thing that made me leery). But the tense of this story was strange too. I mean, most of what I read was present tense but it didn't fit. I think this was supposed to be the author's attempt to make [...]

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