All the Way The food critic Miranda Storme never expected to see Gavin Luciano again Three years ago they had an intense affair and then he bolted Now he s back and Miranda has the pleasure of a little payback

  • Title: All the Way
  • Author: Jennifer Probst
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The food critic Miranda Storme never expected to see Gavin Luciano again Three years ago, they had an intense affair and then he bolted Now he s back, and Miranda has the pleasure of a little payback a scathing review of his restaurant Revenge is a dish best served the first chance you get And the restaurateur With three months to make his family s struggling Italian rThe food critic Miranda Storme never expected to see Gavin Luciano again Three years ago, they had an intense affair and then he bolted Now he s back, and Miranda has the pleasure of a little payback a scathing review of his restaurant Revenge is a dish best served the first chance you get And the restaurateur With three months to make his family s struggling Italian restaurant successful, a bad review is Gavin s worst nightmare But this isn t just about the meal He s finally realized what he left behind and is determined to spend the next eight weeks proving himself to her in the kitchen and in the bedroom This is one dish she won t be able to refuse

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    1. "Because I knew it wasn’t over the moment you looked into my eyes."Who knows where the road will lead us, but if you let me love you, I’ll love you all the way.’"So I have a weaknessI know, I know, you're probably shocked and appalled right now! I mean ME, having a weaknessazy!But I digressI have a weakness for 'the boy and girl meet and have an affair, girl falls in love, boy leaves and breaks her heart, but now he realizes he wants her back' story line. It doesn't matter how many times I [...]

    2. An Italian guy. AGAINTHER. OF. GOD.I wouldn't miss it for the world.Jennifer, you're such a stubbornEDIT 07/12/14*si schiarisce la voce*E va bene, dai. Lo sapevamo tutti come sarebbe andata a finire, no?Stesse modalità, stesso tutto. Mancava Mamma Conte e non mancava proprio niente (cioè, insomma).Però no, non dirò che i libri della Probst sono tutti uguali. Solo perché qui c'è un effettivo deficit di contratti di matrimonio. Che ti è saltato in testa, J.?Dirò, però, che è monotono esa [...]

    3. 4.5 Stars Review & GIVEAWAY also posted at All The Way is sexy, sweet and it’s a total “foodie” romance. And as usual, another job well done by Ms. Probst. She never fails to deliver a wonderful contemporary romance. ~Under The CoversAll The Way is sexy, sweet , and it’s a total “foodie” romance. And as usual, another job well done by Ms. Probst. She never fails to deliver a wonderful contemporary romance.What would you do if you cross paths with someone who broke your heart? Run [...]

    4. I have never read this author before. If I have to judge from this novel I am not going to try again.But it is well known I am not a fan of contemporary romance. So please keep this in mind.Three quick reasons I didn't like this short novel.1. I really dislike the idea of a woman who is unable to forgo the past and cannot live after a man left her. It's a common refrain of mine. Yes she can still be in some pain after three years. But not like this.2. He is a jerk but mostly a stalker. I don't f [...]

    5. Jennifer severek takip ettiğim yazarlardan biri.Bu kitabını da severek okudum. Tek kitap değil de seri olsaymış keşke.Küçük kardeş Brandon'ın hikayesini de merak ettim. :D

    6. This was a quite enjoyable story that took more twists and turns than I’d expected. It starts as your typical boy meets girl, has a whirlwind romance, then he leaves, but then comes back after way too long. I really appreciated the fact that she didn’t just accept him back, no questions asked, but rather they both worked towards reconciliation. Probst puts elements of reality into this fairy tale like story. She also takes the time to develop her characters as individuals. This goes for both [...]

    7. A typical 2nd chance love story.Nothing new going on in this book and I am sorry to say that I got bored through some scenes and was just speed reading them, just not exciting enough and just not much happening really. It was also very predictable at times.But I will say that I did like the relationship between Gavin and Miranda and I enjoyed the scenes that involved them. I am not saying that this is a bad book at all, it just didn´t go anywhere for me, there was just something missing for me. [...]

    8. Didn’t really care for this one. Miranda/h spent at least 90% of the bk playing the victim. I'd have made the H work for it too but she goes overboard. Tired of both the H/h by the time this bk was over.

    9. 3.5 starsFun enjoyable read.This is a second chance trope. Three years ago, Gavin and Miranda had an affair but when Miranda declared her love, Gavin freaked out and run away. But during those long three years he discovered that, although he had fulfilled his goal and succeeded in his career, he cant take Miranda out of his mind . Now he is back to help save his family restaurant. Miranda is a well-known food critic. One bad review from her and the restaurant will go under. But there is much mor [...]

    10. Kitap genel olarak sevimliydi. Ben Gavin'ı da Miranda'yı da çok sevdim. Hatta Mia Casa'nın bütün çalışanlarına bayıldım.Tabii ki yine bir Nemesis klasiği olarak kapakla konunun hiçbir alakası yoktu. Üstelik kitap 295. sayfada son buluyor. Yayınevi 366'ya kadar yeni bir kitabın ön okumasını eklemiş. İşte bu benim en sevmediğim şeylerden biri. Tamam amaç yeni kitabın reklamı olabilir ama beni yeni bitirdiğim hikâyeden soğutuyor. Bu durum da okuyucu olarak hoşuma gi [...]

    11. [4.5/5 stars]If you like any of Jennifer Probst's Marriage Bargain books, you'll love All the Way. Though this is a different storyline than that of one ending or beginning in marriage like the books in the series, All the Way follows a similar pattern of conflicting feelings of love and lust. This is a great read for those of us who like a bit of romantic predictability mixed with passionate love scenes.

    12. 3.5 StarsPretty standard 2nd chance romance. Guy and girl hookup, guy wants sex, girl wants more. Guy leaves. Figures out he screwed up and girl makes him pay for his past stupidity.I am loving all stories with groveling male assholes and this was no exception. I really liked Gavin and Miranda. And this author is great at writing steam. Overall, a super quick easy read.

    13. Non ricordo quanti libri ho letto della Probst, ma ogni volta mi ritrovo a spegnere il Kindle con un meraviglioso sorriso.Sebbene i suoi personaggi non siano molto diversi, la trama e il velo di ironia che caratterizzano il modo di scrivere di questa autrice, sono un ottimo incentivo ad acquistare i libri.Questa volta il belloccio è Gavin, un ragazzo di origine italiana che si ritrova a fare i conti con la sua famiglia e l'amore della sua vita dopo esser stato richiamato a casa.La sua è una ve [...]

    14. All The Way is the first book I’ve read written by Jennifer Probst. I’ve been wanting to read her works since last year and after reading it I’ve realized that I should started sooner. I fell in love as soon as I started reading. I absolutely love it. The book, does not disappoint in the least and to think that it’s the first book I’ve read this year.The Heroine Miranda is now a very successful food critic but never in a million years she imagined that she would see Gavin Luciano again [...]

    15. A short romance from JP. Not as good as Marriage to Billionaire series but the author never fails to impressed me with her style. Cliche, yup, but still an enjoyable romance. As usual, she's doing well in developing the characters; both main or supporting. Really enjoyed the chemistry between Gavin and Miranda, how they took time to understanding and forgiving each other. I adored Gavin who knows he has screwed up and now he is determined to win back Miranda’s trust and love again. To conclude [...]

    16. First I'm gonna pick some words that describe the book:Broken hearts / love / friendship / abandone / adult / passion / food / cooking / business / family / money / power / I must say that I love Jennifer Probst as an author. Her books always get me in a relaxed mood with laughter and understanding. I read the 'married with a Billionaire' series and I'm reading the 'Searching for' series and I really love those! That's why I'm disappointed in this one. There's not much 'deep' to the story. I did [...]

    17. A word of advice. DO NOT get the audio version of this book. It completely ruins the whole experience and makes the book just bad. I might have like it more but I absolutely could not STAND the narrator of this. The story itself seemed a bit rushed and not as good as the other books I've read from Jennifer Probst. However, after I switched from the audio to just reading, it did become much more bearable.

    18. Miranda benim çok sevdiğim bir kadın karakter oldu. Gavin'a olan aşkı ve tutkusu kalbinden, aklından silinmemiş olsa da bunu Gavin'a belli etmedi ve adamı görür görmez boynuna atlamadı. Aksine, biraz süründürdü diyebiliriz. İyi de yaptı :D yorumun devamı blogda :)simdiyazmazamani.

    19. Nice and straight to the point romance.You should never hate your ex-boyfriend too much.A quick read, and really enjoyed this one. The chemistry between Miranda and Gavin sizzles.But I think I enjoyed it much because of Gavin's family. They are loud and I love the banters between the family members.

    20. Been waiting for another Jennifer Probst's creation. Ah, she never fails me. She's already included in my fave authors. If you're looking for a light, short, sexy, happy ending story then this one's definitely for you. :)

    21. 4,5*Teta Probstová.Jednoducho úžasnáNie v plnej sile ako zvyčajneAle takmer tak úžasná ako vždy :3 <3

    22. Rating=4.75/5 Rated as a FANTASTIC READ from the sunny side of life!Review goes live at 00:00 hours MVT on March 02, 2013!

    23. 1.5 starsAfter reading two books by Jennifer Probst and immensely enjoying both of them, it shouldn't come as a big surprise the fact that I just couldn't wait to get my hands on her newest release with Entangled, All the Way. I was dying to read another sweet and at the same time impossibly sexy romance written in a way only Probst can deliver. Alas, All the Way was nothing like what I expected it to be and compared to the author's Marriage to a Billionaire series, it's quite inferior I'm afrai [...]

    24. La Probst riesce a colpirmi ancora una volta! Dopo la serie dedicata ai "contratti" (indecente, fatale, di passione e finale) torna più scoppiettante che mai! Protagonisti della vicenda sono Gavin e Miranda.Miranda è una critica gastronomica che scrive una rubrica dedicata alle recensioni dei ristoranti su una testata giornalistica. Chi l'avrebbe mai detto che nel ristorante italiano Casa Mia potesse mai incontrare il suo ex, Gavin, proprietario del ristorante di famiglia. Miranda pensa bene d [...]

    25. illekitap/2016Jennifer Probst kalemini sevdiğim yazarlardan biri. Ülkemizde yayınlanan bütün kitaplarını okumuş sadece Sonuna Kadar kitabı kalmıştı ve haftasonumu bu kitabı okuyarak güzelleştireyim diye düşünerek başladım kitaba :DVee yazar yine beklentilerimi karşıladı, beni yanılmadı!Gereksiz entrikalardan, kıskançlık krizlerinden uzak, gereksiz küslükler ve ayrılıklarla kitabı veya kurguyu uzatma amacı güdülmeden, eğlenceli, arkadaşlık ve aile ilişkiler [...]

    26. The last place Miranda Stowe expected to find Gavin Luciano was in the middle of Mia Casa while she she having dinner with her best friend. Seeing Gavin brought up all the ugly memories of how he left and what she had to deal with afterwards. She uses her job as a food critic to get her ultimate revenge, but she learns that Gavin isn't going to give up that easily.Three years ago, Gavin abruptly left Miranda for a job in Europe. Temporarily home to help save his family's restaurant from bankrupt [...]

    27. I am a huge fan of Jennifer Probst and her series called Marriage to a Billionaire (if you haven’t read them you must do it as soon as possible) so I was thrilled and very excited to read her new book All the Way All the way follows the similar pattern of Marriage to a Billionaire : strong romance, smoking sex scenes and characters you wished there were real Miranda and Gavin used to be a couple when they broke up because of Gavin choice to live ,feel and experience more in real life according [...]

    28. This is a very fun read! The characters were fun to read about, and each one had something that I loved about them. Yes, even Allison and how she is shown up by Miranda. I thought that this book was a great look into what it takes to be happy, and how decisions can be made and how life changes because of it. I was biting my nails and rooting for Gavin and Miranda the whole way wondering if they were really going to get a happy ending. I loved hearing about the 'foodie' industry without it all be [...]

    29. E anche la Probst non delude mai! Dopo aver letto quasi l'intera bibliografia di Jennifer Probst mi sento di dire che non ho mai trovato un libro neanche lontanamente simile al precedente e che ognuno di essi mi ha colpito. Naturalmente ci sono stati i tre vincitori: Potere esecutivo, Aspettando Te e sono indecisa tra Contratto di passione e Vendetta Piccante. Meritano tutti! Lo stile della Probst si riconosce nei suoi uomini, sexy e testardi, quando trovano la donna giusta addioooo! Merita, que [...]

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