The Art of Looking Sideways The Art of Looking Sideways is a primer in visual intelligence an exploration of the workings of the eye the hand the brain and the imagination It is an inexhaustible mine of anecdotes quotations

  • Title: The Art of Looking Sideways
  • Author: Alan Fletcher
  • ISBN: 9780714834498
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Art of Looking Sideways is a primer in visual intelligence, an exploration of the workings of the eye, the hand, the brain and the imagination It is an inexhaustible mine of anecdotes, quotations, images, curious facts and useless information, oddities, serious science, jokes and memories, all concerned with the interplay between the verbal and the visual, and the limThe Art of Looking Sideways is a primer in visual intelligence, an exploration of the workings of the eye, the hand, the brain and the imagination It is an inexhaustible mine of anecdotes, quotations, images, curious facts and useless information, oddities, serious science, jokes and memories, all concerned with the interplay between the verbal and the visual, and the limitless resources of the human mind Loosely arranged in 72 chapters, all this material is presented in a wonderfully inventive series of pages that are themselves masterly demonstrations of the expressive use of type, space, color and imagery.This book does not set out to teach lessons, but it is full of wisdom and insight collected from all over the world Describing himself as a visual jackdaw, master designer Alan Fletcher has distilled a lifetime of experience and reflection into a brilliantly witty and inimitable exploration of such subjects as perception, color, pattern, proportion, paradox, illusion, language, alphabets, words, letters, ideas, creativity, culture, style, aesthetics and value.The Art of Looking Sideways is the ultimate guide to visual awareness, a magical compilation that will entertain and inspire all those who enjoy the interplay between word and image, and who relish the odd and the unexpected.

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    One Reply to “The Art of Looking Sideways”

    1. a gigantic coffee-table book, this is one of the greatest purchases i've ever made. opens your eyes to a whole new world with great quotes, anecdotes and more. a must-have for anyone remotely interested in design or art. alan fletcher is one of the greatest designers/thinkers of the last century.

    2. This book is arguably the greatest coffee table book of all time --- but really so much more. There is so much in here, I've spent hours upon hours flipping through this, looking, reading, and still I haven't come close to taking it all in. Very hard to describe, but a sort of everything book that can be opened to any page at any time and consumed however you please. A great gift for anyone you know with a brain.

    3. Glad I borrowed it from the library. This book I taught me that an awful lot of people can be hoodwinked into paying $49 for a book filled with random thoughts. Not that this amazes me, after all people let themselves be convinced that paying thousands for a blob of blue paint in the middle of an otherwise blank canvas means they possess a deeper than normal understanding and appreciation of "real" art. It's sorta pretentious if you ask me, and the silent implication is there that if you give it [...]

    4. When I was teaching art and design, this book became the 'benchmark" (just kidding) for the logbooks and journals the students were supposed to keep. And then, amazed at the content of many of the journals that were emerging, I would tell those students that one day they would be able to bring out their own versions of "The Art of Looking Sideways". And I really look forward to that, because 99.9 per cent of my students were Indian and there needs to be a book of this sort coming out of India wi [...]

    5. A line that takes itself for a walk and arrives as a book. I wish I'd thought of it first. Whenever I'm feeling mundane or stuck-in-a-rut, this is the book to reach for. It doesn't take long until my brain is over-stimulated by it, so this book is useful to generate ideas. I keep my journal handy, because something always sprouts maybe someday you'll be discussing the tattered pages of my imagination all printed and bound come to think of it, I'll be kind to you and publish my pensées and doodl [...]

    6. High-brow magic eye for "creative types." Chapters like imagination, ideas, inspiration. Some interesting things in here, like learning that anteaters don't dream, and other, pretty pedestrian stuff formatted to look like it's anything worthwhile. Paul McCartney wrote "Yellow Submarine" right before he went to bed, really, who would have guessed. I don't know. I feel like shit like this just flatters the idea that every one of us is a genius when really what it's doing is over-explaining the who [...]

    7. Holy crap. This book is mindblowing. J had to forcibly remove me from the store where first I was lucky enough to lay eyes upon this astounding thing.It's not tidy, but that's okay. It's a not-at-all-completely-random collection of thoughts and sketches from a very thoughtful person, a visual person who can also wield the words. It's as inspirational as _The Engineer's Illustrated Thesaurus_, but in a wildly different way. Between the two of them there's no limit to creative possibility.

    8. Above: a photograph of my own copy of The Art of Looking Sideways. This book is a valuable collection of experiences, quotes, designer-gasms, observations and insights into life, the aesthetic, artistic and general human experience, by late master graphic designer Alan Fletcher.I got it more than a year ago like new (yes, it took me this long to go through its 1000+ pages reading/enjoying on and off) for around €30. Most of that must have been the shipping costs: when it arrived I really could [...]

    9. Well, saying it's the best book in the world might be emotional, but it's definitely a book you don't need to be in the mood for, you can open it any moment any day and spend some quality time, learning or being entertained. Take it to a desert island and you'll never get bored. More than that, you can fight off wild animals with it, because it's quite big and heavy.

    10. The most important non-fictional book in my life. The source of many ideas I had throughout the years.Overflowing with ideas, hints, anecdotes, stories, observations, filtered by a very sharp eye of design genius Alan Fletcher.Remember reading a few pages from it daily for months, turning it into adorable routine.

    11. Quotes, anecdotes, fine and applied arts of all kinds. British visual designer Alan Fletcher gathers together 534 pages of fascinating imagery and exposition. A little treasure box of a book that explores, in a "jackdaw" manner, curious phenomenon and interesting facts.

    12. I love this book. LOVE it. LOVE IT! Great for everything from pondering to inspiration, you can start wherever you like in this enormous tome and always find something interesting within a few pages. From the content to the design, this one is a keeper I go back to again and again.

    13. This is one of my favorite books ever. Fletcher does an amazing job of merging ideas, images, design, art, found objectsyou get the idea. I suggest reading it sideways--not from beginning to end, but jumping around to whatever captures your attention.

    14. One of the best coffee table books (one of three on our coffee table today) - that inspires you to question why things work a certain way.

    15. Every time I open this book I feel awed and inspired. And it makes me incredibly happy. Love it.

    16. The book is made in a highly creative way. For example, several different colours are used as page background throughout the book. Also, letters have many different sizes. A large variety of images throughout the book contribute to making the user experience beautiful.Some extracts I found useful.Who are we?- Page 8: Results of gene analysis show we all descend from one African Eve. It is highly probable that you and your neighbour share an ancestor who lived wthin the last 500 years.- Page 113: [...]

    17. Whether you are a graphic designer or not, this book is for keeps. It opens up your mind and is an absolute delight to read!

    18. I'm surprised I didn't like this book as much as the ocean of 5'stars do. I'm sure it's great to most, but for me it wasn't the type of book I was looking for and, frankly, hoping for.Here's my main issue with the book: its Job To Be Done is pegged as a source of inspiration when one is creatively in a rut. Generally you're in a rut because life has gotten helter-skelter. The problem is this book is nothing short of an ADHD nightmare. Not only do stories and quotes jump from one to the other wit [...]

    19. The bookshop gods were smiling on me the day I stumbled across this at Cosmos book store in Santa Cruz. Not only was in new condition and half price, but it has become probably my favourite book -- EVER! It's thick. 530 pages and about 2" thick. Bear this in mind when purchasing it because it does take up valuable bookshelf real estate. That said, it's worth every square inch. This visual delight is packed full of pictures, graphic design, colours, science, quotes, fonts, photographs, poems, mus [...]

    20. I use this book sometimes to break the logjam in my brain. It's design and graphics are useful for just that -- especially when I'm on autopilot, surf-the-internet, must-read-every-blog-ever mode. It's nice to pull it out and flip through it and soon-enough my brain wants to go and have a more wholesome and productive time. The only problem is that recently the book has started to feel a little dated, or just it feels a bit too familiar. The same publisher also has a set of cards, and I've been [...]

    21. In short a good book that is overpriced.It has a lot in it, it is very big. However I found it a little pointless at first not knowing what really to do with it. Being a Graphic Design Student I was told that this is a must have, however I'd say it's OK. That's it. It has 72 chapters with a few quotes, images and titles like "Colour," "Noise," "Chance," "Camouflage,".The images are interesting and quotes can be inspiring however this book is so hard to get a solid reference as some quotes are no [...]

    22. Just an amazing book, full of fascinating facts, leaping off in random directions. I am not an artist or a designer by any means, having a background in maths and IT, but the history of letters, signs, symbols and tools is very interesting, as well as all the visual and graphic info. I love this book.It is huge, over 1,000 pages - I know it says it has 533 pages but they are all double spreads with the same pages number applying to the left and right hand pages. However, reading a chapter or two [...]

    23. This tome of knowledge by Alan Fletcher is considerably the greatest find of my life. Trivia and historical context provided with links to other written works can be found in this dictionary-sized book. Everything that excites you about life and the extraordinary things can be read. The greatest part is its unorthodox structure.

    24. An outstanding and must have. A perfect gift actually. Michelle P. found an absolute keeper in this book and passed it on to me as well. Highly recommended for your own enjoyment. You absolutely wont want to give it away or let it out of your hands but you wont be able to resist sharing it with others chuckle

    25. This large book offers to be a cornucopia of odd insights and chance finds. It lives up to that. Not quite a coffee table book but certainly a door stopper. It's a rich treasure trove that makes similar lucky dip compilations look impoverished. I would recommend this to people who enjoy lateral thinking.

    26. I enjoyed this, but you have to go in with the right mindset. It's a meandering book and doesn't really have a tightly cohesive theme. But it's very pretty and has some interesting information on all sorts of subjects. I didn't bother reading the entire thing; I probably read 150-200 pages out of 530. It gets a bit repetitive (a lot of quotes and trains of thought). Quietly introspective.

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