Flight School Little Penguin has the soul of an eagle but he wasn t built to soar With irrepressible spirit Penguin follows his dreams to flip flap fly Even if he needs a little help with the technical parts t

  • Title: Flight School
  • Author: Lita Judge
  • ISBN: 9781442481770
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Little Penguin has the soul of an eagle, but he wasn t built to soar With irrepressible spirit, Penguin follows his dreams to flip, flap, fly Even if he needs a little help with the technical parts, this penguin is ready to live on the wind.

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      339 Lita Judge
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    One Reply to “Flight School”

    1. I spent the whole time going "but you can swim, Penguin, c'mon!" Which is obviously the wrong reaction here, but even when the critter splashes into the water, there's no acknowledgment of how great penguins are at the actions they were actually built to do. This one was pretty slight, and on principle, I shy away from "I have the soul of a [different species]!" text. (Thanks, otherkin.) I wouldn't recommend it except to the most penguin-happy children--and even then, Salina Yoon's work is a muc [...]

    2. Loved this story. Great book with a couple of lessons - it's about being determined to teach a goal but it's also about accepting help from your friends. I love the penguin's tenacity and positive attitude.My favorite line, "He'd just needed a little help with the technical parts." I understand. I always need help with those parts!

    3. An adorable book about a penguin going to flight school, containing within a brilliant message that encourages children to work hard and persist in achieving their dreams. With beautiful illustrations and a great humour about it, this book is definitely one to have on hand.

    4. I read this in about 5 minutes. It was definitely cute, but not that greatest story line. I guess the message is definitely about trying you hardest to reach your dreams even when they seem impossible. The artwork was definitely my favorite part.

    5. The pictures were beautiful and we loved the spirit of the penguin ( who has the soul of an eagle!). He never gives up and gets a friend's help to fly. He stays upbeat and positive, which is a great lesson for kids. This would be a great mindset book. The end was a little hard for young ones to understand.

    6. I am ded at this penguin's glasses.But the hint of spirit animal stuff makes me supes uncomfortable.

    7. I loved this little book. Penguin wants so badly to flybut his body isn't built for flying. Despite his difficulties, he doesn't give up. He has teachers who work with him and believe in him. He has persistence and determination to have the chance to soar like an eagle. And he accepts help from others. It's a winning combination that students could also use to overcome their challenges. Plus, I love the darling illustrations. Fairly certain I will use this as a Book of the Month selection this u [...]

    8. When it's time to sign up for flight school Penguin joins the rest of the group. Even when the teachers tell him that they don't think he was meant to fly, Penguin insists that he has the heart of an eagle. Ok, say the teachers and flight school begins.Each of the birds takes their first flight. Everyone does well Except for Penguin, who landed right in the ocean. He heads home dejected and forlorn. Suddenly Flamingo calls him back. Maybe what he needs is a little "technical intervention."And be [...]

    9. I adored this book despite having a rather practical personality that says use the talents you have and strongly disagreeing with the adage, "You can be anything you want to be". But who couldn't love this adorable determined penguin? The best part is end! A great book to help teach children the value of determination and the need for perseverance!

    10. A cute story about a little penguin who just wants to fly like all the other birds. I found the ending particularly amusing. A fun read aloud.

    11. I have the soul of an eagle, too, Little Penguin.Cute book about dreams/goal and making them come true.

    12. Penguin has "the soul of an eagle." With the help of the flight school he manages to soar on the wind. Love the ending.

    13. Cute story about a penguin wanting to fly. I liked the solution they found at the school for him - even if it opened things up for a whole new project at the end.

    14. This book is about a little penguin who wants to learn how to fly because he has the "soul of an eagle." He goes to flight school where the other birds try to no avail to teach him to fly. Finally, one of the birds has an idea and they come up with a way to let penguin soar high up in the sky.I thought that this was a very cute book. My favorite part are the watercolor illustrations. The full page illustrations are very bright, colorful, and eye-catching. The characters are colorful and full of [...]

    15. The kids and I loved this story - so funny, great illustrations and a terrific ending. Plus, Penguin's got a fantastic way of phrasing things Like "I was hatched to fly." I think kids can relate to this penguin, because so many people dream of flying. We can understand why this little penguin wishes to fly. (After all, the human desire to fly led to the invention of hot air balloons, airplanes, helicopters, rockets etc )I think the message about finding a creative alternative solution to achieve [...]

    16. Such a cute book! The story is great and the illustrations are even better. I would use this in a classroom in a number of ways. It is a great book for kicking of a discussion on animal habitats and body structures. It would also work for work with comparison and contrast (penguin with the other birds). Finally, I would use this in a class meeting setting to discuss how we are each different, good at different things, and yet, with the help of others, we can do anything.

    17. I really enjoyed this children's book and I thought it sent a really good message to kids. I believe that this book could give children hope that they can accomplish anything they set their minds too. A lot of children can relate to this book, they may have their heart set on something that they need others help with.

    18. A great story about following your dreams, even when they seem out of reach. Penguin, despite having the "soul of an eagle," is still unable to fly on his own. Friendship, bravery, and accepting reality while still dreaming of more are the themes of this fun little story. And the illustrations are wonderful!

    19. Simple and fun, I am thinking of using this in my class for the student who said during our Growth Mindset unit when I said there was absolutely nothing my Kiwis could not accomplish with effort and perseverance, "I will never be able to fly." I love this book for the simple fact that it defies all physiological limitations and encourages children to dream big.

    20. Love this book. Penguin is feisty and adorable and totally determined. And his teachers are awesome at helping him realize his dream. Love the emotion and humor in this book - makes me want to read all of Lita Judge's picture books.

    21. A penguin goes to flight school, sure that with a soul of an eagle even a penguin can fly. Unfortunately, anatomy disagrees. However, the teachers, seeing the penguin's disappointment, find a way to let the penguin experience flight.

    22. July 2017 - great comedy, although we had to talk about flightless birds for a bit before it made sense to Ben.

    23. Grade 7 liked it. Some struggled with why it is funny that a penguin or ostrich would need flight school, but eventually understood.

    24. We loved this book. Per my 7-year old daughter, Elizabeth - "it shows that you should not quit on what you love!"

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