Dragon Ball Vol Son Goku Tudo come a com o pequeno rapaz Son Goku que mora sozinho numa montanha Foi encontrado numa floresta pelo velho Son Gohan que o ensinou a arte do kung fu Numa noite Gohan foi morto por um monstro m

  • Title: Dragon Ball, Vol. 1: Son Goku
  • Author: Akira Toriyama Ricardo Pereira
  • ISBN: 9789892309767
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tudo come a com o pequeno rapaz, Son Goku, que mora sozinho numa montanha Foi encontrado numa floresta pelo velho Son Gohan que o ensinou a arte do kung fu Numa noite, Gohan foi morto por um monstro misterioso gil e forte e sem maldade, Goku destaca das outras pessoas por ter um rabo de macaco A hist ria come a quando Goku conhece Bulma, uma rapariga que o convence aTudo come a com o pequeno rapaz, Son Goku, que mora sozinho numa montanha Foi encontrado numa floresta pelo velho Son Gohan que o ensinou a arte do kung fu Numa noite, Gohan foi morto por um monstro misterioso gil e forte e sem maldade, Goku destaca das outras pessoas por ter um rabo de macaco A hist ria come a quando Goku conhece Bulma, uma rapariga que o convence a ajud la na procura das 7 Bolas do Drag o que, quando reunidas, podem realizar um desejo atrav s da invoca o ao Deus Drag o

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      373 Akira Toriyama Ricardo Pereira
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      Published :2019-03-04T20:13:47+00:00

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    1. I guess a big part of the title's immense popular success is the fact that it knows its target audience: Dragon Ball Vol.1 reads as if it had been spontaneously cooked up by a bunch of dudes on the verge of adolescence and on a sugar rush who are into fighting games but kinda scared of girls. Which may not sound very appealing but turns out just fine, as the story is refreshingly unapologetic about its lack of sophistication and never pretends to be anything but a fast-paced, light-hearted adven [...]

    2. A classic of my childhood Dragon Ball is one of the best shows I've ever watched and, Gods forbid, if I ever have children I will be making them watch it.With that in mind while shopping recently I came across the first two volumes of the manga. I've never bought any manga before so I thought why not.With no real difference to the show (I have the uncensored, uncut DVDs) there was nothing new but it was good to go back to the start again and see how it originally came out.A fun, funny and heartw [...]

    3. I’m gonna say Dragon Ball was the first comic I ever came across in my life - that’s probably wrong but it’s definitely the earliest one I can remember. The copies I had were in Japanese as I lived briefly in Japan as a kid so I couldn’t read them but I still remember paging through them, back to front of course, trying to figure out from the characters’ faces and body language what was happening in the scenes and making up my own dialogue. Later on I saw a few episodes of the TV show, [...]

    4. The original Dragon Ball is silly fun, with an almost stream-of-consciousness plot. The simple quest for seven mystical dragon balls serves as a loose framework for disparate adventures in a world whose characters and locales are a mish-mash of futuristic, mythological, prehistoric, and cinematic.The hero is a small monkey boy named Son Goku with a strong appetite for fighting. He is discovered in the jungle wilderness by a girl using advanced technology to find the dragon balls, and they contin [...]

    5. I loved the animated series and I was worried this would be like watching the cartoon, but it's very different and gives a lot of background into the characters which I never knew about. Some nice little stories and an ongoing theme throughout the story. I think I could enjoy reading the whole series.

    6. Che dire Fantastico! Finalmente riesco a leggere la versione cartacea delle avventure di Son Goku, avventure che avevo gustato fin da giovine alla tv. Basta abituarsi alla lettura da destra a sinistra e poi ci prendi la mano. Ho apprezzato la fantasia dell'autore, le gag, la comicità presente in ogni pagina, i vari e strampalati personaggi che man mano Goku incontra e diventano suoi amici, i disegni poi sono vere e proprie opere d'arte! Vi consiglio di leggere questo primo volume della saga di [...]

    7. Comienzo divertidísimo y casi impecable para una serie épica por donde se la mire. Lindos dibujos, excelente narrativa, chistes muy graciosos. Muchos de los elementos que harían esta serie el clásico que es ya están en este incipiente comienzo. Uno de los mejores araanques de serie que haya leído en manga en particular y en comics de donde sean en general.

    8. Eh, not my cuppa, but I appreciate that it laid/strengthened the foundation for shounen action titles as far as including plenty of funny side characters and battles. Akira Toriyqma's art is also lovely, imaginative and fun. It makes me a little bit sad that Toriyama has been ill, and unable to match this quality of art in his series Hunter X Hunter, which I enjoy very much.The fact that the original run started in 1984, in conjunction with the fact that this is supposed to be a comedic title fo [...]

    9. Tenía que darle una oportunidad a Dragon Ball dado que:1) Es la biblia de los mangas/animes.2) La gran insistencia de mi hermano.3) Porque el señor Kishimoto (creador de mi anime favorito) es ultra fan y se inspiro de esta historia. Me gustó mucho, es muy cómica y los personajes son muy tiernos y agradables, salvo Bulma que es insoportable pero supongo que va a madurar. Goku es tan inocente que va a ser nostálgico verlo crecer.

    10. The memories This took me straight back to my childhood where I used to watch the anime.I'm so glad I picked this up.

    11. Dragon Ball Manga was inked very much good, the story of course the best one. Its fantasy meeting Shonen and Goku is a the most imaginably cool and cute and funny charachter. Charachter reminds me that there's just about a hundred charachters here, distributed in thirty one volumes some frail, weak, some strong like hell and some just wierd and funny and humbug. The story goes:- Goku is the main protagonist of the series and he is approached by a girl named Bulma who's in search for the dragon b [...]

    12. This review is for the Dragonball manga as a whole.One of the first manga I can remember reading. I loved watching the americanized version of this TV show after school on Cartoon Network. I was exposed to anime very young through my dad, but it wasn't until Dragonball and Dragonball Z that I found manga. For that reason Dragonball and Dragonball Z will always be important and unique for me.Growing up I preferred DBZ, the villains looked cooler (although King Piccolo is a badass in Dragonball), [...]

    13. Lembro-me de ver a série televisiva quando era mais pequena, na SIC, e quando vi a manga à venda mal quis acreditar. :D Acho que dei pulos de contente, devo ter gritado um valente “YAY!” e a Slayra deve ter pensado (ou melhor, deve ter tido a certeza) que eu havia ensandecido. Infelizmente só via os volumes mais recentes, mas veio a Feira e o meu irmão (talvez ainda mais doido que eu pela série) lá fez o favor de comprar.Apesar de fã, confesso que pouco me lembro de cada episódio, te [...]

    14. Goku is a nice little boy that grew up with his granpa in the woods. But one day a giant monster killed granpa and Goku lives alone till he meets Buruma, a teenage girl from the city in the search for the Dragon Balls that will grant any wish of yours. Seeing that Goku has a unatural strength Buruma asks for Gokus help and the adventures starts from here.The legendary Dragon Ball. I remember staying up till late one summer holiday in Hong Kong with my cousins watching the anime on TV. Many years [...]

    15. Nunca tinha visto este mangá à venda, até que o encontrei por acaso nas lojas Book It (mas também é possível encontrar nas lojas Continente), por um preço muito tentador. Por sorte tinha o volume 1, como nunca li nenhum mangá e Drangon Ball faz parte da minha infância não pensei muito e trouxe-o. Foi o melhor que fiz, assim que comecei a ler não mais o larguei, lê-se rápido e tem imensa piada! Adorei, passou logo para favorito. Apesar de se ler da direita para a esquerda passadas as [...]

    16. Not much can be said that isn't already obvious. It's the beginning of (arguably) the most successful pop-culture series of all time, which is still going strong thirty years later. Of course, you won't see hardcore battles or super saiyan level power ups here. There's not even a prominent threat to speak of, and the fiends our heroes do encounter are either three-panel throwaway villains, or such familiar faces as Oolong, Yamcha and Pu'ar, who inevitably join the gang. Veterans of the anime, th [...]

    17. This book is about Goku this boy that lived in the jungle for a large amount of time. He was born with a tail in the back. Also he was really talented in fighting. No one really took good care of him. So he wont know much about the world. Besides one day a girl named Bulma drives by and as goku for a orange ball. Goku is not stupid so she can't trick him.This book not much telling a lesson, but maybe it can be do not judge anyone by how they look. Like how bulma tried to trick goku something for [...]

    18. I have just finished the book dragon ball and I would rate it a big 10/10.I found this book in the back of the Devonport library and I didn't stop reading it until I finished it and it took me on a journey to the world of dragon ballPOILER ALERT!It is about a small boy who finds his self alone when his grandpa gets killed buy a monster,his name is Goku. Goku is a with incredible strength and stamina with an unusual extra body part.when a girl called Bulma comes along, she would change Gokus life [...]

    19. Nunca fui fan de Dragon Ball, no vi el anime ni nada, sí, lo sé, fui un niño raro, por lo mismo quise empezar con esta historia que varios si no todos, aman.¡Me encantó! Disfruté tanto esta historia y reí a más no poder, sin duda necesito los demás tomos.

    20. I've grown up watching DB and when I saw this on the bookstore I couldn't help getting it. As the anime, the manga is also funny and such an enjoyable read. The memories!

    21. I remember Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z vividly as a child. When I was a little boy, my parents did not have cable television but instead we had an antenna that would get some of the local channels. I remember one early morning I woke up around 5 AM while my parents were asleep and I simply got out of bed and walked to the television and turned it on. Whatever channel my parents had left it on previously had appear and with it came Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. I did not know the plot, the cha [...]

    22. Dragon Ball is a classic. Akira Toriyama is a legend when it comes to manga. I've only ever read Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but his other works include Dr. Slump, Cowa!, Neko Majin, and Sand Land. Dragon Ball is also an anime, but I prefer the manga because I don't like the voicing for the TV show, and the art is always better in the original when it comes to anime adaptations. It's about a boy named Son Goku who wants to become the strongest fighter in the universe. It's not as boring as it [...]

    23. Akira Toriyaman megasuositun Dragon Ball -sarjakuvan ensimmäinen osa "Lohikäärmekuulien arvoitus" (Sangatsu Manga, 2003) herätti ilmestyessään aika lailla negatiivista huomiota, kun iltapäivälehdistö ja tietyt julkisorganisaatiot keksivät sen sisältävän viitteitä pedofiliaan.Seksiin ja sukupuolisuuteen liittyvää huumoria onkin mukana melko paljon, ja tavallaan ymmärrän moraalinvartijoiden tuohtumuksen, sillä länsimaisesta lukijasta saattavat alushousujen vilauttamiset ja muut [...]

    24. Dragon Ball, is by Akira Toriyama. It’s about a 14 year old boy named Goku, who is on a journey to find Dragon Balls. Dragon Balls are orange stone balls with the number of stars on it, there are 8 Dragon Balls. If you get all 8, place them on the ground and say a spell to summon a dragon, if you do that, you get to wish for anything that you want. Once your wish is complete, all the Dragon Balls go to somewhere random, and you have to use a Dragon Radar to find them. One of my favorite parts [...]

    25. IT IS GOD.Alright. Awesomeness. Im a manga nerd. So forgive me now if I go on a tangentRIGHT, so this book is about a young boy named Goku(Kakarot) who lives alone in the forest where he was raised by his grandpa Gohan, who is dead now-rest his fictional soul in peace. And so Goku grew up alone, fishing and hanging out with monkeys and abusing dinosaurs 4 times his size like any other normal mountain child with a tail. Now, once upon a random day, this blue haired extremely desperate 16 year old [...]

    26. #Program BUBUUm, well aku sudah beli dua boxset Dragon Ball (jilid 1-20) di sale Gramedia, tapi sampai sekarang tidak kubaca ulang karena aku masih mencari lanjutannya (jilid 21-42). Mau beli bekas, kayaknya kok nggak seimbang dengan yang boxset. Dan jarang juga ada lapak buku bekas yang mau jual separo bagian akhir. Dilema banget deh.Eh, tahu-tahu Elex menerbitkan ulang serial ini. Sempat berharap terbit edisi premium atau deluxe sih, biar cepat tamat. Ini sih sama, bacanya tetap L-to-R pula, s [...]

    27. This series' anime adaptation was a staple of my childhood. However, I'm not a nostalgia freak. The other biggest things to me at the time were Pokemon and TMNT. I still love Pokemon, but those original games can be almost painful now, and the original Turtles cartoon is pretty terrible, though the 2003 version is greatThat point aside, this is an excellent introduction volume, though I suppose it was supposed to be at least half of the whole series at the time. The art is stunning and obliterat [...]

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