Poll shows support is building for third runway at Heathrow

A new ComRes poll has found more than two thirds of the UK public think building a third runway at Heathrow demonstrates that Britain remains ‘open for business’ after Brexit. 

London Heathrow.
London Heathrow.

Strong majorities also believe the new runway will open up new trading opportunities and enable UK businesses to export more goods and services around the globe.

The results come a week after the Government publishes the National Policy Statement on Heathrow expansion, kick starting the planning process.

The new polling follows support from MPs with 74% backing expansion in a recent poll.

The British public clearly appear to recognise that following Brexit a third runway at Heathrow will help Britain compete in the global economy. The new polling comes a week after Heathrow expansion reached its first delivery milestone with the Government publishing the draft National Policy Statement.

The new polling conducted by ComRes saw majorities of respondents agreeing that the runway will help demonstrate that the country remains open for business and/or help prepare Britain for its new role in the world.

69% of those polled agreed with the statement “as the UK prepares to leave the European Union, building the additional runway at Heathrow helps demonstrate that Britain remains open for business” with only 14% of respondents in disagreement.  While 64% agreed that “Building an additional runway at Heathrow will help British businesses expand to new trading routes across the globe.”

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