United pilot’s bizarre rant sparks passenger panic United…

United pilot’s bizarre rant sparks passenger panic

United Airlines is investigating a bizarre incident after a ‘troubled’ pilot was hauled off a plane.

The female pilot went on an incoherent rant over the intercom system, sparking a walkout by several passengers due to fears for their safety.

The pilot first appeared for the flight at Austin in her civilian clothes and asked passengers to take a vote whether she should change into her pilot’s uniform.

After that strange request, things went downhill fast.

She then crudely disparaged President Trump and Hillary Clinton and ranted about a divorce she was currently going through, according to several passengers who live tweeted the strange turn of events.

“It was sad and by the end she was in tears. I talked to her and hugged her because she was having a nervous breakdown,” said passenger Sylvia Nguessan.

Another passenger, Randy Reiss said: “Being a pilot is a tough and stressful job. This particular pilot did not seem emotionally equipped to do that job today. I hope she gets the help she probably needs.”

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