Things You Simply Must Do To Succeed in Love and Life Nine practical easy to grasp strategies to help readers discover behaviors and responses that successful individuals have in common

  • Title: 9 Things You Simply Must Do To Succeed in Love and Life
  • Author: Henry Cloud
  • ISBN: 9781591450092
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nine practical, easy to grasp strategies to help readers discover behaviors and responses that successful individuals have in common.

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      224 Henry Cloud
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    1. 1. Dig it up - recognize & invest in talents & watch grow. 2. Pull the tooth - do not hang onto bad stuff, move past negative. (if fixable, get busy & try to fix!) 3. Play the movie - make decision based on effects, helps prepare for challenges. 4. Do something - work to improve the situation, even if not your responsibility/ fault. 5. Act like an Ant - do small steps. (rather than feeling overwhelmed by big goal) 6. Hate Well - take a stand against toxic issues, resolve conflict whi [...]

    2. Like all of the Dr. Henry Cloud books I have read, this one was delightfully packed with anecdotes and very tangible examples. I opted for the audio version so that I could enjoy it while I did housework and thoroughly enjoyed the reading (by the author himself). Dr. Cloud's unpretentious style makes his points very accessible and his own self-reflection gives further credence to his suggestions. So many of the points he makes are things that seem obvious once spoken and yet remarkable in that e [...]

    3. This book has a lot of common sense with a little spirituality thrown in. The principles of the book (9 things) are all good, but they are very broad. Cloud gives practical examples, but it's hard to apply these to every possible life situation. I found myself thinking, "Should have have behaved differently in XX situation given this principle?". It's hard to know, and maybe that is what the author wants us to question, since we are all in the maturing process and none of us has arrived. I liked [...]

    4. somewhat common sense, but I can always use a dose of that. The title is emphatic. I am writing down the 9 things in cliff note version here so I can refer to them from time to time despite keeping this book no my real book shelf. Thanks to a friend who gave this to me. I. Deja Vu people.a. Who is a Deja vu person? People of success? It is not a person at all, it was a way.b. People who found what they were looking for in life seemed to do a certain set of things in common.c. The truth is that n [...]

    5. The title makes it sound like it's going to be a Stephen R. Covey spinoff. But it really isn't that at all. The book 9 Things You Simply MUST DO to Succeed in Love and Life is really more like nine relational/emotional/psychological healthy behaviors that author Dr. Henry Cloud has selected to highlight. His thesis is that everyone really should adopt these 9 behaviors to attain success. Since "success" is such an overused/multi-nuanced word in our culture, I would summarize Henry Cloud's use of [...]

    6. 1. Dig it up: uncover your passions, put them to work, invest them, don't bury them.2. Pull the tooth: get rid of what holds you back, address it head on, don't avoid it, prune negative energy and things that are stagnant or don't hold the most growth potential.3. Play the movie: look ahead to the consequences of behaviors, don't put short-term feelings ahead of long term impact.4. Do something: we are responsible for our own life, feelings, behaviors, and choices; no one is going to do anything [...]

    7. Great book. Very concise straight-forward ideas. I would recommend this to anyone. The main ideas that stand out for me are: Become a deja-vu person: I remember noting successful people who do well in a tough situation. Whether it is criticism, wondering how to handle a problem or dealing with difficult people, Cloud provides realistic examples. He also helped me see how important it is to be 'the more mature person, not be afraid of criticism by doing the right thing and to make the right peopl [...]

    8. Love the perspective and standpoint Dr. Henry Cloud writes from. Definitely helpful and applicable in many areas of life

    9. A wonderful book with lasting relevancy. Dr. Cloud suggests that we dig up our past and invest in our talents, move past the negative, make decisions based on their effects, ALWAYS ask how we can improve a situation (whether it's our responsibility or not), realize our loftiest goals through small steps, protect the good with healthy hatred, practice humility, and make decisions based on values and purposes / principles (not on the reactions of others). He concludes with a series of 12 steps to [...]

    10. I listened to this on my MP3 player and some of it was so helpful, just his way of putting things, that I didn't delete it. I think it is a bit like the Four Agreements in that something different can be gleaned from it each time I listen.

    11. There are several reasons Henry Cloud is a successful business person, sought after speaker and consultant, and best-selling author; here are nine of them. What's great about this book is that Cloud is sharing wisdom gleaned over time, but the book is NOT his story per se. As Cloud notes the successful people he observed were not marked by a certain personality type or station in life, rather it was more their path or choices that set them apart. Cloud writes, "People who found what they were lo [...]

    12. 1 Thing You Simply Must DoThis book presents 9 things you simply must do to succeed in love and life in stories and examples of successful deja vu people Dr. Cloud has met and observed over the years. This creates a treasure for you, the reader, to discover inside. But the 1 thing you simply must do in order to experience and learn from this treasure is get yourself a copy and read it today. I recommend you do just that.

    13. I learned a lotI'm a 56 year old male who has never been good at communicating my feelings or emotions, I learned a great deal and I think it will help me in the future.

    14. Quite redundant, but several good gems and nuggets of wisdom I highlighted and will revisit later. I think I would have gotten the same amount of information out of a web article or a short pamphlet.

    15. Henry Cloud is a contemporary very well known psychologist from United States, he combines counseling psychology with Christianism. In this book we presents some formulas for success, and he gives us advice how to become successful persons, who he calls : "deja-vu people". I think his formulas are not magic, are rather well known by everybody, but indeed if someone will really respect them , he would succeed much easier. Anyhow, in my opinion these formulas would be effective only combined with [...]

    16. 6 ساعات مسموعة و 264 صفحة مقروءة كفيلة إنها تكون سبب في إلهامك و تنور الطريق قدامك عن مفاهيم كنا غافلين عنها في الحياة بل وكمان تكشفلك إن بعض المفاهيم اللي بنمارسها يوميا في حياتنا على الرغم من اعتقادنا إننا اللي بنعمله هو دة الصح في الحقيقة تكون المفاهيم دي هي سبب فشلنا في ال [...]

    17. I checked this out of my church library during a 30 minute time span where there was nothing else going on. My plan was to just scan through it. By the end I purchased a copy for myself, and I intend to read it again. I am also considering purchasing 2 more as gifts. Dr. Cloud writes first about five obvious success habits like 1) Know yourself 2) Dump the negatives 3) Visualize outcomes 4) Act 5) Take one step at a time. It was when he discussed his last four things that he really got my attent [...]

    18. I love reading books on the psychology of success (as long as success is defined broadly and not necessarily materially). I picked this up off the sale table at Borders thinking it looked inspiring. I wasn't expecting it to have much that was new, as I've read scores of similar books, but I find reading motivational books, and the personal stories therein, to be, well, motivational! This was a disappointment however. Not only was there a strong Christian bent to it (which was not revealed on the [...]

    19. As a clinical psychologist, radio program host, business coach, successful businessman, and author of several best selling books on self-help and spiritual matters, Cloud does an excellent job on how to achieve a successful life. First, you must find what you would like to do as a career. Second, it teaches readers on how address the problems that is faced daily by fixing it or eliminating it. Also, always think about the available options and see if they will harm you or benefit you in the futu [...]

    20. A primer for change.Henry Cloud brings to us a treatise that strives to inculcate the "nine things" that he believes, and can convince others to believe as well, will change your life as it pertains to trajectory and your purpose. When combined with passages of scripture, his suggestions tend to motivate, or at least to seed, the notion that we all can gravitate toward our "deja vu people" (those with wisdom and insight) scattered throughout our lives. And as much as I leaned toward scepticism, [...]

    21. "9 Things" is great on the values it advocates. The first five of the principles are guidelines for intrapersonal development whereas the remaining four are geared towards one's social fitness. I like his using business anecdotes in making his point, which are found in plenty in this book. Isn't it true that people often reveal their true nature when it comes to money?The nine principles in 9 Things are mostly common sense but Dr. Cloud presents them in a very lucid fashion. It helped me while I [...]

    22. Henry Cloud just seems to nail it every time. While I am not a fan of "steps to happiness" in general, I think this book is insightful and simple and poignant. I think it's some of Henry Cloud's best. Such important principles, such as not being afraid of truth, truly get at the heart of what is holding us back into holding patterns. I think this would be a fabulous resource as a mentoring book, a personal retreat book, in marriage and in the workplace. Healthy people make healthy marriages, fri [...]

    23. The principles in this book are clear and undeniably sound once you think about them a bit. My favorite was how to do better than fair in your dealings with people and life. I also liked how his ideas didn't all just deal with how to put a positive spin on things, sometimes you really do have to accept the negative and just deal with it, no matter how hard that may be. It's really about the big picture and this book really clarifies that.I guess I could have done without the religious aspects bu [...]

    24. Ok, first, I hate books with lame "self help-y" titles to them. It is such a turn off and makes me feel silly reading it or recommending it. So, now that I've made the disclaimer, I can say with honesty, this book is great though the title is not. I'm a fan of Henry Cloud - he writes well and has great insight as a Christian psychologist. I'm a counselor/therapist and can say that when I see success in a client's life they are exhibiting one or more of these traits listed in this book. As a matt [...]

    25. Cloud does a great job of narrowing down success to 9 areas. 1. Dig it up. Everything is planted within us and we need to invest it wisely in order to create. (parable of the 3 talents). 2. Pull the tooth. Confront and resolve negative things quickly, directly, lovingly, and effectively. 3. Play the movie. Anticipate how decisions will play out. 4. Do something. Any action is better than no action. 5. Act like an ant. Break it down into small tasks. 6. Hate well. Hate evil and attack it. 7. Don' [...]

    26. Great book that anyone can benefit from! I listened to the audio book while driving and many times I wished I had been able to write things down. The author read the book himself and seemed like a super kind and friendly guy. He's right that these are nine things you must dome aren't that easy, but great principals! The sad thing is the people who could benefit the most from this are the people who would probably never read these types of books. He is not preachy at all but he does reference the [...]

    27. This book changed my life and I'm not even joking. I have very few books that I frequently refer back to, but this is one. Anytime I am facing a difficult situation in my relationship with another person, I turn to one of the principles in this book. I typically am not drawn to book with titles that say "10 things," etc. However, I read Cloud before and knew his work was quality. All of the books I have read by Cloud this is my favorite and the most challenging. The is a great book for book club [...]

    28. Somewhat elementary prose, and a bit cloying at times; however, Dr. Cloud's earnestness to share these principles that have helped him is what redeems another otherwise bland and route self-help title. The anecdotes were slightly heavy-handed but drove his points home, and there were some real nuggets of helpful information in this book. Overall, would recommend - it is an easy, simple read, especially for those interested in adding another series of professional insights to their self-help arse [...]

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