More Than Pancakes Book One in The Maple Leaf Series Lily Hinsdale spends her California days designing extravagant hotels for Utopia Resorts Her nights are filled with the glitz and glamour of upscale parties Until her

  • Title: More Than Pancakes
  • Author: Christine DePetrillo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book One in The Maple Leaf Series Lily Hinsdale spends her California days designing extravagant hotels for Utopia Resorts Her nights are filled with the glitz and glamour of upscale parties Until her grandmother dies and leaves Lily property in wretched Vermont The woods mean only one thing to Lily nightmares When Utopia wants the land for development, Lily is forcedBook One in The Maple Leaf Series Lily Hinsdale spends her California days designing extravagant hotels for Utopia Resorts Her nights are filled with the glitz and glamour of upscale parties Until her grandmother dies and leaves Lily property in wretched Vermont The woods mean only one thing to Lily nightmares When Utopia wants the land for development, Lily is forced to travel to a place she d rather forget Rick Stannard makes maple syrup and builds barns in the peace and quiet of picturesque Vermont Noisy New York City nearly killed him a few years back, and now he lives a calm, simple life with his coyote, Poe, and his beloved book collection It s the only way he s guaranteed to wake up each morning When Lily marches her expensive boots onto Rick s land and proposes turning it into a mega resort, the serenity of the woods is shattered Lily always closes a deal Rick never intends to sell They ll need to compromise, or someone else will do it for them Someone who is not afraid of the woods or the city Or spilling a little blood.

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      322 Christine DePetrillo
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    1. I chose this one out of my long list of "need to finish" kindle books for an easy read because what's better for that then a romance mystery that surrounds maple syrup right? Unfortunately I found myself unable to get into this story.At first I thought it was just me and my reading stump but the more I tried to push forward the more I came realize it was something else. Specifically with that something else being the writing. The first page was a good example of two of the writing issues I encou [...]

    2. 2.5 stars from me probably largely in part because I liked the supporting characters - particularly Poe. Otherwise nothing spectacular. He's handsome, she's gorgeous (with the requisite tiny waist) and they can't take their eyes off each other. For depth of personality, they each have a secret traumatic event n their past which is balanced by their hidden talent - he plays guitar, she makes pancakes (which we are reminded quite a few times are the only things she can cook). Apparently the tensio [...]

    3. 4.5 syrupy stars! What a nice surprise for a random read I found on ! Kept me turning page after page until I finished. Would definitely recommend this book.

    4. It will never cease to amaze me how I seem to just stumble upon such intelligently written, beautiful stories like this one. The premise is simple -- sophisticated city girl hooks up with rugged, outdoorsy Vermont guy, but the author creates such depth that I can't stop reading. I become totally invested. The secondary characters are well developed and add a lot to the story, including the evil character. There is a touch of suspense near the end that leads to a satisfying climax, then ending. V [...]

    5. DNFI started reading this book because the title said pancakesease, who doesn't love pancakes.But right from the start I was bored, I couldn't get into the plot or these characters. Maybe it's the mood I'm in, so I might, MIGHT, pick it up at another time.

    6. Liked:1. Pancakes! Pancakes! Nom nom nom I admit, the title suckered me in; it almost didn't matter what the blurb was. I love pancakes, and they're one of the few foods I actually make from scratch. Rick and Lily both love pancakes: "I may have enjoyed you more than pancakes," he whispered into her hair. Also, pancake recipes would have been awesome! I'm always on the lookout for more.2. Maple syrup! Real maple syrup, not the imitation stuff but the good stuff. I got a little hungry reading thi [...]

    7. I can't remember if I knew this was romantic suspense, or if it was tagged as contemporary only, but just so you know there's romantic suspense elements towards the end of the book.The book made me hungry, for the most part. Now I want maple everything. I appreciated the depiction of someone dealing with a severely sprained ankle, it was pretty true to life regarding how long you have to rest, how long it takes to heal, and how damn hard everything is when you have one good leg. But it just occu [...]

    8. More Than Pancakes is a quick, mostly light, very sweet (but not TOO sweet) story. Lily & Rick come from two vastly different worlds - Lily is the bright lights of Hollywood & designer inns, Rick is the quiet solitude of nature. What we get when these two meet is instant attraction & chemistry, and a fairly quick friendship that was super fun to read! : ) We also get to meet Rick's family, and get to know Sage & Hope prior to their stories being told in the next two books.There's [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book. It was well-written, and one got a sense of living in a small, quaint town in Vermont. I found Lily a bit snotty, with somewhat of a type A personality, and it was nice to see her metamorphosis throughout the story, to become a more relaxed, likeable person. The fact that she wasn't a stupid and/or whiny type helped. (The slew of books with TSTL 'heroines' becomes tiresome).Rick had his issues, but he was also almost perfect. He and Lily came across as real people. As [...]

    10. More than Pancakes was an amazing journey to the heart of two wounded people, afraid to truly live again.From the minute the book began I was engaged by the lead hero, Rick, his motley crew of family members, and their remote location in Vermont. There’s something about the heavily wooded location of the town, and slower pace of life that wrapped me in a cocoon and held me captiveetbrpile.weebly/reviews/

    11. 4.5 StarsThis book has been on my kindle for a long time but for some reason I kept passing it up. I'm glad I finally decided to open it this weekend. I was expecting a short, simple story, what I got was a well-written, slow-burning romance with just a touch of suspense and a whole lot of pancakes. In so buying at least the next two books in this series!See more of my reviews at fictionfangirls

    12. Absolutely great storyReally a good mix of fun laughter nature love home family and a little hold you breath mystery. Smooth flow of story and fun characters not to mention the unconditional love from Poe.

    13. Great book.I enjoyed this book and purchased the next 2 books right after reading this one. The story and characters were so well written that it was such a pleasure to read. I can't wait to start the next one. The supporting characters were fun and entertaining.

    14. Great BookI really enjoyed this book. It has delightful characters, a good plot, a bad guy, and is a fun read. I look forward to reading more by this author.

    15. Liked this book, was expecting the romance but the psychotic boss added that extra something to the storyline. Easy read and an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

    16. I enjoyed this book. It's an easy, fun read. Definitely a romance novel and I like that. I will check out the other two books in this series.

    17. This one almost ended up on my DNF shelf, but since I hate sending books there, I made myself read the entire book.I liked the description, title and cover of the book and the price of 0 dollars on . I thought there was great potential in the story and the characters, but it was never realised for me. And some things annoyed me so much that I almost gave up reading the book several times. I think overall it was the writing style that I never really understood or liked.Lily comes off as a bitch i [...]

    18. An incredibly rude and shallow woman resists falling for a backwoods country dude. I can see why the California Girl/Vermont Guy premise is appealing, but from the moment we meet Lily, she is nothing but flat-out condescending about everything to do with the Great Outdoors, the state of Vermont, and Rick's business and entire way of life. Her drive to succeed at her own career and the shockingly high-handed things she says in pursuit of this takes this beyond a mere Opposites Attract trope strai [...]

    19. Lily Hinsdale, born and raised on California, inherited her grandmother's Vermont estate when she died. Lily works as a successful hotel designer for glamorous Utopia resorts. She pitches a "rustic" resort in VT on her grandmother's estate - and the property of the guy next door. Her bosses love the idea, so Lily heads to VT to convince her grandmother's neighbor to sell his property to Utopia.Rick Stannard wants nothing but to live his life in solitude on his property in VT, where he makes mapl [...]

    20. There are worse books than this but there are also so many better things as well. This was such a quick read yet it took me forever to actually finish it. I couldn't get with the many sides of Lily the author was trying to portray. First she comes off as a tough as nails designer who lives this lavish lifestyle then she's a down to earth sweetheart who's just looking for fulfillment. I understand character development but flip floppy traits are confusing as hell. Rick is another odd character. H [...]

    21. Lily is a California girl through and through. As a designer for a resort building operation, she found the perfect opportunity to use the land left to her by her late grandmother to use; building an oasis in the woods of Vermont as a modern resort vacation.Rick spent his time eating and drinking work. It helps when work consists of making maple syrup straight from the trees lining your property and your neighbor's in the Vermont woods. All is well until he meets his neighbor's granddaughter, wh [...]

    22. A cute primis but rushed, and lacking in development. The characters are too easily changed.I had to come back and edit this review because the more I thought about the book the more it bothered me. Here's the problem: he left, to be with her, right at the beginning of sugar season. She didn't take, or send, him home. After all the fighting he did (admittedly half-assed) to save his sugar works, he wouldn't have walked away from it for weeks right in the middle of sap season; and if she loved hi [...]

    23. More than pancakeA must read very heartwarming about two people who overcome their fear through incident that happen to them one from California who visit Vermont from West coast and the other from mid east NYC to Vermont good plot didn't see it coming both characters find love with some push from family and friends in small town of Vermont it makes me want to visit Vermont

    24. More than PancakesCute read from a new to me author. It had the things that make romance, romance - the interest, the fighting of the interest, the giving in, a temporary apart and together again.

    25. Finally a story where the main female character is not written as a blond 5 foot brainless creature.Not much into this type of genre but it turned out better than most, so I may follow the series.It's fairly original as well.

    26. Vermont Maple Syrup Good!!The story was sweet and I love the main male leads character Rick and his pet Poe! The story had a lot of good development and made more sense than some stories I've read.

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