Finally His Jay Anderson lives next door to the ruggedly handsome man of his dreams detective Drake Hanover He wishes their friendship could turn into but there s a problem Drake s ex boyfriend who has a habi

  • Title: Finally His
  • Author: Shawn Lane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: ebook
  • Jay Anderson lives next door to the ruggedly handsome man of his dreams, detective Drake Hanover He wishes their friendship could turn into , but there s a problem Drake s ex boyfriend, who has a habit of calling Drake after his breakups After Drake once again caters to the whims of his ex, Jay about gives up hope Drake will ever see him as anything but the sweet,Jay Anderson lives next door to the ruggedly handsome man of his dreams, detective Drake Hanover He wishes their friendship could turn into , but there s a problem Drake s ex boyfriend, who has a habit of calling Drake after his breakups After Drake once again caters to the whims of his ex, Jay about gives up hope Drake will ever see him as anything but the sweet, young twink next door Drake notices the sexy Jay who wouldn t but the decade age difference between them and his needy ex keep him from thinking he could ever be than Jay s friend When his ex s behavior gets to be too much even for Drake and the selfish man manages to hurt Jay, Drake realizes his feelings for Jay go far beyond friendship Now if he could just convince Jay before Jay becomes his ex neighbor

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    One Reply to “Finally His”

    1. Since I know that this story, including the character of Drake, was suggested by a very cool guy named Cass, I know that Shawn did a great job with the material, including trying to make Drake as likeable as she could. I admit he should have been smacked at times but I think his heart was in he righ place, and Jay was a great character. Really liked this one.

    2. I really don't know how to rate this sequel, even when I like the story, I didn't like the main character Drake at all. He was 10 years older than Jay, although, his behaviour didn't show any maturity, quite the opposite.I loved Jay, he was so adorable, I beg to differ Drake was perfect for Him.As the story has a HFN ending, my only consolation is, that in the future Jay will realised he deserve someone much better than this loser.

    3. A guy who cannot shake his blind love toward his lover.A guy who cannot shake his blind love toward his ex-lover.A guy who cannot shake his blind love toward his fantasy lover, who happens to be his neighbor.A guy who wants it all.Not my favorite book of the series . None of the characters are likable. The plot is like a chain of blind loves that suddenly broken despite being there for years.At the end, I thought they all deserve to be in their initial condition.

    4. 3.5 An adorable little story about a sweet younger guy falling for his older cop neighbor. Some unrequited crushing happening here on Jay's part where he tries to come to terms with moving on when he thinks the attraction is one-sided. Cute and fluffy read that's a HFN but I could see it being a HEA down the road.

    5. This review can be found at Brief Encounters Reviews.This is a case where the blurb fairly spells out the story. Jay and his older police detective neighbour Drake have become friends. Jay would like it to be more, but Drake has made it fairly clear that twinky flamboyant Jay is not his type. As well, Drake has a complicated relationship with his ex. Every time his ex has a fight with his current boyfriend, Drake ends up in bed with him, convinced he still loves him from their time dating in col [...]

    6. 2.5 stars Kinda cute story about a young guy and the neighbor he has a crush on. There is a 10 year age gap that the older guy thinks is too much - plus he has some really annoying baggage from his college boyfriend! You'd think he could have figured that out by then. He really was not a very sympathetic character during the first half of the story especially. Luckily he saw the light in the later pages. Something just seemed a little off on this one for me.

    7. I think I liked this one the most! It's more angsty, but more engaging and age difference - yay! And I absolutely love Drake and Jay, they're so perfect for each other! Jay's sweet and I'm happy Drake finally broke up with that asshole Ross for good!Very satisfying story!

    8. Cute but forgettableWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 6/10PROS: - Jay’s a sweet guy who’s down on his luck, and Drake has a definite air of “savior” about him. I read the story eagerly, wanting to see them finally together and happy. (see cons below also)- I love it when one person has been stuck on someone forever and has just about decided that it’s never going to work when the other guy finally comes around and decides to woo him.- There [...]

    9. Really nice, quick read. I didn't realise it was part of a series, observant of me, but no matter, it read like a stand alone.I liked the two MC's, Jay and Drake. Drake still hung up on his ex, going back to him when he breaks up with his current lover, in spite of it being a use, pretty typical. He likes Jay but is hung up on their age gap. Jay being drawn to his sexy, more alpha neighbour, in light of an abusive ex, and he is a bottom after all, it's pretty believable. I liked Jay's friends, G [...]

    10. When I think of Shawn Lane, the word that first spring to mind is safe. I always know what I'm getting when reading her books, and it's mostly a matter of vetting out the ones that have years of pining in them, and I know I won't regret my purchase. Finally his is one of those rare friends to lover stories, where the longin and heartache doesn't go on for years, rather months, which I can live with. There was some angst over Drake being such a doormat to his ex. I especially loved the part where [...]

    11. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Review An Alisa Review:This was a sweet short story. Jay has stayed positive about the possibility of his and Drake’s relationship becoming more, but gives up when Drake’s ex hurts him. Drake realizes him and his ex are really over, but wants so much more with Jay.I could feel Jay’s heart breaking when he knew Drake was going to run to his ex and then again when his ex makes some hurtful comments. Drake is so confused about his feelings and can’t seem [...]

    12. This was a sweet little love story between two neighbors. Jay (a twink)has a crush on his next door neighbor, Drake (a detective), who is also ten years Jay's senior. This was supposedly an issue for the two men, well Drake more than Jay but both men hung out together as friends. The only issue standing between them was the weak excuse of an age difference and Drake sleeping with his user ex-boyfriend. Obviously both men got over their issues because's a HEA. It was sweet but a little one dimens [...]

    13. This was perfect for me. A sweet little love story. Jay is adorably sweet with a bad case of low self esteem, Drake is a typical good guy that is too hung up on age, and I wanted to shake some sense into him plenty of times. Ross is an ass that I wanted to kick where it hurts. If I had one disapointment it would be Ross not getting what he deserved lol.Perfect for anyone looking for short and sweet but with enough emotional aspects to make it worth while.

    14. Some stories just hurt so good. You want to read them over when you need a good cry. And this one is one of them. It was so heartbreaking, poor Jay trying so hard to not get too attached and getting such mixed signals. It was nice to see both their confusion and feelings, to get the whole picture on why they acted as they did. I really liked the part with the scarf. And that Jay decided to stand up for himself and not be just pushed around by Drake's indecision and confusion.

    15. 2012 Review:I’d been putting this one off since the preceding (unconnected) volumes of this series grew progressively more idiotic, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. Oh, it wasn’t good either and the ending did not exactly give me the warm fuzzies with its bare minimum of wallowing in the happy, if that much, but I needed a change of pace and it provided that. Sometimes I just need to read a tepid book to break things up a little.

    16. Drake is Jays neighbor and in love with Drake. But Drake it a total door mat for his ex and doesn't seem to see him for the total ass he really is. Things do start to turn around but not before I wanted to ask Drake where his balls went and slap him around until he quit being so stupid. It's a good story and was glad I read it.

    17. I really struggled to finish this one I found it all a little bit too sophomoric & teen-romance the angst was just too silly & the characters seemed a bit two-dimensional & cartoonish if you are in the mood for a sweet, fluffy romance, this short may satisfy but I probably won't bother reading it again.

    18. This one left me feeling disappointed and kinda sad. Jay really got jerked around and the only redeeming quality I saw in Drake at all was his urging for Jay to quit smoking for good. Other than that, I felt bad for Jay the entire story and wanted to smack Drake, several times. I read Shawn's work regularly, and that isn't going to change just because I didn't care for this story.

    19. This was an odd one for me. Neither Drake nor Jay made me care about them. I think the story was just too short for me. Three weeks later I'm trying to describe this book and I think I'd call these to MCs melancholy.

    20. I did not care for Drake, honestly I didn't see what Jay saw in him. Miscommunication, him wanting that other guywell, no real redeeming qualities in him really. I usually enjoy Shawn Lane stories, but the last couple of stories in this series have beenoff, for me as a reader.

    21. As the Cass who suggested this story to the author, I am biased, but I think she did a great job with the idea I gave her. I should know.

    22. so sweet! I loved this short novel. Just for fund for the pleasure of readingthe thoughts of the absolutely sweet sweet Jay. Nothing more, nothing less.

    23. I liked this short story it was sort of a confort read for me, one evening snuggled up in the sofa with a happy ending. A sweet story.

    24. Jay has been in love with his detective neighbor drake for a while, but drake still wants his ex. Will drake notice jay at all. Can they find a way together.

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