The Presence In all his bone chilling novels of psychological and supernatural suspense New York Times bestselling author John Saul has proven himself a master of terror Now prepare yourself for his most frighten

  • Title: The Presence
  • Author: John Saul
  • ISBN: 9780449910559
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In all his bone chilling novels of psychological and supernatural suspense, New York Times bestselling author John Saul has proven himself a master of terror Now prepare yourself for his most frightening novel yet a story torn from the darkest crevices of night Something evil has risen around you but how can you hope to run from a terror you can t even see BEWARE THE PIn all his bone chilling novels of psychological and supernatural suspense, New York Times bestselling author John Saul has proven himself a master of terror Now prepare yourself for his most frightening novel yet a story torn from the darkest crevices of night Something evil has risen around you but how can you hope to run from a terror you can t even see BEWARE THE PRESENCE

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    1. I wanted to read some escapist fiction and for this reason I chose this book – a sci-fi thriller. The book starts with a pair of divers finding an interesting object off the coast of a Hawaiian island. This is followed by the mysterious death of a teenager in the US. From the very beginning the author has tried to create tension and excitement.Then we meet Katherine Sundquist, an anthropologist who receives a “too good to be true” offer from her old flame in Hawaii. He has discovered a str [...]

    2. I didn't like this story. When Mark Reynolds (I believe that was the name of the first victim) killed himself I didn't think it was because he had a doctored oxygen tank. Yes, pollution is a major problem, getting really bad in some cities, but the concept introduced in this book seemed so far-fetched.

    3. 2012 so far for me has been one of the worst years of my life and it is only February! My luck with reading reflects everything else by being as satisfactory as a Christmas Eve shopping spree. Okay, what's next? Sigh. All right, let's try this store. Oh damn, we are waiting in line for five hours waiting to just get the fuck out! You get the idea. Anyway, in desperate need of something, anything!, that could claim more than three stars and at least impress me a little, I thought long and hard ab [...]

    4. I rather liked this story. I thought it was very interesting & presents some things to ponder. I also thought it had a good ending. Glad I finally got around to reading it :-)(view spoiler)[ I would have liked more information on the Alien Seed Theory - more explained about how humans adapted from the alien seeds sent out from a dying planet. (hide spoiler)]Join us in the John Saul Lit Group on . We're always reading a John Saul title. The Presence is featured as our group read for November- [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book for the most part. I didn't become really invested and intrigued by the story until about half way through however. I loved the ending where everything convulges and I loved the idea behind the experiments as well as the overall message of the book. I wish there had been a little more suspense and hook though.

    6. 'The Presence' was another awesome example of John Saul's ability to bring a story to life and leave me questioning the possibilities. Full of beautifully described scenery, possibilities of the unknown, great characters and scenarios that were full of surprises. The storyline was well written and the way it played out kept me glued to the pages. The characters were an array of personalities. Katharine was the typical mother who wanted the best for her family. She was a great lead. She's strong, [...]

    7. Once I got near the last third of the book I could not put it down Even after I took nighttime cold medicine for the cough I was fighting (thankfully I've never been to hawaii.) I did think this book was going to be scary, like Friday the 13th scary, so I was fort of let down when it was more science fiction esque -- but it definitely had me thinking, speculating after each little clue was revealed.

    8. I enjoyed the story and the two parts that verged together at the end to come together. I really liked the end concept of what the "presence" was. I did not like the overly tidy epilogue. That took it down a notch for me- I think I would have preferred it to be open ended rather than solved. I still enjoyed the read and minus the epilogue I think it was a good read.

    9. The story moved from point A to point B with an easy flow and it wasn't overly long so for that I enjoyed it. The plot didn't impress me, it seemed rather basic and really never developed to its full potential. I felt like it could've been a more intense story but unfortunately that did not happen. Three stars.

    10. I love John Saul books. He is almost as good of a horror author as Stephen King. His writing style is unique and that is what makes him one of my favorite authors. I haven't read a book of his I haven't liked yet, they are all so great. I would reread any of his books anytime but there are too many to go into detail about each one.

    11. Normally I love John Saul. But I did not enjoy this book. I did not like the premise and there were a lot of parts that bored me. I wanted to read a book that scared me. This was not it. And I found it to be a little stupid at points.

    12. I only finished this book because I was using it as the Hawaii book in the geography challenge I'm doing. It is trite and the scientific and technological descriptions and concepts are ludicrous.

    13. I have read most of John Sauls books and loved them, but this onehhhtely not one of my favorites, not his style at all.

    14. Dissapointing book from Saul, in my opinion. Dull and really predictable. Bad lecture. The story was good. The book, awfull.

    15. This book starts out like a good mystery in a great place MAUI. The story continues to get more weird the longer it goes on. Not one of my favorites

    16. Just didn't like it. I haven't liked his past few books, not very interesting and the characters were too simple.

    17. OMG, it was so great to read such a 'hard-to-put-down' book again!It has been a long time since I've had the pleasure of reading a really intense thriller, but John Saul's~ The Presence, was a great one. I don't know why I haven't read more by him since I remember really liking 'Nathaniel' years ago. I will definitely be reading more of his work for a while.This book captured my interest from the beginning, and the suspense got intense very early on. It is a great unique storyline, plus I really [...]

    18. This book was typical John Saul. It was good, and I was involved enough to keep reading, however it lacked the psycho-terror I have felt from some of his other books. If you like John Saul, I'd say go ahead and read it. It's always best to judge based on your own reading experience.

    19. Good Sci Fiction NovelI have always liked the works of John Saul. As soon as I began reading it I thought the story was very familiar. But I could not remember how it ended. So I was quite fortunate to have the pleasure of reading it again!

    20. Summary: A very rich man named Takeo Yoshihara has been experimenting with a liquid some of the people on his team have found deep in the Ocean.The liquid is found to make it possible for oxygen breathing beings to breathe polluted air and still live. But, there's on downside he has found. Once the experimental fluid has been consumed, the creature can no longer handle un-polluted air. They will die.Katharine Sundquist has been offered a job in Maui. She will be working along side an old High Sc [...]

    21. I have been reading this author since I was 12 years old, it started with The God Project and I read everything he wrote until around 1989. At that point I moved on to Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, and Stephen King. About five years ago I read The Manhattan Hunt Club, it was so different from anything he had written before, I read that book in 2 days. After that I avoided him again since anything else he had written would pale in comparison. I am glad I waited.The story was about Catherine and her son [...]

    22. This is my first real suspense or Sci-fi novel. I've always liked the genre and I've watched lots of its TV shows and movies but I've never read a novel. The book was really good. I like the main plot and considering it was written in 1997, it's really good. I liked the characters. I liked Katherine because she's a real character. A Mom who is afraid and has insecurities but at the same time is tough and can act wisely and bravely when it's needed. She is smart, caring and likeable. The only ann [...]

    23. I'm one of those with cover love. I love book covers just the same as I do movie posters. It's the exceptional art; It simply does something to me And no sooner than I'd seen the cover art for John Saul's The Presence, I had a strong feeling that the story within would too affright And it most certainly did. One of the best horror novels I've read to date, The Presence is a bona fide bone-chiller. And I applaud John Saul on his delivering such a great effort. The plot is interesting and fast-mo [...]

    24. I was remembering how much John Saul scared me when I first started reading him as a teen. I decided to relive the past and check out a John Saul book from the library.The Presence is more of a science fiction book, with an element of horror. I thought it was a unique idea and the book was very interesting from start to finish. It was not particularly scary, but was very suspenseful. The ending wrapped things up a little too conveniently for my liking, but it was still a very enjoyable book. Thi [...]

    25. john saul is turning out to be a bit hit and miss for me, but this story was a good read. the ending was slightly dissapointing which it seems is a regular theme for john saul in the books ive read so far (except shadows) but all the same closes the story satisfactorilye cover and title are a little misleading, in that this is more a medical/sci fi thriller rather than a horror but it still packs a puncheresting concept and likeable characters keep the momentum and result in an entertaining read [...]

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