Quarter Share THE GOLDEN AGE OF SAIL HAS RETURNED IN THE YEAR When his mother dies in a flitter crash eighteen year old Ishmael Horatio Wang must find a job with the planet company or leave the system and Ner

  • Title: Quarter Share
  • Author: Nathan Lowell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Audiobook
  • THE GOLDEN AGE OF SAIL HAS RETURNED IN THE YEAR 2351 When his mother dies in a flitter crash, eighteen year old Ishmael Horatio Wang must find a job with the planet company or leave the system and NerisCo isn t hiring With credits running low, and prospects limited, he has just one hope enlist for two years with a deep space commercial freighter Ishmael, who onTHE GOLDEN AGE OF SAIL HAS RETURNED IN THE YEAR 2351When his mother dies in a flitter crash, eighteen year old Ishmael Horatio Wang must find a job with the planet company or leave the system and NerisCo isn t hiring With credits running low, and prospects limited, he has just one hope enlist for two years with a deep space commercial freighter Ishmael, who only rarely visited the Neris Orbital, and has never been off planet alone before, finds himself part of an eclectic crew sailing a deep space leviathan between the stars Join the crew of the SC Lois McKendrick, a Manchester built clipper as she sets solar sails in search of profit for her company and a crew each entitled to a share equal to their rating.

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      109 Nathan Lowell
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    1. This morning, Saturday, I got up, made coffee in a travel mug, then dressed and walked to the train station, catching the 8.33 service to Birmingham New Street for a pleasant day of shopping in preparation for an upcoming holiday. Whilst on the train, I was annoyed that I'd forgotten to put sugar in my coffee, but pleased that I managed to get a seat with a table.So, "stuff" did happen to me this morning, but nothing which could be considered a "plot". And so it is with Nathan Lowell's Quarter S [...]

    2. In the comments to my whiny post, JohnP and Karen were kind enough to recommend I try Nathan Lowell's Solar Clipper series.  The story was originally a podcast, but I grabbed an ebook instead, just to check it out.I've inhaled the first book yesterday in a space of a couple of hours.QUARTER SHARE is a story of eighteen year old Ishmael Horatio Wang, whose mother, a professor of literature, had a funny sense of humor.  He and his mother live on a corporate-owned planet Neris.  Neris is an agri [...]

    3. So have this one on the Android phone from Kindle. It allows me to swap over from Erikson when my brain needs a rest. It is really looking like a space opera, very light and easy to read. Only a quarter a way in, but nothing yet has happened that would envisage me buying the second in the series. although I will keep going as the author has spent a fiar bit of time building up the character, so I am going to continue on.Update: omg! Is anything ever going to happen? When I wanted a light book to [...]

    4. Got this one on my kindle reader from , and chewed through it in a couple of days. I'll start with the good stuff - it's certainly an engaging read, which is an accomplishment for a book in which (deliberately) pretty much nothing happens. The author has said that he's wanting to write a book about ordinary people in their day-to-day lives, and he's managed to do this admirably.Lots of people have praised the setting and world building in this book, and I'd have to concur with them - it's a love [...]

    5. I don't want to frighten potential readers away by saying something off the wall, but I don't know how to better compliment Nathan but to say that I know of no other author who can devote a whole chapter to making coffee and make it utterly engrossing. It's a story I absolutely could not walk away from, and I don't just mean the coffee. I've even listened to the podcast 2 or 3 times. In a world with so much media available, it takes something special to elicit a second read/listen to say nothing [...]

    6. When I finished this well written book the single perception that I had was that of a feel good story. No blood thirsty aliens, no gratuitous violence, no swaggering macho soldiers or warriors, or Earth threatening: just good fun and achievement.The story revolves around one Ishmael Horatio Wang. Ish, as his friends call him later in the story, has it made. Living on a company world his basic needs are met and with his Mom working at the University he can stick around and get an education, or at [...]

    7. A hell of a surprise here. One of the best SF novels I've read in the last year.No explosions, no space battles, no heroic characters fighting their way through space. Just ordinary people on a space freighter moving between the systems for trade.Sounds dull, right. Not in the least!Ishmael Horatio Wang is suddenly an orphan at eighteen. His mother, a university professor, is killed in a flitter crash with her current boyfriend and the company is suing both estates for damages. About to enter sc [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this read. No aliens, no military, no angst. Just normal people serving on a merchant freighter plying their interstellar wares. No real evil corporations taking advantage of all. It's kind of strange reading a book without any of the standard tropes of science fiction and space opera. But I really enjoyed it. The author has an engaging style and manages to educate you without hitting you over the head. The characters are fun and the technology seems practical.

    9. The way I felt listening to this podiobook was expectant, continuing on to a new episode waiting for something, anything, to happen. "Quarter Share" is primarily the story of a galley boy making coffee, studying for a couple rather unimportant tests and trading a few minor goods. He succeeds wildly at all these endeavors, encountering almost no difficulty in anything he sets his mind to (including dealing with the death of his mother with almost no trouble at all).Which leads to my second proble [...]

    10. I'm slightly embarressed to be reading the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series (even the name of the series is painful to write). But they're cheap via the kindle and strangely relaxing. I'm on the 2nd book ("Half Share") - so far the series follows an adolescent boy who is kicked off his homeworld when he reaches legal age and his mother dies, and lacking other options, signs on to a merchant marine type job on a space freighter. The books lack any particular adventures, there are no aliens [...]

    11. I loved the scope of this: no aliens, no huge space battles, no chosen one, just a guy who finds himself all alone and needs to learn how to live aboard ship. This was great and I'm truly excited to see where the rest of the series goes.

    12. What a wonderfully refreshing story. This book is unlike anything I've ever read warring planets, aliens, mutants, or the like. It is a simple and yet engrossing tale of a boy coming of age and finding a new life in the depths of space after the untimely death of his mother.Nathan Lowell's prose is supurb. I found myself "wisked along" and for a first time author displays writing techniques usually only found by experienced masters. Time after time I was caught by simple sentences that revealed [...]

    13. If you've ever wondered why people insist that plots require conflict you should read THIS book, because its plot has no conflict whatsoever. This is a story about a young man called Ishmael Wang who, with no other options, takes a position aboard a space-going freighter. Will this young landlubber be able to learn the ropes and adapt to space-faring life? Will he be accepted by his tougher, more experienced crew mates? Will he be haunted by his mother's death and the father he never knew? And w [...]

    14. My husband and I discussed this book as part of our He Read, She Read video series.Click here to watch! If you're into that sort of thing. ;)

    15. I have a soft spot in my reader's heart for the first novels in a series. My favorite Harry Potter book is still Sorcerer's Stone, even though I admit the latter books were better written. There's an innocence to first novels and a sense of wonder in the exploration of new worlds that the following books often lack.And so it is with Nathan Lowell's Quarter Share. In this book -- the first volume of the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series -- we first meet Ishmael "Ish" Wang. Like many young me [...]

    16. This is a book about building, growing, and learning.All these concepts lead to well described positive situations, where the characters evolve in a world which rules are mainly based on economy (even the economy of space and weight).I wouldn't describe it as a Science-Fiction novel though. Even if most of the situations take place in space or on space stations, I found myself more often than not thinking the protagonists were aboard an Earthly sea vessel, in a time when trade was an essential p [...]

    17. This is not shoot-em-up science fiction. No exploding spaceships, no phasers or light-swords, no monsters. The most violent event, apart from the death of the narrator's mother before the book begins, is a mugging, and all characters appear to be direct descendants of Terrans, living spread across the galaxy in a state of profound peace.This is also not thinky science fiction. No philosophical discursions, no demand that the reader confront distasteful, alarming, or painful ideas. Ishmael (yes, [...]

    18. This podcast-only novel was something of a space opera, but not quite. It has a lot of space opera-like qualities - there's a lot of intergalactic travel without being too hard sci-fi-ish, some references to old naval traditions, and . What it's lacking, though, is anything particularly operatic. Instead of a grand destiny, or a quest, or anything noble like that, we instead get the story of a guy working on a ship, just kind of doing his thing. He's motivated to go to space mostly because if he [...]

    19. I was quite disappointed this morning to wake up and discover I wasn't still bunking on the SC Lois McKendrick. I've just finished reading this book for the second time, and it's like slipping on a favorite cozy shirt. I wanted to be an astronaut as a kid. Now I just want to join the crew aboard a Solar Clipper. It takes a special author to write a world that gently sucks in this many readers, and makes us yearn to stay. "Nothing happens" in this book. It happens in your heart. On to re-read Hal [...]

    20. This book is a very very good starting with nothing and building up kind of book. The characters are good, you start to love the characters, and though not much happends all the time, it's so well written that it really sucks you in, definitely a book worth reading.Having read this for the third time now, it really is one of my favourites! There isn't much happening, but the comradery and the excellent writing is making it more than worth it to read, I love it!

    21. Bu kitap beni çok şaşırttı. 'deki puanını görünce okumaya karar vermiştim. Doğru düzgün de kitap hakkında bir şey bilmeden başladım. Benim gibi askeri bilimkurgu seven bir bilimkurgucuya sadece ticaret üzerinden dönen bir romanı soluksuz okuttu. Romanda savaş yok, kötü yok, sadece sıradan insanların hayatından kesit var. Açıkçası muhteşem.

    22. Generally well written, this is in many regards a coming-of-age story. Ishmael Horatio Wang must make his way in life after the tragic passing of his mother. Forced to leave the planet he's grown up on, Wang joins the crew of the Lois McKendrick. The story is about him learning the ways of the ship, being part of the crew, etc.If you are looking for action space opera, don't look here. Lowell's tale is noted for its lack of traditional action, its focus on characters and the day-to-day life aboa [...]

    23. I really love the concept of having a book about ordinary people doing ordinary things, and I was enjoying for the first half of the book but eventually things got excessively repetitive. The characters in the book are almost cartoon-ish in depth, and even the 'bad boy' character of the book is easy-going. If I was reading a book about 14 year olds instead of 18 year olds I may have found it more believable. Ultimately, though, the book ends up going through the logic and math behind a fictional [...]

    24. I read this and it immidiately reminded me of how life felt when I was stationed aboard ship with the U.S. Navy. What life is like underway, out of port or any sight of land with the hour to hour day by day grind of just doing your job, is something that has to be experiened to be understood. I wish something had blown up or been shot at, but, this is the Merchant fleet right? A good light read, enjoyable, uncomplicated but not challenging. I'd classify it as a good space opera.

    25. It was a pleasant listen, but the book has no tension whatsoever. It flows like someone's diary when they only talk about good things. The science fiction equivalent of watching a closed circuit camera feed of an office cube farm.

    26. I did not finish this book. From reading other reviews I see that I was correct in my guess that nothing interesting ever happened. By "interesting" I mean paying at least some respect for the rules of the genre, which is science fiction, probably intended for a younger audience. When I pick a genre book I expect all the trimmings that come with these rules. For science fiction that would be plenty of conflict, overcoming of obstacles, clever hero, horrible villain, wonderful discoveries, charac [...]

    27. Yay! I'm glad Ilona Andrews mentioned this series in her blog.How the heck does a story about trade--and trading belts, coffee, and mushrooms for that matter--turn out to actually be entertaining? It's a remarkable achievement.Quarter Share, most definitely a science fiction book (podiobook actually), features no explosions, murder, or intrigue, much less aliens and war. Indeed, what it does feature are the details of eighteen-year-old Ishmael Wang's daily life after he acquires a quarter share [...]

    28. I was looking for a new sci-fi series to get into. Sadly, this was not it. Quarter Share wasn't a bad book per say, it just had one glaring problem with it--nothing happens.I understand if it's not supposed to be a sci-fi space opera with war and aliens, but as a story, it should still have common elements in it. There's no action, no tension, no mystery, no romance, no nothing. Because of all that's lacking, it's a very boring book. Once I realized that nothing was ever going to happen, I strug [...]

    29. What a pleasant book! This came highly recommended, and I can see why. I had the pleasure to listen to the audiobook, along with the dulcet tones of author Nathan Lowell. This guy's voice is so smooth, he could talk me into driving off a cliff after convincing me to steal a car. (Disclaimer: Nathan Lowell has not been known to use his powers for evil, as of yet).Quarter Share was not only an interesting read, but it was surreptitiously educational as well! I was so engrossed in the narrative and [...]

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