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  • Title: Miles
  • Author: H.J. Bellus
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  • Page: 476
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    1. *I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review*"You know my name, but not my story goes"Let me start off by sayingHoly crap on a cracker this book is amazing!!!! You think you know the story, but you have no idea.This time it's Willow's turn. She has lived her life as Cree's little sister, Annie's aunt, Milly and Lacey's buddy, Greyson's girlfriend and now Tripp's sister butWho is Willow?After a horrible situation/breakup with Greyson, Willow feels as if she will never be the same agai [...]

    2. This book was a 5 star read when the main H/h were on scene. Miles and Willow. They both had their heart ripped out of them, Miles by his upbringing and mother, and Willow by a disjointed family and a cheating, despicable boyfriend. But they found each other when Miles came to town, yes with another agenda, but immediately knew that Willow was someone he really wanted to know. Beautiful Miles, with everything that had happened to him he still was a loving, caring compassionate alpha male who jus [...]

    3. ⭐️ 3.5 Stars⭐️ * * * POSSIBLE SPOILERS * * *♦️BOOK: #3 in the MY WAY series. Can be read as a standalone but features most characters from the previous books. Full length.♦️EDITING: a few minor errors found ♦️POV: first person, heroine♦️SETTING: small town near Fort Collins, Colorado / trailer park in California ♦️HERO: Miles Tackett--Mechanic. Backyard street fighter. Tall, slender yet muscular, shaggy brown hair, blue eyes, face scruff, tattooed, scarred. He's a big [...]

    4. Willow has known heartbreak, in face after a humiliating end to her marriage she can't seem to pull out of the hostile rut she has found herself in. When she meets Miles, a renter who has an apartment of her sister-in-law, she just wants to smack him. He is handsome, more so than any man deserves and doesn't seem to be perturbed by her rude behavior. Miles realizes Willow is dealing with a ton of emotions, she is hurt, betrayed, and in a frenzy of unfocused anger. Miles has dealt with his own is [...]

    5. Best book in the series so far for me. I can't express the disappointment I felt towards Milly and Cree! I loved Miles and Willow together. I think what I can appreciate about this author is the situations and plots the characters find themselves while fictional are relatable. Lacey is Milly's best friend and did the right thing in the end, but I will admit that the only person I didn't find issue with in this quagmire was Tripp he stood by Willow and in doing so Miles. Cree was in a tight spot [...]

    6. HERE WE GO AGAIN! Another gut wrenching read from Heidi. I started Miles at 9am and finished it that afternoon! I absolutely could not stop till it was over. In Cree and Tripp we know something is up with Willow but we finally get to dive in and round out our My Way Series. We also get to meet Miles which was a DELIGHT!! Just like the previous two, this book is hilarious! "I'm going to die in Granny's Diner in a son of a bitching sundress." One of my favorite lines!!! But wait! Not only do we ge [...]

    7. So this one made me mad. I hated the ending with strong passion. I hated how the family reacted to the news. This was not how I thought they would react and it made me mad. This was a fun loving family and without a second look they turned their backs on each other. The writing was good. No grammar or issues.

    8. This is the final book in the series and I wasn't happy with how everything turned out. Cress, a sensible man, takes on an asshole persona when Miles' secret was exposed. Milly, Cree's wife, acted like a spoiled rich bitch which is not what was portrayed in the previous two books. To me, I wasn't too happy with how the characters personalities changed all of a sudden

    9. Where do I even startThis story was what I thought it would be but also so very unpredictable at the same time !! You can figure out by book 2 that something is wrong with Greyson and Willow. There are hints to her having issues and him being , well a guy. So I assumed this would be their book , but damn I was thrown for a loop and I enjoyed every minute of it.Right from the freakin start the book grabs you , we are in the present and Willow's notebook entry is horrifying to say the least. How d [...]

    10. Holy crap. Seriously, I don't even know where to start. This book was absolutely amazing. I don't think the "right" words exist to describe this book. HJ Bellus first grabbed my attention with Cree and I was hooked immediately. Tripp was just as heart wrenching and compelling as book 1 in the My Way series. HJ stays true to herself and doesn't disappointed with the third My Way book, Miles! I honestly didn't think I could love a book boyfriend more than I did Cree or Tripp but I'm pretty sure Mi [...]

    11. We knew Greyson had hurt Willow in Tripp, but we didn't know how. We learn in this story and completely sympathize with what she's been through. And although I didn't feel Cree stood up for his sister as he should, Tripp made up for it.Miles, WOWe man is perfect. He's had a really bad childhood and had grown into a wonderful man. He puts up with all of Willow's harsh words and never gives up. He knows he wants her, knows she's hurting and continues to give her support and show her just has great [...]

    12. I was lucky enough to get a complimentary copy from HJ Bellus. And, I loved Cree and Tripp, but I think Miles is by far the best one yet. It is so compelling. Willow is broken. She was cheated on and her heart is broken beyond repair. She has always had a family to stand by her through it all.Miles is also broken. A secret that can tear apart a family. A drunken, drug addicted, abusive mother. Not only does he have physical scars but also mental scars. A fighter, fighting for the love of his mot [...]

    13. OMG where do I even begin?! This book is probably my favorite of the series thus far. While you still get the snappy banter of the my way girls and the fun of the family dynamic, you also get a big dose of the dark side of the story. Willow has always been a part of the series but she was quiet and stayed in the background. You got hints of her story, bits and pieces from the other books. But this time you get it all and it's not a happy story. But you see her and you know that she's hiding. Mil [...]

    14. Willow may act like she doesn't care but deep down she does and I think Miles is perfect for her. I loved her attitude though, "I want a burger. You can have a beer. I'll let you stay here and eat." In a weird state Willow is a funny girl, "I have one last question. If I wasn't high as a kite or look like I've been kick boxed by an ape, you know, would you have shagged me today in that sexy a** car of yours?" Miles he's just sex on two legs I loved him right off the bat, "you have to quit nibbli [...]

    15. Very very very good!I liked it very much and the story touched me from start to finish!The author deserves congratulations! Great job!The story captivated me and I couldn't stop reading. Our heroine is very human and faces major problems in her life. Our hero is a man who overcame great difficulties in life and became a wonderful man.I fell in love even more by Tripp.Creed disappointed me a lot!Willow and Miles make a wonderful couple!I highly recommend!I would like to learn more about friends o [...]

    16. **Received a complimentary copy*** WowThis book is a lot different than the first two. It hurt my heart to read it, but I finished it in one day. I just could NOT put it down. So many emotions going on, you just need to know how it all turns out. And what a surprise at how it ends. I am so mad at Cree, Milley & Lacey. But way to step up Tripp! Sad at the outcome, but totally understand the HEA.

    17. I freaking loved this story! It wasn't a funny humorous book like the first two, it was much harder and a bit darker, but it was a great story.I love how HJ Bellus just pushes the story right along and doesn't drag things out. They happen, they happen rather fast and she gives you a great, fun story all at the same time.Can't wait for the next one coming up

    18. Absolutely fabulous!! The heartbreaks, the healing, the battles. Story well told. Falling in love and redemption - Willow & Miles - my favorite couple. Adding Ridley to the mix - emotional overload!! Nicely written & looking forward to "Luke"! I'm out of here hoochies!!!! ❤️

    19. I just absolutely adored this story! And let me tell you I was always team Cree but now I'm team Tripp with Miles on the side! This story had everything I love in it. It made me laugh, tugged on my heart strings, cried and swooned. I definitely recommend this read.

    20. Wow. I rated the first book 5 stars and have no where to go! The series got better with each book. I love how the ending wasn't perfect, but real.

    21. Omg favourite of the series!! What an amazing story, I didn't think the others could be topped but I was completely wrong, just hope we get more from h,j bellus soon

    22. 5 fan-freakin-tastic starsI one-clicked this book at about noon and finished it at 4pm. True in Heidi form I was laughing out load and ugly crying. From the prologue I knew this book was going to make me want to kick Cree butt. And I love Cree. It had me going WTF what did Willow do to deserve what you are doing to her. So to say this book drew me in from the start in an understatement. This book brings up past hurts and breaks a family a part.Cree really surprise me, he knows what Willow went t [...]

    23. Oh wow. More troubled souls in Miles and Willow. How patient and lovely is Miles. Wonderful caring story with continuing appearances of the other characters in this series of books. Especially the ever gorgeous and fantastic Tripp, by far my favourite of them all. Thoroughly recommend this whole series that just got better and better the more I read.

    24. Can completely see HJ maturing in her writing in each book!! Ugh and the feels!!! I think miles is my favorite tho!!

    25. MilesLoved this book! Absolutely loved Willow and Miles together. This book had my attention from the beginning. Everything that happens in life leads to where you need to be.

    26. Wow! I knew that Willows story was going to be a great one, yet I never knew the emotion I would feel throughout it. Cree and Tripp (book 1&2) made me smile and had some emotional scenes. Yet, Willow and Miles their story tugged at my heart the entire time. Yep, tears were falling throughout this story. Willow is broken. Her spirit is gone and she feels like she doesn't belong even with her close knot family. She hasn't been happy in ages and no matter what she wont allow herself to open up [...]

    27. This is my 5+ star review for Miles by HJ Bellus.Miles is about Miles Tackett and Willow Fitzpatrick from the My Way Series. Willow is broken, she has shut down her emotions and she is only the shell of her former self. She doesn’t know any other way to cope with her life other than to go into bitch mode and protect herself. She struggles on a daily basis and some days she just wants to check out. The only thing keeping her going are the days she gets to spend with Annie. Will she be prepared [...]

    28. This one I think is my favorite so far, I want a Miles of my own! Willow goes with her heart and I was so happy to see her stand up for what she wanted! Of course the family they build is beautiful from the start, they have such good hearts and so much love to give! I just can't express how much I loved this book! These books get better and better!!Merged review:LOVE IT!!!! You need to buy this book!!I have loved all of the books in this series, but this last I think may be the best one, althoug [...]

    29. Miles4.5 Groupie StarsEach book in this series gets better and better. They also get more emotional and heartbreaking as they go on. This book touches a lot of emotional issues and because of that it makes the story so much more real. You become emotionally attached to Willow and your heart is breaking right along with hers. In the previous books you have no idea what Willow is going through, and let me tell you she has been dealt a crappy hand!! I really wanted to punch Greyson in the face and [...]

    30. Willow's StoryOh and what a StoryBroken, Shattered and unable to move on, Devastated!Greyson left Willow in a bad situation. He wasn't the man she needed him to be. This only caused distance to set in between Cree and Willow.In turn Willow relied on Tripp and Lacey to help keep her head above water. She threw herself into her new found love of Cake Decorating and when she was forced to cope she turned to the bottle, oh and being a Complete Bitch seemed to help too.It was her coping mechanismI en [...]

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