N embrassez pas qui vous voulez Qu un petit gar on essaie d embrasser son amoureuse cela n a rien de dramatique Sauf si la sc ne a lieu dans un pays subissant la dictature sovi tique bien avan que le Mur n ait m me commenc se fiss

  • Title: N'embrassez pas qui vous voulez
  • Author: Marzena Sowa
  • ISBN: 9782800150925
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Qu un petit gar on essaie d embrasser son amoureuse, cela n a rien de dramatique Sauf si la sc ne a lieu dans un pays subissant la dictature sovi tique, bien avan que le Mur n ait m me commenc se fissurer L espoir et la r sistance sont pourtant l , dans le coeur des enfants comme dans la po sie et la fiction autour desquels ils se retrouvent.

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      451 Marzena Sowa
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    1. Although it isn't named, this story is taking place after World War II in what, in the west, was known as the Eastern Block, the Eastern European countries that the Soviets took over. The children are being taught to love Russia and especially Stalin. It is at one such screening of a propaganda film that the little boy, in the title of the story, tries to kiss a little girl, and she screams. The film is stopped, and he is questioned, more than one would imagine for such a minor incident. His fat [...]

    2. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. This one sounded really good, plus I am always interested in stories taking place during the Soviet rule. But sadly this one was, just like the previous comic I read today, not good. I was annoyed with all the characters, there were just too many of them that we follow (not just our young boy, but also Agatha (the crush), a girl who takes lessons and does much more there, then there are the friends of the boy). I would have lik [...]

    3. Two young children (a boy and a girl) in a communist country are at school watching a film about Stalin. The little boy tries to kiss the girl next to him and she screams. The film is stopped and the teachers begin to interrogate the children. To them this isn't a childish prank, it is a form of resistance and it needs further investigationAnd so an investigation starts which leads to the young boy's father who is a poet, but the ripple effect touches the lives of others who are coping with this [...]

    4. "We can think whatever we want, but we can't say it.”I admire the reserved, muted colours of the artwork and the layers of emotion and story within a relatively short, not very wordy graphic novel. There is power in its compactness and restraint."You can't just kiss anyone you want" pivots on one small incident that becomes a big deal within the context of a school in a socialist republic. It is a thoughtful little story about the lack of freedom in a totalitarian regime such as the post-WWII [...]

    5. This unusual graphic novel shows a slice of life under Communism through the eyes of school-children, revealing how small, innocent acts can have unexpectedly significant consequences in a society where it seems that everyone is lying, both to others and often to themselves. It begins with a childish kiss that forces a stop to a Stalinist propaganda film and ends with a small child being pressured to steal the work of his dissident poet father while his friends in turn find themselves revealing [...]

    6. You Can't Just Kiss Anyone You Want by Marzena Sowa and Sandrine Revel; this is the second graphic novel ARC I have read published by Europe Comics and they are making some fantastic publishing choices!You Can't Just Kiss Anyone You Want begins with a boy and a girl with their class watching a film about Stalin, one to promote love for him, the boy then attempts to kiss the girl who screams out loud and the film is stopped. Nice little everyday story about kids trying to kiss and the girl findin [...]

    7. Seré yo que no tengo la sensibilidad adecuada para estas criticas a las repúblicas soviéticas de postguerra, pero a mi este tebeo me ha dejado mas que frío, a pesar de sus buenas criticas. Polonia y la falta de libertad para decir lo que se piensa, traído a colación a través de un incidente con un niño que intenta besar a una niña durante una proyección de una película de propaganda. Lo que la gente, piensa o es en contraposición a lo que muestra. Pues vale, pero a mi ni fú ni fá.

    8. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/Author Marzena Sowa gained fame from her autobiographical graphic novels about growing up in communist Poland. Part bittersweet, part biting social commentary of life in that period, her books are full of pathos but also the joys of youth, even in the hardest of environments. With You Can't Just Kiss, she turns her hand to fiction, giving yet another view of life in Poland and every day life of the common folk. Part coming of age and [...]

    9. You Can't Just Kiss Anyone You Want is a really interesting comic for it happens during the Soviet rule. A young boy tries to kiss his friend, a girl, in the middle of a movie about celebrating Stalin and it ends up in a big mess. The boys father lives and breathes resistance and many have secrets they aren't willing to expose, people disappear and you can't be safe unless you are silent and invisible. The story is like a snowball effect, although it doesn't end up in a disaster, but more like i [...]

    10. Un niño intenta besar a su compañera de clases en el cine durante la proyección de una cinta de propaganda de Stalin y el comunismo. El pequeño gesto del niño no busca la autosatisfacción, sino que nace del cariño y la ternura que en él suscita la conmoción de ella ante lo que ve en la pantalla.El pequeño gesto desata una cadena de interrogatorios que va pasando de niño en niño en el aula de clases, llega a sus hogares, a sus padres, marca a todos con su paranoia y debilita su moral, [...]

    11. i got my copy from netgalley I thought this was going to be a cute childrens love story and boy way I wrong. I’m unwilling to give any critical review of this because it is an extremely politically induced work and I won’t take sides and I want to stay neutral in all political accusations just as this work showed the way disappeared in Russian during the communism. it includes manipulation, propaganda, hiding of western pop culture and literature, rape and homosexual themes. I give it 1/5 st [...]

    12. I was drawn to this book purely because of the title (which made me laugh out loud), the illustration, and the portrait of Stalin. I started reading it and was blown away by how powerful the story and illustrations were. I would love to use this book in my history classes, to give students a sense of political indoctrination, censorship, and fear in the Soviet Union.

    13. This book is fine when it takes a bittersweet look at the repercussions of a young kid trying to kiss a school-mate, but a polemical ending tries its damnedest to negate the benefits of what's gone before. Before then, the tightness of the story, the surprises it can offer, and the conveyance of the character of Soviet life, are all to its credit.

    14. Set in a sad and depressing time in Poland, Viktor tries to kiss his classmate during a mandatory screening of Stalin. Poor innocent boy. All this led to a weird classroom interrogation that eventually blew out of proportion. But the ending was so cute!

    15. A close depiction of the resistance and challenges during soviet era.Nice story line and artwork.

    16. Una crítica a la represión comunista, pero aplicable a nuestro "mundo libre" de hoy en día donde la corrección política se ha convertido en el mejor censor que cualquier represión pudiera idear.

    17. "Las traiciones más mínimas, una palabra, un gesto, son las más profundas"No puedes besar a quien quieras no sitúa en una república socialista durante la existencia de URSS. Un gesto tan casual, como un niño intentando besar a una niña durante una sesión de cine propagandística desatará una serie de eventos que afectarán a mucha más gente que los niños involucrados.A través de esta historia tan simple, las autoras pretenden presentarnos, no sólo las vidas "secretas" que todo el mu [...]

    18. Interesante reflexion sobre la falta de libertades; sobre lo que se puede decir y lo que no, y como hay que decirlo; y como a pesar de todo el sistema esta ahí vigilante.Puede que la accion se situe en la epoca sovietica, cuando Stalin gobernaba con mano de hierro, pero la verdad es que la situacion no dista mucho de la actualidad donde cada vez se recortan más derechos y libertades en pos de "la seguridad".

    19. Love, love, love this book. A beautifully drawn, originally written graphic novel of the Stalin Era in Poland, told through the eyes of elementary school students. Sadly, not in English yet.

    20. Prostota i oczywiscość to to za co pokochałem komiksy, teraz mi to do końca nie pasuje, ale w sumie historia dobra.

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