Notturno For antique document expert Adin Tredeger finding a perfectly pristine five hundred year old homoerotic journal is the highlight of a successful career He s smart he s cautious and he s determined

  • Title: Notturno
  • Author: Z.A. Maxfield
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For antique document expert Adin Tredeger, finding a perfectly pristine five hundred year old homoerotic journal is the highlight of a successful career He s smart, he s cautious, and he s determined keep it safe.Donte Fedelta has only ever loved one man and the journal that celebrates their affair has finally resurfaced He s not above using every trick, including seductFor antique document expert Adin Tredeger, finding a perfectly pristine five hundred year old homoerotic journal is the highlight of a successful career He s smart, he s cautious, and he s determined keep it safe.Donte Fedelta has only ever loved one man and the journal that celebrates their affair has finally resurfaced He s not above using every trick, including seduction and outright theft, to get it back He knows Adin s no match for a centuries old vampire on a quest.Adin Tredeger wants that journal Donte wants it back Neither man is prepared for something or someone they might want .

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    1. given the terrifying craze for anonymous, back-alley sodomy among heterosexual women, it is perfectly understandable why a publisher of gay male erotic romances might be so diligent in its duty to promote safer-sex practices as to insist that a five hundred year old vampire should take care to roll on a condom for the purposes of fucking a man in the ass while drinking his bloodything else would be irresponsible.

    2. *1.5 stars*Dear Deep Desire:The M/F romance abusive men and heroines that "love them anyway and keep coming back for more" called; they want their plot back.I should probably give this book only 1 star, but something about it kept me reading so I guess I have to give it props for that much. Honestly though, I sort of hated this story. Adin is a self-important art dealer who meets Donte, a centuries old vampire, on a plane. They have a quicky that may or may not be considered dub-con followed by [...]

    3. FYI, this is a revised version of this book: Samhain seems to be keeping it under wraps for some reason. I'm liking the writhing naked bodies on the old cover.

    4. 3.5One of the most compelling parts of this book, for me, was the love story of Donte and Auselmo. I found the journal entries both beautiful and tragic and I could see why Donte fought hard to retrieve that last physical tie to his first and best love.Although I enjoyed the world created here I found the vampire world-building a bit light with more the focus on the manuscript but given that it’s the first book I’m looking forward to that being explored in more depth later.I couldn’t help [...]

    5. I want to say fews words. It's my first Z.A. Maxfield book, and certainly will not be the last one! She is a marvelous writer!If you are searching an erotic M/M books this book will disappoint you. It's sexy, but tamed to be classified as erotic. On the contrary, if you are searching for a first approach on M/M world this books is perfect!The paranormal romance is interesting, and the writer sytile will keep your attention. I enjoy the writing as I appreciated the humor. In my view it's a terrif [...]

    6. 2.0 StarsAdin Tredeger is an antique document expert, university professor, and erotic book collector. One day, Adin comes across a five-hundred-year-old homoerotic journal and it's the find of his career. Donte Fedelta is a five-hundred-year old vampire. He authored the manuscript now in Adin's possession and he wants it back. The journal is the story of the love of his life (Auselmo) wherein Donte poured out his heart and soul. Thus Adin and Donte begin an adversarial and dangerous dance aroun [...]

    7. Overall I thought this was a pretty fun read. I never got a chance to read the first edition Notturno, so was happy to read it in this re-released version (with a new title/cover/publisher.)I think my fave character is the limo driver/vampire slayer though

    8. Hmmwhat to say. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with how much I loved this story. For me Donte was the perfect, emotionally distant vampire hero. Dark, dangerous and often a mystery to be solved, but at the same time his journal entries depicted someone who had loved well in his human life and cherished those memories still. This gave him a soft side even as he played the big, bad vampire.Aiden was ready for someone special, even though he didn't know it. Watching the relationship develop was swee [...]

    9. This is a revised work originally published as Notturno.Adin Tredeger is a scholar of rare erotic manuscripts and has just won the priceless 500 y/o Notturno manuscript at auction. Notturno is the first recorded book detailing an erotic homosexual relationship, and Adin is captivated by the deeply passionate story of the two lovers. Adin doesn't actually believe love exists, but the heartbreaking story of Niccolo and Auselmo's forbidden love is changing Adin's mind.Especially so when Adin meets [...]

    10. I fell in love with this story right away. Donte is sexy and mysterious and I found it difficult not to feel for his plight. Adin is sexy, witty and it was hard not to feel for him as well as he tries to come to grips with the changes in his world. I loved each of them separately, but even more so as a couple. This was one of the best vampire stories I have read in a long time, and this is what I hope to be a beginning glimpse into this series. I'm definitely looking foward to reading the next o [...]

    11. Donte Fedelta is a vampire still mourning the death of his lover five hundred years earlier. When a journal he wrote to his beloved is bought by Dr. Adin Tredeger, an English Professor and expert on antique erotic manuscripts, he will do whatever it takes to get it back. From their first meeting in an airplane bathroom Donte sets out to seduce, manipulate or force Adin to turn over his journal.At first Adin refuses to believe that Donte is really the author of Notturno, the erotic journal he's b [...]

    12. Dr. Adin Tredeger, the Indiana Jones of erotic manuscripts, unearths a treasure -- winning at auction the lavishly illustrated homoerotic diary of a 16th century Italian nobleman, detailing his passionate, forbidden love for Auselmo. The only problem? The original author - vampire Donte Fedelta - wants it back.I very much like Maxfield's world with vampires existing alongside humankind, while humankind is protected only by its ignorance. Like innocence lost, he was without the ignorance that pro [...]

    13. I didn't know what to expect from this, really. I didn't really look at the reviews, I usually don't, because I find that it sometimes colours my impression. There's an Italian guy (Donte)who writes a really steamy journal about his lover a really long time ago. Then he's turned into a vampire, and he loses his journal. Naturally he really wants to get it back, because the journal is his last link to his dead lover. Adin is an English professor who specializes in erotica, the older the better. H [...]

    14. I’ve been a massive fan of Z.A. Maxfield for quite some time now so when I heard about the rerelease of DEEP DESIRE, I jumped on it without really thinking about it. Now Maxfield has stated that the book has undergone some revisions. Although the story remains largely the same, some changes have been made from its original releaseEP DESIRE has an intriguing but also strange premise. Adin Tredeger is a book connoisseur. However, there is one book that everyone seems to want their hands on. It i [...]

    15. Adin Tredeger is a man that doesn't need anything more than his work and the seemingly endless legion of men scattered across the world to keep him happy. Donte Fedelta is a vampire that has been in love with exactly one man in the last 500 years, and had spent the last 470 or so of them missing him. When the journal that contains some of the more intimate feelings and details of this affair suddenly ends up on everyone's most wanted list, Donte will do what it takes to get it back. But Adin, an [...]

    16. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooring Shallow charachters, can't understand their action, can't connect with them, meh plot I'm quite sure that 'crossing border' was a unique gem for Z.A. Maxfield.I'm SO sick of authors that uses other language in their books and uses BABELFISH to translate -___-The italian in this book is totally messed up, is it SO hard to find an italian that can go trough the text ?Donte calls Adin ' più amato' that is totally incorrect. I'm pretty sure that is the babelfish tr [...]

    17. A terrific book of love lost and love found. Adin Tredeger is a specialist at finding ancient m/m erotica. What Adin is unaware of is that his latest find, Notturno, is not just another piece of erotic porn. It is a true journal of the love which could not be spoken of between two men five hundred years ago. The vampire, Donte Fedelta, wrote the journal and will do anything to get it back. Mrs. Maxfield has woven a complex story of the power of love that flows beautifully from the past to the pr [...]

    18. I read Deep Desire-–though it had been named Notturno at the time-–a couple years ago and remember really enjoying it. Donte was my kind of vampire, and I found Adin’s feistiness a nice compliment to Donte’s ‘you shall obey me’ mentality. And I have to say that the feeling certainly carries over into this new edition.(However, I also should point out that I could not find any major plot or characters changes in this new edition, so if you already own Notturno, you should be aware tha [...]

    19. Didn’t like it as much as Maxfield’s other booksWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 5/10PROS: - The intrigue starts on page 1. Approximately 10 lines in. And the story, especially near the beginning when you don’t have much of an idea what’s going on, is…intriguing.- The novel has an exotic feel to it. Donte is urbane and speaks with an Italian lilt, Adin behaves as though he has all the money in the world and can simply flit about from one pl [...]

    20. 5 stars with reservations. The story involving a centuries-old manuscript that pits a collector in the middle of a 500 year old war between vampire rivals is a page-turner. The author's vampires are evolved from Stoker stock, which is how I like them. The characters are all great--likeable, amusing, and believable (given the situation), there are plenty of twists, and, as an archivist, I have a healthy appreciation for the main character using proper handling of the rare items he encounters. :) [...]

    21. Beautiful. Justautiful.Adin and Donte both have my heart. (view spoiler)[And the passages from Donte's journal were so amazingly poignant. I have to admit, I didn't exactly know what to expect going into the book - usually I read the blurbs, then read the story, but I forewent it this time. I think the passages really added that "something special" to the story and the getting-to-know-Donte-by-proxy-almost actually worked. It helped add that layer of complexity to his character as befits his age [...]

    22. I truly enjoyed reading this book and plan to read more from this author. Two things prevented me from giving this book 5 stars. First the constant DOHN-tay AH-din AY-den whispered to each other or into the wind. I'm sure it's just me but every time I seen Adin's name I caught myself saying "AH-din? AY-den? I quirky thing I know. Second reason I couldn't give it 5 stars is that I was more absorbed in Donte's memoirs and the relationship with him and Auselmo, that I didn't really care about the r [...]

    23. This was a different take on vampires that I really hadn't expected. I really enjoyed Donte and I kind of felt sorry for Adin because he sort of got thrown into this world and as he put it, "a snack". I would have like to know more about Edward and Turin, because you can tell there is much more of a story to tell with them. It was good enough that I will read the next one in the series to see where this goes.

    24. I really enjoyed this book. The story was interesting and fascinating and I loved the characters, specially Donte. I definitely will read Vigil. And I hope to know more about Tual and Edward

    25. Color me disappointed. Not in the story. It was well written and very entertaining but the whole story was about an old love journal with drawings of sexual things so hot they made the modern gay man blush. I thought we were going to get some reenactment here but no. Just ordinary sex. Not even kinky sex, just run of the mill sex. Bummer!

    26. Donte Fedelta and Adin Tredeger, ARE HOT! What a tug o' war of love Whew! This book truly reminds me of the Kenny Chesney Song DEMONS “When I'm not chasing demons, there’s demons chasing me” A good read!

    27. Story: 8First MC: 8Second MC: 7Secondary characters: 4Mystery: 5Sexual tension: 5Humor: 4Hotness: 5Product placement: 3Ridiculousness: 5Annoying: 3Suspence: 5Audio: 8 (6h 50min)To re-read: 7

    28. Note: I originally read this book in October 2013 and loved it. When I had the opportunity to read a newly revised, re-edited, re-named, and updated version, I jumped at the chance. The following review is a combination of old and new, and I hope you like it.Had I known when I was in college that majoring in English Literature could have led me to a career locating and acquiring ancient erotic texts, I'm fairly certain I would have jumped on that bandwagon. Had I also known that finding a truly [...]

    29. I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. The story centers around a five-hundred-year-old erotic diary depicting two men and their love affair. Adin Tredeger is a professor who collects rare books, and he can’t believe his good fortune when he comes across this diary named Notturno. He soon discovers the diary was written by the vampire, Donte Fedetta, who makes it clear to Adin that he will stop at nothing to get his stolen book back, even seducing Adin. Adin then [...]

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