L e quation africaine M decin Francfort Kurt Krausmann m ne une existence ordinaire limit e ses allers retours entre son cabinet de consultation et son appartement bourgeois Jusqu au drame familial qui va le pr cipiter d

  • Title: L'équation africaine
  • Author: Yasmina Khadra
  • ISBN: 9782260019602
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
  • M decin Francfort, Kurt Krausmann m ne une existence ordinaire, limit e ses allers retours entre son cabinet de consultation et son appartement bourgeois Jusqu au drame familial qui va le pr cipiter dans le d sespoir Afin de l aider surmonter son chagrin, son meilleur ami, Hans, un riche homme d affaires vers dans l humanitaire, lui propose de l emmener sur son voM decin Francfort, Kurt Krausmann m ne une existence ordinaire, limit e ses allers retours entre son cabinet de consultation et son appartement bourgeois Jusqu au drame familial qui va le pr cipiter dans le d sespoir Afin de l aider surmonter son chagrin, son meilleur ami, Hans, un riche homme d affaires vers dans l humanitaire, lui propose de l emmener sur son voilier jusque dans les Cos, pour les besoins d une bonne cause Au large des c tes somaliennes, leur bateau est assailli par des pirates Kurt et Hans sont enlev s puis transf r s dans un campement clandestin.

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      138 Yasmina Khadra
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    1. Here’s a story that could have been worked into a terrific novel in the hands of a writer with a trifle of self-restraint. Unfortunately, Yasmina Khadra, reputedly one of Africa’s greatest writers, displays none of that. Every one of his characters, from a German physician to a passel of Somali or Sudanese pirates, speaks like an Oxford philosophy don — and somehow they all understand one another perfectly without any indication that they could possibly speak any language in common. Khadra [...]

    2. Yasmina Khadra é um poeta, um filósofo. Tem o Dom de transformar simples palavras em pura magia, que me revolvem as emoções, e me levam a questionar o verdadeiro sentido da vida. "A vida é uma sucessão de ambiguidades e de bravatas. Aprendemos todos os dias, e todos os dias apagamos a ardósia para um novo exercício. Na realidade, não há uma verdade irrefutável, só há certezas. Quando uma se revela infundada, forjamos outra e aferrolhamos-nos nela contra ventos e marés. A sobrevivê [...]

    3. Kurt Krausmann, devastated by a recent bereavement, is persuaded to join his friend Hans Makkeroth on a humanitarian mission to Africa. En route their boat is hijacked and they are taken hostage. Their captivity in harsh, inhumane conditions, plus the meeting with a fellow hostage Bruno, who staunchly continues to defend his aggressors’ behaviour in the context of African colonialism allows the author to explore many important issues, but unfortunately he really doesn’t manage to do so very [...]

    4. Je ne comprends pas le succès de Yasmina Khadra. Tant "L'attentat" que "Ce que le jour doit à la nuit" m'avaient fait bailler d'ennui. Chacun de ses livres est pourtant un best-seller. Le dernier en date n'a pas fait exception.Je l'ai lu moins par plaisir que par obligation : ce n'est pas tous les jours qu'un roman grand public a l'Afrique pour décor.Et j'ai été mortellement déçu par cette histoire sans queue ni tête d'un médecin allemand (pourquoi diable allemand ?) parti se remettre d [...]

    5. It was a solid 4 star read, a tale about a german doctor who's wife commits suicide and in bid to escape the tragedy goes on a trip with his friend to deliver aid to missions in Africa. Off the coast of Sudan their boat gets hijacked by pirates and they get taken and tortured in order to receive ransom for their return.What I enjoyed(enjoyed is a strange word given the context) about the story was the way the main characters grief over his wife was dealt with and how he copes with the abuse he s [...]

    6. This is a hard book to review. On the one hand, it has an engrossing plot which sweeps you in and draws you into a totally different world right away, forcing you to think about your own life circumstances and good fortune, which we almost always take for granted. On the other hand, it isn't perfect, and is somewhat preachy in its philosophies and politics. Also, it is sometimes truly difficult to read about how harrowing and horrifying human life can be in the third world. There are shocking sc [...]

    7. It's disturbing, compelling, likely to provoke much debate and makes me look forward to reading his next book.Kurt Krausmann, a doctor living in Frankfurt, Germany met a beautiful woman while in Paris, both were there for work purposes, attending different conferences in the same hotel, seemingly wedded to their careers, they found each other and if we are to believe the doctor narrator, 10 years of contentedness followed.Moments from the past now arrive unbidden, a mocking assurance as his illu [...]

    8. Livre inégal: quelques incohérences, mais une formidable réflexion sur la vie, en tout cas qui me touche en ce moment."Vis chaque matin comme s'il était le premierEt laisse au passé ses remords et méfaitsVis chaque soir comme s'il était le dernierCar nul ne sait de quoi demain sera fait."

    9. Yasmina Khadra é, para mim, a grande revelação de 2012.Embora já tivesse ouvido falar de alguns dos seus romances, sobretudo as “Andorinhas de Cabul”, confesso que pouco interesse me havia despertado os livros deste autor argelino, até que me deparei com a obra “O que o Dia Deve à Noite” e fiquei rendido à sua escrita sublime e, principalmente, à sua capacidade de enlevo que apenas os Grandes Escritores, aqueles que nasceram com o Dom da escrita, possuem.Cada Dia é Um Milagre (n [...]

    10. Autour d'un phénomène dramatique - les prises d'otages récurrentes au large de la Somalie -, Yasmina Khadra, au sommet de son art, construit un roman éblouissant, qui mêle suspense, récit d'aventures et histoire d'amour enfiévrée.Médecin à Francfort, Kurt Krausmann mène une existence ordinaire, limitée à ses allers-retours entre son cabinet de consultation et son appartement bourgeois. Jusqu'au drame familial qui va le précipiter dans le désespoir. Afin de l'aider à surmonter son [...]

    11. Esta é uma história que tem como pano de fundo o drama.Kurt (personagem principal) acaba por perder a sua esposa (por suicídio). Seu amigo Hans na tentativa de o ajudar, convence-o a partir no veleiro com ele. O que acontece é que depois ambos são sequestrados e Hans o seu amigo, é assassinado. Este livro temos por um lado duas visões que não são mais do que duas escolhas, ou por outras palavras, duas opções. A primeira prende-se com o desistir da vida, em vez de lutar e arregaçar as [...]

    12. Another good book by Yasmina Khadra, this time we don't dwell with Muslims but with African pirates and kidnappers. The story of Kurt doesn't take a long span of time but it's so dense that it seems a bigger book than 300 pages more or less. The complications of a marriage life, the need to help, the delusion of knowing our spouse so well to remain astonish when something incredible happens. All this topics and more in this novel that gives a lot of food for thoughts.Un altro bel libro di Yasmin [...]

    13. It’s been a long time since I was last so disappointed in a book. I really, really disliked this one.To begin with, the writing is not at all gripping. The entire story is told in first-person past-tense, which makes it sound like a bad memoir rather than a thrilling tale. The characters – all of them – are exceedingly flat. I felt zero attachment to any of them. They weren’t even interesting. In fact, they were all horribly stereotypical. This book is an exercise in stereotypes.The book [...]

    14. Be forewarned - this is an emotionally draining book. The main character is thrown into survival mode as a captive for an extended period in the harsh environment of Darfur. The book takes you into the experience of isolation and loneliness. The book has some amount of violence, but more than that, it is the feelings created by living under the omnipresent threat of terror that drives the book. Then, when he returns to his homeland (the last 40 pages or so), you can really feel his disorientatio [...]

    15. What an enjoyable novel.This is the story of a man, distraught by the suicide of his wife, leaves his home town to assist with the setting up of a charity hospital in Africa. Things are never that simple though and the his kidnapping has a major impact on both his and his colleagues experiences.I read a translated version of the story, into English from the original French, and the descriptions of life in the East Africa fsub-saraha let realistic and truthful - sometimes descriptions and feeling [...]

    16. A powerful story about a man kidnapped in Africa and how the continent transforms him. Some of my favourite quotes:P46: the true vocation of a man was to be useful. P62: In Africa, there are no tourists, only voyeurs. P96: So you were born in the West, were you? You're lucky. Now you're going to be reborn in Africa and you'll understand what that means. P100: When a fly is trapped in a web, it can't blame the spider. That's how life is. P282: The man who sees Africa only once in his life will d [...]

    17. Unfortunately I just didn't get on with this at all. I felt the prose was largely quite heavy and laboured and the storyline was slow. I found it really hard going, and I didn't really take to any of the characters. I was hoping to swept away by the bleak, harsh beauty of Africa, but this just didn't captivate me.

    18. Ici Yasmina Khadra annonce qu'un médécin n'aura jamais beson de se désespérer de son sort. La solidarité avec les pauvres offre toujours un chemin à la redemption et au bonheur. Je suis parfaitement d'accord avec sa conclusion mais je trouve que l'intrigue est trop prévisible et que les personnages manquent de profondeur.

    19. At first I got irritated by the narrative, by Kurt's never-ending inner monologue and his highbrowed manner of speaking, which, moreover, is also shared by some of his African interlocutors. Until I realized that Khadra's means of expression work. The novel tells a story of how a European has gradually absorbed Africa, in spite of its crude reality. In spite, or because of it?Niesamowita książka. Pisana jest w pierwszej osobie. Niemiecki lekarz, Kurt Krausmann, po traumatycznych przeżyciach, [...]

    20. L'Africa ad uso e consumo degli occidentali?Mi ha stupito il pensiero che l'autore di questo romanzo sia arabo, perché l'Africa descritta nella rocambolesca avventura di Kurt, medico tedesco rimasto vedovo e preso in ostaggio in Darfur, pare proprio vista da un occidentale -in effetti è coerente con il punto di vista del protagonista, ma è una narrazione povera di contenuti. C'è un miscuglio di elementi che piacciono tanto alla cronaca: il sequestro di bianchi, i pirati in acque internaziona [...]

    21. A thought provoking, beautifully written book.From the opening page our book club readers were drawn in and captivated by the author's use of language. There were some beautifully descriptive passages. We thought the relationship between the captors and captives was extraordinary delving deep into the complexity that the effect of violence, inhumanity and deprivation can have on human behaviour. Recommended for book clubs. Most of us liked it, but as with any book club it was not to everyone's t [...]

    22. I thought the plot was riveting. But I'm disappointed in the improbability of the language. How could Somali pirates speak unencumbered with French and German captives? What common language could they all have? The pirates would never have had the vocabulary and sentence structure depicted in this novel, regardless of the language. Each character had the same voice. I don't know how much is just poor translation, but some phrases make no sense, such as "biting his nails like a rat", "violent ani [...]

    23. This book had so much promise but just didn't deliver. The main character Kurt was so shallow and unfeeling that no empathy could be elicited from his ordeal. You almost felt he deserved it. I was so disappointed that his change of heart came not from his experiences or the effect they had on him but from his supposed feelings for another character. He finished the book as shallow as he started it. However the reader can not fail to be moved by the Africa portrayed in the book and this saved the [...]

    24. Was it necessary to make the obvious ending that long, I wonder ? Didn't we have enough book romanticizing Africa that we need a new one ? The style was elegant as we're used to from Yasmina Khadra however the story was dull and plain. The description and dialogue went so long sometimes and sounded boring and surreal. I expected more from a book with such title .

    25. Could have been a fantastic book, the plot had so much potential but felt the writing let it down.

    26. The African Equation by Yasmina Khadra (a free NetGalley eBook)Once again, Khadra has written a book that could only be written by an African who understands how things work in an insurgency. Although he is North African (Algerian) Khadra was involved with fighting the Muslim Brotherhood during and after Algeria’s War of Independence. As a member of the Indigenous Police he dealt with members on a daily basis. They are little different in attitude from the Jihadis in Somalia.There are three pa [...]

    27. Mon impression initiale (négative) concernant ce livre n'a fait que se renforcer au fil de ma lecture tout en diminuant, même si cela peut paraître paradoxal.J'adore généralement les écrits de Khadra, et je ne suis pas de ceux qui ne jurent que par son Quatuor algérien. J'ai énormément aimé des oeuvres plus récentes comme "Ce que le jour doit à la nuit", par exemple. Même "L'Olympe des infortunes" qui (arrêtez-moi si je me trompe) n'a pas été très bien reçu a trouvé grâce à [...]

    28. A novel about the kidnapping of two Germans en route to Africa. They are on a humanitarian aid mission, Hans for purely altruistic reasons and his friend Kurt who is escaping from emotional traumas at home and hopes the trip will be cathartic. Cathartic it may have been – ultimately - but certainly not in the way he had envisaged. They are hijacked by a group of bandits on their outward journey and the book goes on to describe their ensuing period in captivity and its aftermath. The rebels are [...]

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