Summer s Temptation If there are only three truths in life they are these Women will always try to change a man Men will always say anything to get a girl in bed Tyler Mason will always have a long line of girls trying

  • Title: Summer's Temptation
  • Author: Ashley Lynn Willis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 321
  • Format: ebook
  • If there are only three truths in life, they are these Women will always try to change a man Men will always say anything to get a girl in bed Tyler Mason will always have a long line of girls trying to domesticate him, and none will succeed If one of these ceases to be true, the world will cease to exist.These are the rules as college student Cassie Faye knows them, sIf there are only three truths in life, they are these Women will always try to change a man Men will always say anything to get a girl in bed Tyler Mason will always have a long line of girls trying to domesticate him, and none will succeed If one of these ceases to be true, the world will cease to exist.These are the rules as college student Cassie Faye knows them, so when she gives up on dating in favor of a man who can satisfy her without tempting her heart, her next door neighbor Tyler tops the list Tyler isn t the type of boy Cassie would fall for, but he s the perfect guy to teach her how to claim her sexual independence without losing her heart in the process Too late, Cassie finds out that under his womanizing exterior is an attentive, considerate lover who brings out passions in her that she d barely glimpsed before What if she s wrong about the third truth What if the world as she knows it is about to cease to exist

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    1. Title: Summer’s Temptation Series: Vandeveer University #1Author: Ashley Lynn WillisRelease Date:July 7, 2014Rating: 4.5 starsCliffhanger:. ?? (view spoiler)[ mild one(hide spoiler)] HEA:(view spoiler)[ not yet(hide spoiler)]WHY ARE BAD BOYS SO SEXY?I picked up Summer’s Temptation out of pure curiosity. The blurb and the cover caught my attention and I just couldn’t say no to it. I love reading everything new adult; especially when it’s sexy, sweet and maybe a little bit fluffy read. I a [...]

    2. There's a good book and a pretty great romance in this somewhere, but it's very hard to find because of the blatant sexism that runs throughout this entire book.WOMEN ARE NOT TERRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS OR "WHORES" OR "UNVIRTUOUS" FOR WANTING (OR HAVING) CASUAL SEX, GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!Okay, glad I got that out of my system. A female author really should know better.

    3. 2.5Feels like forever since I last read a book. Also feels like that's my new line every time I'm able to add a book to my read list ^_^So on to the reviewThis book is really all kinds of blah. Aren't I eloquent? It's just there are really no words that better encompass this storyline more than "blah". And to be honest it's not even the storyline. I love the whole friends with benefits turn lovers but this one just didn't live up to what I wanted and sorely needed. The characters, while not enti [...]

    4. **Summer's Temptation generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**3 Tempting StarsReading a good New Adult book always puts a smile on my face. The freshness and naivety of young love, the butterflies in your stomach flitting because of a new and exciting relationship prospect, and the angst stemming from the feelings we get when we’re not ready to put our full trust in someone. Summer’s Temptation, for me, is a story that’s been time and time again. Female lead is [...]

    5. I found this cleverly written little gem to be a delightfully fun-to-read sexy frolic in the New Adult genre. What stole my heart most about this new-to-me author's book was the mixed bag of secondary characters that add to the overall good vibes that the first installment in Willis’s new Vandeveer University Series offers. From a homeless philosopher, who offers words of wisdom for the price of a cup of coffee each morning to a “may-be-gay” best friend to a sexy handsome college professor [...]

    6. *4.5 stars* I really enjoyed this and it reminds of why I started obsessively reading NA. Been way too long since I've read anything in this genre that gave me the "goosies" like this book and the H, Tyler did. This is a stand alone in my opinion.

    7. I can't understand how everyone just forgives what he did. Cheating is cheating. She forgave him so easily and he did what the other guys did to her. I get that he has cared for her from afar but up close he constantly fucked other girls in front of her and threw it in her face. Then he says he has been drawing her for years and has worshiped her from afar? Seriously? She was broken up for months from the other guy so there isn't an excuse for flaunting the other girls in her face. What the hell [...]

    8. I received a copy of the ePub from the author in exchange for an honest review.Summer’s Temptation is a fun and flirty read. As a college student Cassie has sworn off ever having a boyfriend until she graduates. She was bruised emotionally by her boyfriend and is determined not to let anything or anyone interfere with her academics or her heart again. The author brilliantly shows the reader who Cassie is through her words, thoughts and actions. The reader really gets to know Cassie and her hon [...]

    9. I really don't know what to rate this one. On one had, the writing flowed smoothly with a fast pace, but the content seemed to drive me mad.This whole "the love of my life cheated on me, then broke up with me, so now I'm super depressed" theme seems to be a popular one for New Adult books. I have no problem with the theme, but it gets a bit redundant.The main character Cassie ticked me off. She managed to mope about her ex THE WHOLE GOSH DARN BOOK. Like seriously?! Yes, cheating is horrible, and [...]

    10. 4.5 Stars I really really loved this story - unless the last 20 pages. There was no bad cliffhanger or something like that, but the end did not feel right. Tyler was such a great character (for a man whore) but this end ? Hmm. I don't know. It was too much and and not enough at the same time. I hope one day the second book of Tyler and Cassie will be released. It was announced for the fall of 2015 and I'm a little bit afraid that the author had given up on writing :/

    11. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an unbiased and honest reviewIf you are a dozen roses, seen The Notebook multiple times kind of individual, then Summer's Temptation is for you. Cassie is currently suffering from a heartbreaking end to her relationship with Wyatt, the man she saw herself marring. She got so depressed she almost lost her scholarship and dropped out of school. Deciding that risking her heart is too dangerous, she decides she will not be in a relations [...]

    12. Genre: self-pub NA romanceSeries: #1 in an ongoing series with same coupleCliffy? Um, I guess - no? But it's not even what I would call a HFN.I really enjoyed this. However, this reads like a perfect mix of Webber's Easy and The Hook Up and might come across derivative to some. The parallels are going to be obvious and numerous when you read it, so I won't be pointing them out here. I do think it's one of the better NAs I have read recently and deserves more attention than it has received since [...]

    13. Move over book boyfriends there's a new hottie in town TYLER MASON!!! hell yea :)was really shocked by how much I enjoyed this, I couldn't lol it down I read it in one day :)a girl with a broken heart goes to her fine ass playboy next door neighbour for some no strings attached sex, she want Tyler mason as her f**k buddy and I can understand why.I really liked Cassie she's a good character that girls can connect with and I love how honest she is with herself and her feelings, she knows she's fal [...]

    14. So sweetI was surprised by how much I liked this book considering I found it recommended on a BookLikes list called Book to Fall in Love With. Most of them have been failures for me but occasionally I've found a hidden treasure like this one.I was hooked from the first page and read it in one sitting (it's gone 1am) because I couldn't give up on them yet. It made me cry but it turned out so sweet in the end. I loved it.

    15. When Cassie’s boyfriend dumps her for another girl, she’s devastated. It doesn’t help that she’s the recipient of everyone’s pity either. Or that she’ll never have sex again. Okay, maybe not never, but since she’s not a one-night-stand kind of girl, and she’s nowhere near ready to risk her heart in another relationship. So when her friend Liz suggests she enlist their hot neighbor Tyler into a benefits only, no strings kind of agreement — and once she gets over her shock — it [...]

    16. Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Cassie is finishing up her sophomore year at Vandeveer University and is still mending a broken heart, having broken up with her boyfriend Wyatt a few months previous. Cassie and Wyatt had been the quintessential couple; Wyatt, involved in campus politics, was a mover and shaker and Cassie, heavily involved in the Greek system, seemed the perfect match. So when Wyatt cheats on Cassie and finally dumps her, she finds herse [...]

    17. 4.5 magical little stars*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*What is it about a bad boy that is so attractive?Cassie’s had a rough time in the romance department and she isn’t even out of university. Both her boyfriends have cheated on her so it’s understandable that all she wants out of the love lottery. Enter Tyler, resident bad boy, womanizer and none other than her next door neighbour. Cassie is more than aware of this fact; it’s what makes her so attract [...]

    18. Istyria book blog ~ B's world of enchanted books3.5 starsHappy now, Stephanie? I read and I loved it. Though it may not be that original, I enjoyed this book quite a bit. But it's not perfect and I did have a few issues with it.Normally I give a short summary, but I don't feel like doing that because it's practically the same as any other NA book. And that's also the first thing that is starting to bother me. And that's not just this book, it's every NA book these days. After a while I grow tire [...]

    19. **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs** Man, I can't believe just a few weeks ago I was in a reading slump. I have been loving the books I have picked up since SO FREAKIN' MUCH! Summers Temptation kept me up until 2:30 am on a work night because I couldn't stop reading. I have found my new book boyfriend, fell in love with the characters and the romance was just what I was looking for, and I didn't even know before I started reading. This is a great new adult contem [...]

    20. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. *5 beautiful stars*Cassie has had her heart broken not once, but twice. Her second breakup left her in pieces that she feared would never get put back together. Her life consists of college, parties, and her best friends. She has sworn off any relationships due to her past heartaches. So what happens when she starts crushing on her insanely hot professor? (That has an English accentm). The fact that her extremely hot neighbor is sexually int [...]

    21. I'm pretty sure author's do not like to hear that readers do not like their covers. Honestly, judging a book by the cover, I wouldn't have picked it up. I don't know why but the cover is not for me. The good news is, I got a copy for an honest review and didn't see the cover. I am THRILLED that I didn't see the cover because this book was amazing. The characters were very defined with their own personalities and multiple layers. They were not flat and when the book was over, I really felt like C [...]

    22. This was a very good book. It was very detailed and descriptive. Ms. Willis really puts it into perspective the feelings of the charcters. The book shows us that we will all go through heartbreak and when we do we shouldn't take drastic measures like what Cassie does. You can tell that Ms. Willis put a great deal of thought into the book and that she may have been seeley heartbroken at one time or another. If you read this book you will understand what it means to have true friends and you will [...]

    23. I was so surprised by this book !!The first thing that drew me in was the cover ! After reading the blurb I was further intrigued.Who couldn't resist Tyler ? He is the ultimate bad boy, but appearances can be deceiving.Is there more depth to Tyler ? Is Tyler doing the same thing as Cassie, protecting his heart?Overall there were times where I got fed up with Cassie and her attitude.The story kept me interested from start to finish but now I have to wait forthe next book. There is a teaser at the [...]

    24. LOVED IT!!!!Probably one of my favorite reads this year. Thanks for letting me read and review your book. I can't wait to read the second :)I love Tyler. Who doesn't love a hot bad boy with a heart. By the end of the book my heart was melting for him. The book had me laughing and melting throughout. I loved all the side characters as well. Liz and Hannah seem like great friends and Freddie what a sweetheart. I'm glad he is figuring everything out.Now Cassie. I really loved her. I could relate wi [...]

    25. **This ARC was received in exchange for an honest review**I really liked this book -- I could not put it down!!Loved the characters, especially Tyler and Cassie. I swear, every time I turned a page, I would do a quick scan for Tyler's name. A new book boyfriend to add to the list, even though he is one heck of a man whore!The chemistry between them was intense! The sex scenes were not written in complete detail, but steamy nonetheless.I am SO happy they will have another book. However, the sneak [...]

    26. 4.5 stars. Great book - very hard to put down. I'm looking forward to more from this author. Kind of reminded me of Beautiful Disaster, but not in the plot way, more of an angst way in a college setting.

    27. The story started out cute and funny but as I got to know the characters more, it became meh. Can't help but think that Cassie isn't really exceptional enough to have 3 men going gaga over her. Tyler is ok, but a bit unredeemable in my opinion though the author tried. For better fb to lovers story, I recommend Love Show by Audrey Bell and The Deal by Elle Kennedy.

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