La lunga marcia Dai confini con il Canada sino a Boston a piedi senza soste Una sfida mortale con un regolamento implacabile per cento volontari un passo falso una caduta un malore e si viene abbattuti Ma chi r

  • Title: La lunga marcia
  • Author: Richard Bachman Stephen King Beata della Frattina
  • ISBN: 9788882744823
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dai confini con il Canada sino a Boston a piedi, senza soste Una sfida mortale, con un regolamento implacabile, per cento volontari un passo falso, una caduta, un malore, e si viene abbattuti Ma chi riesce a tagliare il traguardo otterr il Premio Tra i partecipanti, fra cui spicca il sedicenne Garraty, si creano rapporti di sfida, di solidariet e di lucida follia,Dai confini con il Canada sino a Boston a piedi, senza soste Una sfida mortale, con un regolamento implacabile, per cento volontari un passo falso, una caduta, un malore, e si viene abbattuti Ma chi riesce a tagliare il traguardo otterr il Premio Tra i partecipanti, fra cui spicca il sedicenne Garraty, si creano rapporti di sfida, di solidariet e di lucida follia, lungo il terribile percorso scandito dagli incitamenti della folla assiepata ai margini della strada Un incubo on the road che solo King Richard Bachman poteva concepire

    • Unlimited [Humor and Comedy Book] ↠ La lunga marcia - by Richard Bachman Stephen King Beata della Frattina Ù
      374 Richard Bachman Stephen King Beata della Frattina
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    1. If this book does not make you feel physical pain, I don't know what will.This isn't a book about killer clowns or haunted hotels. It's not a Hunger Games type of book, despite the "game show" element of the Long Walk, nor is it a world attached to any tower, Dark or not. This book is in-your-face and physical, while simultaneously never losing that dreamy, philosophic quality of existenstial fiction. The premise of the book is very simple: Every year, 100 boys enter a contest called the Long Wa [...]

    2. I kind of blame Stephen King for reality television.That’s not fair because he certainly wasn't the first person to do stories about murderous games done as entertainment, and it’s not like he produced Survivor or Big Brother. However, two of the books he did under the Richard Bachman pen name before being outed are about death contests done to distract the masses in dystopian societies. So whenever I see an ad for those kinds of shows I can’t help but think that the people who make that t [...]

    3. (4.5) The downward spiral into madness and overall despair were very well written. Reading this book literally made my body ache. I do wish there were a few more details about the world, how the long walk came about, etc. The ending wasn't fully satisfying but I enjoyed the book anyway.

    4. The Long Walk is simply exhausting to read. I found myself keep drifting in and out of sleep, needing to eat, drink, and use the bathroom. But most of all, my feet ached a little more after each page. This is not because the book was bad and that I was losing attention, it was simply because I was so involved in the story. I was walking WITH them.The premise is simple and I'm sure if you're reading this review you're aware of what its about. The fact that the story is so simple, allows for it to [...]

    5. “They're animals, all right. But why are you so goddam sure that makes us human beings?”“They walked through the rainy dark like gaunt ghosts, and Garraty didn't like to look at them. They were the walking dead.”How much do I love this book? There are too many ways to count actually, which is why no matter how many re-reads I've done of it (and there have been many over the years), The Long Walk has always left me too intimidated to review it. I managed a brief blurb of something when I [...]

    6. Every year, 100 boys take part in a nightmarish pilgrimage called The Long Walk, the winner receiving The Prize and a ton of cash. Ray Garraty is one of the contestants. Will he win The Prize or be one of the ninety-nine dead boys on the road? Wow. And I thought the six mile hike I went on in October was rough. Imagine walking non-stop, day and night, and getting shot if you stop too long? That's the horror of The Long Walk.The Long Walk takes place in a slightly different reality, where Germany [...]

    7. Full review now posted!Before The Hunger Games, there was The Long Walk. Except this was way, way more disturbing. There are going to be spoilers ahead for the overarching plot, though not specifics regarding individual characters. I can’t think of any other way to review this book, so consider yourself warned.Imagine a version of America that is completely obsessed with an annual “game” known as the Long Walk. In this new national pastime, teenage boys from all around the nation put their [...]

    8. This is one of my favorite King books; Suspenseful, unique, and all too possible. It is one of the few books that I have read more than once. Highly recommended for someone looking for a good place to start with King.

    9. The Long Walk is a book by an elusive author named Richard Bachman—whom no one has ever met—about a bunch of kids being slaughtered in a near-future (or alternate reality) dystopian America. Which, been there, done that, right? Can’t unknown authors write about something that wouldn’t be covered again decades later? The lack of foresight here is really disappointing.There are differences, though, between The Hunger Games and this book, particularly in that the kids in The Long Walk are m [...]

    10. Direct and relentless, like the best of Poe’s work.Edgar Allan Poe’s work was characterized by one simple concept and a brutal and undeviating delivery. The “Cask of Amontillado” was an inevitable march to the bricking up of the victim. “The Tell-Tale Heart” was unescapable towards its conclusion. Foreshadowing and an inexorable conclusion marked the horrific legend of the “Fall of the House of Usher”.Like Poe, King took a devilishly simple idea and delivered one of his strongest [...]

    11. This is Stephen King at his creepy best. I’m on vacation and I ripped through this in a day. As I read, the water became less blue, the beach became less sunny, the drinks stopped getting the job doneLOL. You get the idea, getting pulled into Stephen King’s world, even for a day, is a dark, dark place. Also? Suzanne Collins ripped Stephen King off so obviously that she should credit him at the beginning of her Hunger Games books.

    12. It's really fascinating to go back and read books you thought you really understood as a kid, and diving into Bachman nee King writing a disturbing dystopian YA really fits the bill for the whole mind-blowing thing. :)Yeah. Dystopian YA SF.He gives credit right in the book and all types of other places for cribbing from Shirley Jackson, especially the whole Lottery vibe, but what modern readers will probably latch onto is just how much the Hunger Games is cribbed off of King. :) (Also Battle Roy [...]

    13. I admit that I have about 10 books going right now. Hurricane Harvey has thrown me off my groove. I have attempted to start books and then set them down to deal with shitty reality for a while, and then not gotten back to them. But, I picked this one up and devoured it. It was so compelling to me.Of course, I love dystopia. I want the future to be seriously fucked-up. I want people to be eating weird pellets that are probably made out of people, an evil overlord with some sort of hatred of child [...]

    14. This tale takes place in the future, I'm not entirely sure when King has this marked for but it sure as hell isn't present day. You've got 100 teens and you tell them that you have to walk at a consistent pace of 4 miles per hour until you just cannot do it any longer. While you're allowed 3 warnings (you’re never quite sure the length allowed before a warning is issued but I can only assume it's about 30 seconds) before you're eliminated, you need to walk for an hour straight to clear your wa [...]

    15. I've been going through a kind of mild Stephen King binge at the moment. I've mentioned before that I thought I wasn't a fan of the King and had given up on him for a while, but with my high enjoyment of his Dark Tower series, I've given him a second chance. This was not a bad idea.The Long Walk intrigued me when I started hearing people say it was like The Hunger Games, but darker. While I can see where this comparison comes from - a televised game of kids competing (view spoiler)[ and the winn [...]

    16. Ahhh ich weiß nicht was ich vom Ende halten soll. Der Rest dieses Buches war fantastisch! Definitiv 5 Sterne aber dieses Ende 😫Somit sind's dann eher 4-4,5*. Stephen Kings Schreibstil ist unglaublich. Irgendwie ist in diesem Buch ja nichts geschehen , bis auf das ein paar Jungs ununterbrochen laufen und trotzdem hab ich sowohl gelacht, als auch geweint! King ist einfach gut darin, Charaktere zu erschaffen und sie dem Leser nahe zu bringen, selbst wenn man sie unsympathisch findet, fiebert ma [...]

    17. Me encantó, tiene una premisa que te atrapa desde el comienzo. La larga marcha es un espectáculo televisado mundialmente donde 100 concursante deben caminar, sin parar, hasta que solo quede 1 vivo. Los otros 99 morirán en el camino. Es sobre la supervivencia, la amistad, las ganas de vivir un kilometro más, pero también sobre el morbo del espectáculo, el deshumanismo, lo que estaríamos dispuestos a sacrificar por diversión ¿no era eso lo que hacían los romanos en el coliseo? ¿Entreter [...]

    18. I thought about doing some clever riff on this, maybe describing how it feels to swim 500 yards in a competition (so stuck in my head), or, in light of events this week, how it feels to have a migraine on and off for the last four days. I felt like I could tap into the structure of the telling rather easily, but honestly, it sounded tedious to write.And that's about where I am with "The Long Walk." Technically, it is written well although it goes to obvious lengths in the beginning to conceal th [...]

    19. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/There’s only two things you need to worry about when taking The Long Walk: picking them up and laying them down.Outwalk the other 99 contestants in this most twisted of games and you’ll win the grand prize – whatever your heart desires for the rest of your life.Why the hell did I not know about this book for the past billion years I’ve been alive? I’ve been a King fangirl since the discovery of fire and can’t see how this one slipped past my r [...]

    20. I've re-read this book many times because I love it so much and I get something different out of it every time that I do. I decided to listen to it this time just to experience the story on another level. This was the first audiobook I ever listened to, and I must say it's a lot different than what I imagined it would be. I was expecting something along the lines of a radio play with different voices for different characters and sound effects in the background, like rain or wind or gunfire. Inst [...]

    21. The story starts when a hundred boys from different states of America joined a yearly "Long walk" contest. The participants need to walk without decreasing their speeds and without stopping until they reach the finish line. Each time they fail sustaining their walks is equivalent to a ticket, they can only get three tickets, the next one will be a gunshot in their heads.What made me buy this book is because it is in my favorite genre, Dystopia. Maybe, I expect too much when I'm about to read thi [...]

    22. Este fue el primer libro de King que leo en varios meses, en definitiva ya lo extrañaba. Este libro se posiciona entre mis favoritos sin lugar a duda, principalmente por su crueldad, por la crudeza de los hechos. Estamos hablando de una marcha en la que los jóvenes marchadores tienen prohibido detenerse, y cada vez que alguien lo hace, o disminuye bruscamente su ritmo, recibe un aviso. Luego del tercer aviso, las cosas se ponen seriamente oscuras, y reciben su "pase", el equivalente a una muer [...]

    23. Me encanta la habilidad de Stephen King para crear historias en extremo perturbadoras a partir de personas comunes y corrientes que se exponen (o son expuestas) a situaciones límite… me gusta la forma en que desgrana página a página el funcionamiento de la psique de sus personajes y cómo éstos van reaccionando de diferentes formas a medida de que la carga emocional aumenta.En esta novela lo anterior no es menor, ya que todo el libro está centrado en la Larga Marcha propiamente tal. Al pr [...]

    24. The Long Walk is a re-read for me that I picked back up for Book #7 of the Stephen King Challenge. It is also one of the original stories that King wrote as Richard Bachman. I found it funny in the prologue section entitled The Importance of Being Bachman, King writes that he used his secret alias for when he felt that he had a really dark story that needed to come out. Let me get this straight. King has stories inside him that are too dark and horrible to put his name on them? Wow! This I've go [...]

    25. Full review:5 StarsStephen King does it again! The Long Walk represents a true mastery in suspense storytelling, that will keep you engaged in a horrifying tale of survival! It’s quite incredible how the mind of a brilliant author like Stephen King works. This guy has given us a plethora of amazing works, including killer clows (IT), post-apocalyptic fight for survival (The Stand), the horrifying minds of killers and their obsessions (The Shining, Mercedes Trilogy) and so on. What most of thos [...]

    26. Arabic & English Review I am Exhuasted , 5 days of walking i had to walk in my room and feel my toes every awhile to make sure i am not in The Long DEATH WalkingMy first reading to Stephan King "Richard Bachman" i had to start with this one coz it's his first novel he wrote ever but it puplished later in 1979 it's set in dark dystopian world which Nazies won the WWIIThe Long walk , its annual walking contest in 1th of may every year with 100 teenage boys e winner gets the PRIZE which is ANYT [...]

    27. 3.5 starsNALLY I got round to reading The Long Walk. After reading Rage over a year ago now, I have felt compelled to return to my collection of The Bachman Books for ages, but have resisted picking the tome back up until now. Why I waited I don't know, because as usual King/Bachman's writing was so much fun, and the world he creates nightmarish and immersive.100 boys are picked to participate in an ultra-marathon competition called The Long Walk. Only one of them can win - the prize being anyth [...]

    28. (#Spookathon Challenge: Read a Thriller)I MADE IT! I made it and I’m so glad, because The Long Walk is such an (emotional) exhausting read. This might not come as such a surprise, seeing the title and knowing that King is its author, but despite being a good dystopian thriller I had hoped that this book would give me something more. The plot is simple: every year a group of 100 young boys compete in “The Long Walk”: they have to walk, day and night without any breaks, until there is only o [...]

    29. Let's talk about war! That's what this book is about, right? RIGHT."The Long Walk" is set in a dystopian America where every year, 100 teenage boys are selected to compete in a competition to the death. The boys are taken to a road at the Canadian-Maine border and told to start walking. If they don't walk fast enough, they're shot to death. Last one alive wins.Yes, there are comparisons to be made to The Hunger Games, but I'd rather focus on this war metaphor. I recommend reading the book with t [...]

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