Costume Not Included Chesney s efforts to Save The Day and Win the Girl make slow progress Meanwhile Boss Greeley s deal with the Devil makes him ever stronger and untouchable while the Reverend Hardacre digs deeper an

  • Title: Costume Not Included
  • Author: Matthew Hughes
  • ISBN: 9780857661395
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Chesney s efforts to Save The Day and Win the Girl make slow progress Meanwhile, Boss Greeley s deal with the Devil makes him ever stronger, and untouchable, while the Reverend Hardacre digs deeper and finds that not everything in reality is quite what it seemsFile Under Fantasy Everything s Meta Britney s Peers Dance With The Devil The Demonic Duo e book ISBChesney s efforts to Save The Day and Win the Girl make slow progress Meanwhile, Boss Greeley s deal with the Devil makes him ever stronger, and untouchable, while the Reverend Hardacre digs deeper and finds that not everything in reality is quite what it seemsFile Under Fantasy Everything s Meta Britney s Peers Dance With The Devil The Demonic Duo e book ISBN 978 0 85766 140 1From the Paperback edition.

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    1. So you solved Hell’s labour problems, foiled a fake kidnapping plot, and have successfully become a crimefighting superhero with the help of a demon. Oh, and you got the girl! What’s next? Try stopping your mother’s new lover from bringing about the end of the world (and the start of a new one) by writing the next draft of the book that is our lives! Costume Not Included hews pretty closely to its predecessor, The Damned Busters, but benefits from tighter pacing and much more interesting c [...]

    2. Costume Not Included is the second volume in Hughes' To Hell and Back series after The Damned Busters. Not having read the prior book, I decided to take a chance and read it after being captured by the cover – yes, I'm shallow like that, but seriously how cool is that cover? – and intrigued by the synopsis given on the site. To be honest, the synopsis, included above, doesn't really do the book justice as it's so much more than it suggests. In actuality, Chesney, his demon assistant, Xaphan, [...]

    3. Matthew Hughes has to be one of Canada's most under-celebrated, under-appreciated writers. Easily capable of dancing between genres, in this sequel to The Damned Busters, Hughes unfolds a wry, witty tale, absolutely heretical, deliciously irreverent, that continues the concept of 'is God making this up as He goes along?'As always there are clearly-drawn characters that lift off the page, a pace that is steady and at times palpitating, and just when you think matters might become too serious he a [...]

    4. I enjoyed the first one in the Hell and Back Again series and liked this one even more. The first one was goofy and light fun, but Costume not included have much more depth to it. The twist and turn of what is good and evil allowed for more story to be developed. It still has a light hearted tone though that is far different from you standard book.

    5. Ever feel like you world needs more devils, demons and super-heroes? I know my does, and thanks to Matthew Hughes I just got my fix. In Costume Not Included we returned to the world of Chesney Anstruther, Xaphan and The Actionary.This sequel to The Damned Busters is a nice return to the world of Chesney. There are a bunch of subtle differences in the leap from book one to second. The first is out main character. In the first book Matthew tip-toes around Chesney’s mental state of mind. It was l [...]

    6. Today's post is on Costume Not Included by Matthew Hughes. It is the second in his To Hell & Back series. It is 378 pages long and is published by Angry Robot Publishing. The cover is great; it has scenes from the book in comic book style. With Chesney and his demon at the top and Jesus and the Devil on the bottom. There is sex (not graphic), language, and some odd violence in this book. The intended reader as read the first book, is not easily offended, and likes meta plots. The story is to [...]

    7. I wanted to nite something about the cover art, so here goes The cover art tells the story, just as the art for the first book did - funny, well done, fitting. I'm glad they kept the same artist for the series.These books are based on the premise that each of us has 2 advisors one from Above (who keeps silent), and one from Below, (who doesn't). In the case of Chesney Arnstruther, his advisor from Hell has become his partner in fighting crime. (Yes, his demon actually helps keep evil from happen [...]

    8. It figures that the one time I pick up a book from the local bookstore without knowing anything about it beforehand that it's a second book in a longer series. Looks like I'll have to pick up the first one, The Damned Busters, pretty soon. Still, despite being thrown into the middle of an ongoing storyline, I had a blast with Costume Not Included.Chesney's a young guy who has everything his heart desires. He nice appartment. A girlfriend. A well paying job. Oh, and he gets to fight crime as a su [...]

    9. To Hell and Back #2. In Damned Busters Chesney inadvertantly summoned a demon, refused to sign a contract causing hell to go on strike. Eventually leading to a deal where he got a demon to help him two hours a day be the Actionary, a crime fighting superhero. The ending came with the conclusion that heaven, hell, and everyone were a part of a book that God was writing. This book was being rewritten now and had been in the past. So things like Noah's ark were parts of previous drafts.Now that man [...]

    10. A bit of a slow start but it picked up as it went along. I was expecting more superhero action, but there was very little--which ultimately was fine by me--as the plot steered In a much more theological and interesting direction (I could feel the moment my mental tally clicked this book over from three to four stars). If you enjoyed the first, there's a good chance you'll enjoy the second--just not if you demand superhero derring-do throughout.(Note: 5 stars = rare and amazing, 4 = quite good bo [...]

    11. It was a little circuitous. The action seemed to pick up towards the latter half of this book. Being that this is supposed to be a light somewhat adventurous comedy that's definitely a minus. One of the things that was so inviting about the first novel was Stanley's nerdy distance and awkwardness. It really helped you root for the guy. It made his transformation into a super hero all the more satisfying you when you see him exhibit some decisiveness and power in his own life (towards his mother [...]

    12. This book is a sequel to the damned busters. It continues the saga of the Crime fighting actuary, Chesney, his girlfriend, his father-in-law who may or may not end up being the anti-christ, and the actual, historical Jesus.Ok, Jesus is a new addition, so it's not really continuing his saga. I enjoyed this book, but it never really GRABBED me until the last 15% or so. It took me forever to read it, because while I enjoyed it while I was reading it, it just wasn't calling me back to it.The book en [...]

    13. Ridiculous amount of typos, and the story has really slowed down. Poorly paced dialogue, and too much of it. My favourite quality of Chesney's personality has now been 'cured', which takes away some of the inside jokes the reader has with the protagonist.Some interesting plot points, some characters introduced and developed that will hopefully make the third book a solid finale. Denby has become my favourite character, the portion of the book that followed him was really interesting. Kind of a s [...]

    14. A fair enough follow-up to The Damned Busters, we rejoin mild-mannered Chesney Arnstruther adjusting to life both with and without his alter-ego, The Actionary, wherein Chesney learns that the world is not as simple as the comic books he wishes to emulate. Right and wrong and good and evil are not as easy in the real world. There are twists beyond what you'd expect from even a traditional crime-fighting superhero, and the ending comes rather abruptly. Not your parent's eschatalogical musings, it [...]

    15. I'm very disappointed. What was billed as a different kind of superhero story quickly devolved into a celebration of the authors distaste for religion. In addition to having several obvious logical flaws and excessive and pointless sexual encounters, this book had very little actual crime fighting and even managed to remove the most unique and endearing characteristics of the hero without the satisfaction of actual personal conflict and growth. I can see how he might be setting up for a big fini [...]

    16. Chesney Arnstruther is a comic-book collecting superhero who suffers from high-functioning autism. The author is being funny, I guess. But you know there's a longbox filled with a complete collection of Detective Comics down in the batcave. And there's nothing funny about thatFull review here: superheronovels/2012/05/19

    17. I really liked the continuing story line of costume not included. It picks up nicely where damned buster leaves off and takes up the idea thread of god using us to write a story to learn about morality. An original take on what it all means in a humorus and fun way. . . don't know if there is a third instalment in the works but i would love to find out in what direction Hughes will take it.

    18. I have a fondness and fascination for books that take a slightly off-kilter view of religions and their associated "creatures" (demons, angels, etc.); and comic books. This--somehow--manages to combine the two into a great story. I do, however, highly recommend that you read the first book ("The Damned Busters") prior to reading this sequel.

    19. An excellent way to continue the series, leaving us on a fascinating cliffhanger for Volume III. Bring it on, say I! And as soon as possible, please.opionator.wordpress/2012/0

    20. costume not included, a publish by angry robot and written by matt hughs it was great experience going through a hell and heaven with demons and angles it even confused with some of arc just wow!!!

    21. The tale of Chesney Arnstruther "The Actionary" continues with interesting twists. Still excellent humor and creative plotting, this interesting take on the existance of God and what he is up to is worth your time.

    22. This second book about the Actionary is less about his crimefighting skills and more around the fallout of his disagreement with Hell. It does set the stage nicely for the Actionary's battle with the 20 which I'm looking forward to.

    23. Part 2 of a fantasy superhero series that I read for the Endeavour. Basically a smart but limited young man wins a deal near the devil that lets him do superhero crime fighting. And meet a historical Jesus and go to the Garden of Eden. It was interesting but I can't say I enjoyed it.

    24. Sequel to the Damned Busters, featuring Chesney Arnstruther. Hard to describe: fun comic-book type action with a nerdish/austistic hero, who really grew on me, but at the same time it continues to explores the idea/premise, "What if God were writing a book?"

    25. The sequel to The Damned Busters delivers a much more meta story which I really enjoyed. If you liked following the adventures of Chensey and his crime fighting demon in the first book, you'll enjoy this one too.

    26. Loved this trilogy (and wish there were more books!). A fun take on heaven, hell and everything in between. Superheroes, evil villains, Satan, satanic minions, not-really-all-that-evil-when-it-comes-down-to-it demons, evangelistic preachers, angels (who can't think for themselves) and much more!

    27. Absolutely Amazing! I loved it more than I loved the Damned Busters. Can't wait til the third one comes out.

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