Ludvig Meine Liebe Ein schwerer Fall von Liebe Darf einem so warm und schwach im ganzen K rper werden wenn man seinen eigenen Bruder ansieht Darf das passieren auch wenn er der h bscheste und netteste Junge im ganzen

  • Title: Ludvig Meine Liebe
  • Author: Katarina von Bredow Maike Dörries
  • ISBN: 9783407787842
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ein schwerer Fall von Liebe Darf einem so warm und schwach im ganzen K rper werden, wenn man seinen eigenen Bruder ansieht Darf das passieren, auch wenn er der h bscheste und netteste Junge im ganzen Universum ist Ich kann nichts dagegen tun Trotz dieser Zweifel kann Amanda ihre Gef hle nicht verbergen, und auch Ludvig ist in Amanda verliebt Die Spannung zwischen denEin schwerer Fall von Liebe Darf einem so warm und schwach im ganzen K rper werden, wenn man seinen eigenen Bruder ansieht Darf das passieren, auch wenn er der h bscheste und netteste Junge im ganzen Universum ist Ich kann nichts dagegen tun Trotz dieser Zweifel kann Amanda ihre Gef hle nicht verbergen, und auch Ludvig ist in Amanda verliebt Die Spannung zwischen den Geschwistern wird immer st rker bis sie ihren Gef hlen und ihrem Verlangen nachgeben Eine leidenschaftliche, heimliche Liebe beginnt.

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      395 Katarina von Bredow Maike Dörries
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    One Reply to “Ludvig Meine Liebe”

    1. I really recommend this book to everyone. Especially if you like crying. A lot of people think it's really horrible to read something like this because of the incest. They are really missing out, cause it's a really good book. I don't think it's about incest, but about two people falling in love with each other while they know they could never be together.

    2. I read this book in German ages ago for the first time. It has been a favorite ever since.It's a story about two siblings - Ludvig and Amanda - who are coming of age and are in love with each other. It tells the story from Amanda's point of view and despite the fact that it is about incest, it actually tells the story about a very deep, strong love that these two feel for each other. It doesn't depict incest in a sick way, or point fingers or focus on the 'dirty'/'tabu' aspect of it. It talks ab [...]

    3. Amanda (16) und Ludvig (17) sind Geschwister. Seit ihrer frühesten Kindheit hängen die beiden sehr aneinander. Doch je älter die beiden werden, desto mehr verändern sich ihre Gefühle füreinander. Ihre Zuneigung geht über Geschwisterliebe hinaus - Amanda und Ludvig haben sich ineinander verliebt, doch diese Liebe ist verboten! Mein Leseeindruck:Dieses Buch habe ich schon vor vielen Jahren einmal gelesen und fand es damals schon einfach nur schön. Es ist mir auch immer irgendwie im Kopf ge [...]

    4. I rarelly ever read teenage romance, I never liked them, but when I saw this in the library, I had to read it. It was amazing, and I cried throughout the last four chapters, not wanting it to end. It is a touching story about two siblings who care deeply for each other, and somehow can't understand why they can't be togheter. Of course, things get complicated all the time. There is so much love in this book, and everyone should read it at least once.

    5. I absolutely love this coming-of-age story about a brother and sister who love each other more than they should. I read this in Dutch translation. Amanda and Ludvig are pretty much inseparable when they grow up, they're only a year apart, and form a kind of double act against their much older smart-ass sister. But as they hit puberty Amanda begins to realise the deep love she feels for her brother is no longer platonic and she suspects he might feel the same way. This realisation torments her an [...]

    6. I think intense is the only word I really have to describe this book. I understand that it's not a book for everyone, and I wouldn't argue with the ones rating this book with one star. I read this book for the first time when I was twelve years old. Back then I read almost everything I could get my hands on, including books whose target group most certainly didn't include twelve year old girls. Seven years later I wondered if this book would touch me just as much as an adult and it did. I finish [...]

    7. An intruiging story about a brother and sister who fall in love with each other, and the terrible consequences of their romance. Heartfelt and sad, this book makes you take the viewpoint of the lovers and not of society, thus also giving you something to think about. My biggest criticism concerns the translation: I really don't believe teenagers say things like "akkoord" to each other, not even in the eighties.

    8. I do not like it. The subject just feels wrong and it does not meet my expectations at Katarinas's books are some of the best juvenile novels which in principle is all about love. The language was bad and boring, the characters were bland and wrong, everything was wrong. If I had not been told that Katarina had written it I would have never guessed at it, and I had never read it unless it had been one of her works. This review need not be longer, a bad book simply.

    9. 3.5 stjerner. // Jeg synes det er helt utrolig imponerende å tenke på at forfatteren kun var 17 år gammel da hun skrev denne romanen om en bror og søster som forelsker seg i hverandre. For noen sterke følelser hun klarer å fremkalle. Jeg fikk til tider veldig vondt i hjertet, og alt i alt synes jeg dette var en bra ungdomsroman.

    10. The BEST of Katarina's books! No doubt. Some people can find this book some how disgusting or something liek that. But I can't understand how!? You don't see them like siblings, you only see the love and when you let yourself get caught up in the book. YOu'll fall flat on your face! LOVE

    11. I had completely forgotten how much I loved this book and how flawless it is. Second time reading it. I have no words for the amount of feels I am conquering right now. Just no. I'm dead.

    12. Many people will get disturbed about the book because it talks about incest, but I think Katarina von Bredow is an amazing author that makes it work. I read this one after one of her other books and I was in my teen years when I did. Still I really liked it. It's a really sad and well written story actually.

    13. It´s a weird book. I kinda like it but also not. It´s interesting because it is about forbidden love. But because it is about a love relation between sister and brother makes it weird to read it. It was not bad written but also not very good.

    14. Syskonkärlek är en av mina absoluta favoritböcker.Författaren, Katarina von Bredow har skrivit många av mina favoritböcker och är så duktig på att skildra ungdomens tankar och känslor. Den här boken rekommenderar jag ofta till mina vänner.

    15. En av mina absoluta favoritböcker, jag har läst den om och om igen under 15 års tid. Det är en fantastisk skildring av tonårskänslor: pirret, värmen, glädje, tårar, skam. Språket är enkelt, avskalat. I mina tonår hjälpte den mig att sätta ord på känslor - något många unga vuxna kan behöva.

    16. Für die Story würde ich vier Sterne geben, doch das Buch war so wundervoll und mitreißend geschrieben und hat mich wirklich mitgenommen vier Sterne bringe ich nicht übers Herz!

    17. Amanda and Ludvig have always been close as siblings, ever since growing up. However, the moment Amanda asks Ludvig if he can pose naked for her to paint him, she realizes her feelings for him are stronger than most sisters have for their brothers. She desperately tries to fight the feelings, but they are too strong for her and become impossible to fight when she finds out Ludvig feels the same.I read this book because it was recommended to me by a friend, and I'm certainly not disappointed. Ama [...]

    18. I read this book in Danish ages ago and it remains one of the most memorable books I have ever read. It's different, angsty, romantic and hardcore. I'm all about the drama and impossible/forbidden love stories, so this was just up my alley! I like how the story isn't slow paced and it begins right away, which is something I really appreciate in a book. I remember thinking "oh, I want it to be longer" before having opened it, but it helps immensely that it doesn't need two or three chapters in or [...]

    19. I am a huge fan of quirky, weird stories of quirky, weird people. Therefore I thought that this book would fit right in my alley. A brother and a sister falling in love with each other? Hell yeah! (or actually hell no)The book really disappointed me though. I don't know why, but from the beginning on, I didn't had the feeling that Ludvig and Amanda really were siblings. They felt more like people that happened to life in the same house. Ans whatsup with Eva not finding it weird that Amanda is in [...]

    20. Hmm kanske inte riktigt min typ av bok?En kompis rekommenderade den här boken så jag provade. Jag tyckte dock att den var seg med få "spännande" och tillkallande scener. Jag ogillade karaktärerna och tyckte rentav att hela boken var rätt skum. Asså jag har inget emot lite (eller gärna mycket) kärlek i böcker men då ska det vara:1. mellan två karaktärer jag shippar och gillar. 2. Välskriven romans som är naturlig och inte med så konstiga rader som uppkommer flera gånger i den hä [...]

    21. When i first read this book, I was 11 years old. I read it not once, not twice, but hundreds of times. I learnt the first chapter by heart, word by word. But then the years went by, and it grew comfortable in my bookshelf. I almost became scared to reopen it, because what if I no longer liked it?This book is so incredibly controversial, far more than i understood at age 11. Back then, i was simply mesmerized by the love story. When i finally reread it a few weeks ago, i did so with morals and pr [...]

    22. First of all, I read the dutch translation so there may be some diffrences with the original. This book actualy made me want to read more books, believe it or not I even searched for this site :DI actually don't know al lot to say about this book other than I enjoyed reading it, I liked how the book started, they jump right into the story and don't hang around for tens of pages before starting the plot.I liked how you got to read about their past and what has happend so far.So character devlopme [...]

    23. Kortfattat så var det här inte riktigt min kopp te. Väldigt tråkig språkmässigt, inte mycket handling och förutsägbar.Intressant och kontroversiellt tema, vilket (givetvis) var det som drog mig till den, men tyvärr stannar det där. Boken var lättläst, och gick snabbt att plöja igenom, men den fängslade mig inte. Kände mig mest irriterad över huvudkaraktärens repetiva tankar och det färglösa språket.Dock kom det möjligtvis en liten tår i slutet, förutsägbarhet till trots, [...]

    24. 4.5Just wow.This book is truly an artwork. Katarina is very good at writing in a way that makes you relate, understand and get to know the characters, at least what I think. I understand that some people doesn't agree with me, but that's ok. I think it's very well written and thst the ending was really beautiful. I really did hate the mother because of the suffering that Amanda had to go through. Although it was really great, my interest were only at it's peak at the second half of the book and [...]

    25. Jag vet inte vullen gång i ordningen det var jag läste denna bok för, men det var i alla fall första gången på säkert 4 år, och jag måste söka att jag vart positivt överraskad. Jag trodde den skulle vara lite halvers nu när jag har vuxit upp lite, men jag njöt nästan lika mycket av den som första gångerna jag läste den. perfekta ligga-i-solen-och-chilla-boken!

    26. Es war mal was anderes, auch wenn ich sehr gespalten über die Thematik war. Wo hat wahre Liebe ihre Grenzen?Die Autorin hat ein "Tabuthema" aufgegriffen und es aus Sicht der Betroffenen unglaublich gut geschildert. Ich konnte mich gut in die Charaktere hineinversetzen und hab ihre Zerrissenheit nachempfinden können.

    27. Ik en mijn broer - Katarina von Bredow Amanda en haar broer zijn altijd vrij close geweest, maar als Amanda in de puberteit komt, merkt ze dat de gevoelens voor haar broer onstuimiger zijn dan normaal is - en dan wat toegestaan is. Ik heb dit boek jaren geleden gelezen, maar toch staat dit me nog zo goed bij! Wat een taboe en wat maakte dit boek toen indruk op mij!

    28. More like 2.5 stars maybe? Ugh, I don't really know what to say other than this book didn't really do anything for me. The characters felt pretty flat, the overall story was mostly predictable and the writing was nothing special. And for a book so full of emotions it left me feeling very indifferent. It's not a bad book, but it's not, in my opinion, an great one either.

    29. Definitely an interesting read, that I still remember now, years after having read it. But unfortunately it isn't more than that. The storyline and execution of the book left something to be desired. The premise of the book is excellent, different and intriguing, however the book itself did not live up to my expectations. 3 stars

    30. Leste denne som tenåring, kanskje 10 år siden, og husker jeg synes den var vanvittig spennende - og at det var vanskelig å se for seg at denne kjærligheten var forbudt, samtidig som det var ekstremt krevende å akseptere dette forholdet mellom søster og bror.

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